Sam Sundaram

23 10 2009

I was born in a Hindu family. My parents were Saiva Vellalas and they were not merely religious but were steeped in the rituals of the Saivite worship. Naturally, we children also followed the Salivate pattern of worship and led a disciplined and devout life. However, we did not know the truth.

My father, Mr.Kutralam, was the first one in the family to be saved. His search for the living God began in the year 1940 and continued for seven long years. He was broad minded and magnanimous and therefore he did not compel any of us to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord. But his exemplary life and sincerity in following Jesus encouraged every one of us to know more about Jesus whom he was worshipping as God. But the grace of God soon the entire family was saved one after another. Each one has a distinct testimony about the way the Lord saved him/her.

The Lord graciously saved me in the year 1954. Before my salvation I used to think that there was only one God and therefore the various names by which God was called were superfluous. I also believed that every individual had a right to worship God in his own way. In spite of being a pious Hindu, I had no deliverance from sin. There was always a struggle within myself and I earnestly began to seek the truth. I had a desire to know about Jesus and as I sincerely sought him, I was convicted in my heart. I confessed that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, rose again on the third day and is still alive. I knew that only Jesus could save me from the eternal damnation of my soul.

Then I surrendered my life to Jesus and accepted him as my personal-saviour. It was indeed a wonderful experience. My heart was overwhelmed with Joy and peace and in obedience to the command of Jesus, I took baptism. Soon after I obeyed the Lord, I was baptized in the Spirit. The Lord virtually took control of me and since then I have been led by the Holy Spirit. Although I was a young college student, the Lord gave the courage to witness for him during the years 1954-1959. By the grace of God I took the B.Com (Hons) degree in 1959.

The call for full-time ministry
God’s call for full-time ministry came very clearly to me on the night of 16th May 1960. I heard the still small voice of God saying, “I spoke to Abraham. He obeyed and left Ur. Therefore I blessed him. “On the following morning He gave me the scripture portion in Gen.12:14 and confirmed the call.

Although I was convinced in my heart that the Lord had called me to full-time ministry, I could not convince my parents and others in the family. They were all against the idea. Even the senior servants of God discouraged me. I was very sad when I faced so much of opposition from all quarters. My father did not approve of my decision in the beginning but later relented. I lingered in prayer for a number of days. The Lord graciously opened the way for my entering into full-time ministry. According to God’s will I married sister Leelavathy, a younger sister of sister Beatrice Sundram, wife of Late Pastor G. Sundram, the founder of A.C.A. Soon after marriage the Lord enabled me to do ministry as Assistant Pastor to Pastor G. Sundram.

Ministry at A.C.A.
Being young myself, I had a deep concern for the youth and therefore I resolved to work among college and high school students. In order to win them for Christ, I got my testimony printed in an attractive way and distributed copies of them along with tracts. I found many young people being saved by my ministry.

The Lord also gave me the grace to organize youth fellowship through which I could lead young men to take part in village ministry, open air preaching and outreach programs. The Lord gave me a number of opportunities to meet and get closer to many young men who were bogged down in sin. He gave me the wisdom and grace to help them come out of it by teaching, counseling and warning them with the help of the Word of God.

It was indeed the grace of God that made my ministry among the youth very fruitful. By His grace I arranged retreats through which they were led into deeper truths and also to the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The life of faith
No salary was paid to the servants of God when I came to full-time ministry in 1961. They had to be totally dependent on the Lord for their day-to-day expenses and as a result, their faith was severely tested. Needless to say that my faith was also tested and I had to go through trials and privations for a period of thirteen years. I had to spend days and even months without financial support. I also had difficulties in meeting the expenses for my outreach ministry.

The Word of God says, “Faithful is He that calleth you.” It is not surprising, therefore, that the Lord never forsook me. My faith in God’s power to supply all my need helped me to patiently bear the sufferings and I never once murmured against God. During the thirteen years of privations my wife stood firmly by my side and together we faced the grim situations of our life bravely. Like me, she was also steadfast in faith. The Lord, however, moved the hearts of many people to help me and in this way we met our daily needs. After the period of trial came prosperity in the material sense, too.

The growth of the Church in recent years
I took leadership of the church in May 1989 when Pastor G. Sundram was called to glory. The growth of the church, especially during the last few years, had been phenomenal. This necessitated a spacious place of worship. Therefore, a fairly big piece of land was bought at Purasawalkam in Madras and the work of replacing the thatched tabernacle by a concrete structure was completed. Tens of thousand attend the services and prayer meetings here.

Special Counsels
The number of people coming to the prayer house for prayer and counseling during weekdays keeps increasing day by day. Broken homes are helped to reunite and become happy families. Children are given proper guidance to be disciplined. Backsliders are helped to return to the Lord. Consolation and comfort are offered to people who face loss of life and property. Marriages are arranged according to the will of God.

Training the servants of God
Nowadays more young men are encouraged to take an active part in the ministry. Those who dedicate themselves to full-time ministry are given good training and the trained servants of God are place in different branches of A.C.A.

Kindly uphold me, my co-workers and the various ministries of the church in your individual and family prayers.

May God bless you.
source: accessed on 23rd October 2009

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26 responses

10 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Iam the Believer of ACA Mission,and I was Blessed up through the Guardness of Dear Chief Pastor,Pastor M.K.Sam Sundaram is the Everest of Dedication,He enthuficate ACA Mission Superpower Church than while it was under the Leading of Late Pastor G.Sundaram Pastor Sundaram earn 35 Branch but Pastor Sam Sundaram earn 500 Branch Churchs in the Knee(Prayer) We have the strong basement coz Pastor Sam Sundaram Lead us in the eternal Pasturate of Lord God

Basicly Pastor Sam Sundaram is Eligible Missionary,Eligible Apostle,Enthusiastic Shepherd,Eager Prophet and Establishing Pastor in the God’s Assembly so any one follow him (Pastor Sam Sundaram) Definitly he will meet Elohim in Heaven……..

P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar (ACA) Thanking You…….

11 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

S Silent
A Administrator
M Manifestating

S Superior
U Unique
N Name
D Destiniated
A Apostle
R Rearly
A Aligned
M Master

P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

11 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Pastor Sundaram is Heart for ACA Mission (Founder)

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Lung for ACA Mission (President)

No One Just Live with out any of these internal Organs so I request the Peoples in ACA and Others Dont Hesitate the Founder and President it is Sin aginst Heavenly Govertment…..

P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar (Servant of Most High)

11 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Pastor Sam Sundaram had Four PA-‘S in his Ministry

Such as

Pastor Deva Asirvatham, Pastor Palavesamuthu Daniel, Pastor P.Stephen, Pastor Thomas raj

These were Exceeding Pillars in Kingdom of Mosthigh…….

11 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Pastor Sam Sundaram had got good terms with other Presidents of other Missions he not form enemity with them but he is first in form unity in all over the world he not spoil any frame and flame of any saints such as

Pastor Alwin,Pastor N.Thomas,Pastor M.S.Joseph,Pastor Yesudhass,Pastor John Vasu,Pastor Manoharan and etc……….

16 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Pastor Sam Sundaram had Good terms with Triune God,His Senior Pastor (Apostle G.Sundaram),Govt of Tamil Nadu,His Under form Ministers,All the traces of Mankind,His Ministrial Mates(Shepherds of Various Mission),in Eternal Gospel,Eligible Doctrine,Eager Study Material,his Spouse(Amma-Thirumathy Leelavathy Sam Sundaram),All the Creations and Etc… I Craze on his Life Style Iam the One of the Personate that Form,framed and feliciating by Our Chief Priest Shepherd Daddy M.K.Sam Sundaram,Hail Pastor Sam Sundaram……..

16 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Matchless Mentor of God…..

His Both Side ressemblys one Side is the Form of Lord Jesus Christ and Another Side is Form of Holy Spirit the Master He is Personate of Grand but he React as Simple He form a Wonderous Joshua (Pastor A.Thomas raj) Avadi Mission Founder and President and Deputy Chief Pastor of ACA Mission(International ACA Mission)

We cant find any Slack Point on these Tremendrez Saint Wowfull Administrator and Departmentor Pastor M.K.Sam Sundaram

16 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Pastor Sam Sundaram is the Symbol of all-Worthness I Seem Father the God in the Life Style of Dear Pastor Sundaram,But I Saw Jesus and HolySpirit in the Life Style of Dear Pastor Sam Sundaram ,

Pastor Sam Sundaram is the Bridge for Zion,Jerusalem and Cannan (Heaven) So If any one Joint on him they will Definitly Be a Honourable Person in the Most High – Sam Insist Hallelujah but Sundaram insist Amen -If a Person Says the Name of Pastor Sam Sundaram any More in any Where He will Be Say Hallelujah(Hail to God) Amen (Glory be to God) Pastor Sam Sundaram Hail the Triune God in his Life and Glorify God alone in his Life (So he Get Frame and Flame in the Heart of Lived and Dead)

16 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Glory to God

Pastor Sam Sundaram Creats

50 Leading Shepherds
200 Area Superentendings
500 Branch Pastors
500 Associate Pastors
250 Leaders
100 Elders
1000 Members of (Politicated and Departmental Unit)
40,000 Believers
1,00,00,000 Believers in all over the World

Pastor Sam Sundaram Creat more Terms for God B-Coz he Under the Shoulder of Dear Pastor G.Sundaram (Founder of The Apostolic Christian Assembly) No Words to Pronounce Pastor Sam Sundaram……

16 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Joshua in ACA Mission

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Aaron in ACA Mission

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Melchi-zedec in ACA Mission

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Christlikeness in ACA Mission

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Mordecai in ACA Mission

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Elisha in ACA Mission

Pastor Sam Sundaram is John the Baptist in ACA Mission

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Enoch in ACA Mission

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Daniel in ACA Mission

Pastor Sam Sundaram is John in ACA Mission

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Barnabas in ACA Mission

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Triune formation in ACA Mission


Chief Shepherd ACA Mission
Trustee Member of Synod of Pentecostalism
Seed in Gods King dom

16 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Top Series in the Christian Association of Gods Kingdom in National India…..

Pastor Sam Sundaram (ACA)

Pastor Alwin (CPM)

Pastor Yesudhasss (KFGM)

Pastor M.S. Joseph (IPC)

Pastor N.Thomas (FGPC)

Pastor Manoharan (GNM)

The Mile Stones of National India to illustriate the Religious Source of Indian Christian Administrations and Departmentalations ….

Jai Hind (Glory to My Nation India)

Love India (or) Leave India

These Missions are the all type of Missions are the Status of mine India,
India is my Breath

Doing Ministry and Maketh Our India Superpower Nations in World Country Regions Forming Church is not at all the matters,but placing Nation India in Heaven is matters so Either religionism,castism and etc is doesnt matter but
Unify National India is matters….

17 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Bridge for Gospel of Zion…..

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Tower for Doctrine of Jerusalem

Pastor Sam Sundaram is Dam for Study Material of Cannan

Life of Pastor Sam Sundaram is the Living Epistle of all the Saints (Married and Non-Married)

those that follows Path of Respected Reverencedly Bishop Pastor M.K.Sam Sundaram’s Life Partern they will not face Hastism in their Life………

17 11 2011

Hi Jebakumar,
Kindly stop worshiping a man, and start pleasing God. Your glory and praise should be only targeted towards Jesus. He is the one who laid down his life for you. Think about Jesus and not Sam Sundaram.
They are mortals with their sinful nature, saved by Jesus by his grace.
So are you. So, None but God must be glorified. The purpose of Christianity is to become like Jesus and nothing else.
Thanks for all your comments.
Blog Owner

18 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Ok Bro thanks for youre Precious Advice may Good God Bless you my Friend…..

19 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Some articulate for the fielders that work for Lord God !

You must died as Wheat sead

You must Crushed as Olive sead

You must rooted as Fig sead

You must Cut as Koper tree

You must Framed as Sitheem tree

You must Squeezed as Grape Fruit

You must Broke as the Bread in the Hands of Jesus Christ

You must Burnt offering as Sheep

You must be as Christlikeness
Jesus Comes Quickly(in a friction of a moment)

19 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Pray to God

Ask the Knee of Jesus (Prayer Life)

Ask the Leg of Jesus (Missionary Life)

Ask the Hand of Jesus (illustriational Life)

Ask the Mouth of Jesus (Educational Life)

Ask the Heart of Jesus (Supplicational Life)

Ask the Body of Jesus ( Doctrinal Life)

Ask the Spirit of Jesus ( Theological Life)

Ask the Soul of Jesus (Evanglical Life)

Ask the Jesus of Jesus ( Christlikeness Life)

Change my Heart of God make it ever true as You !

21 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

Testimony of Me

I was born in 14/12/83 to the Christian Parents Such as Pastor Paul (ACA) and Sis Anbu Paul

I have a elder brother(P.Samuel Alfred Jeba Kumar) at many yrs before he goes to be with God and I had a Sister Called Mrs. P.Joy Ranjith Kumar
I have a wife Called Krishna Jothy @ Martha,I have son-in-law called Master Paul Moses and I had the daughter called Eunice Joy Grace

Iam the believer of ACA Mission,

While I was 3 yrs old I was suffering from severe polio attack with stammering tongue and brain fever God heals me

Again in mine 10 th yrs this polio attack again it Attacks me a Angel of God comes in various image and had the Power of God and Heal me now no Polio attack there to Mock me any more I can run fast for -2-km with out taking rest
walk -10-kms with out taking any rest,climb in 1000 ft Mountain in -3-hrs,climbing in some trees and etc…

at mine 13 th age I was suffer from severe Boil in my left side lower arm 20 days I suffer God cures me with his Palm of Gilead (His Wound)

And God did Countless and Countless of Miracles in mine Life my Witnessing is More Helpful For People of God and whole human traces

So accept Christ and give youre heart to Jesus,recieve Holy Spirit and Recieve eternal Life (God the Fathers Blessing) this is not the religous convertions but it is convertion in Life only …………..

Thanking you………….

22 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

What is accepting of Lord God Jesus Christ ?

to Change the Life (not the religion,caste and etc…) of the Presenture and Give Place for Truth and Law is Called accepting of Lord Jesus Christ

22 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

What is Christianity ?

Pre-Image of Heavenly Kingdom is the Christianity,Mainly Christianity is the Only Path to Heaven So Trust in Christianity and Communicate with God,this is called as Christianity …

22 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

What is Repentation of Sin ?

To accept our situation before the God(Jesus Christ) and Supplicate whole life to Him is Called to be as Repentation of Sin…..

2 02 2012
Spurgeon Jebakumar

What is real peirceness in God ?

Death of selfism and Domain of Godlyness is the Grammar of Pierceness in God…..

29 04 2012
Ganesan Krishnasamy

Praise JESUS,,
Happy to Know about this Page,,
We .were Earlier 48 Yrs as Brahmin,, by wasting our TIME & Money,,without Knowing the Truth,, Praising & running behind So Called GOD,,/ Mahans,, as Humans,, Creations similar to us,,Made to understand the Truth of our Creator who is giving Breath,, Loving / Living only GOD,,of all,, by Hearing & Answering All our Prayers,, Started Praise & Worship our Creator,, by Leaving All God”s Creations,( Mahans ) as well as our Creations,( Idols & Pictures ) by Hearing Lots of Christian Messages,, as well as Healing started Receiving for my eldest son,,after Submission to GOD,,

NOW,,We one among ACA family attached with Main Church,,We call it as Word of GOD,, Church,,. New Born since , sep 2008,, Attending Services,, with my 2 sons,,by Travelling 50 Kms +..( to & fro )..& Crossing Minimum 150 Churches,,
Elder son,, SIVA,,Yet to Speak,, shown ,, JESUS as well as CHURCH to our family,,( our witnesses posted in Face Book / INFO ) ,,,Younger 2 nd son Ganapathi Ganesan,, Now 12 th std,,Aiming for Best Marks,, N B,, since,, just last Easter… Our other All Family Members Yet to Accept CHRIST,,
We are Praying for 24 Hrs ,, Follow JESUS,, Chain Prayer ,, Building Construction.,,(as similar,,.functioning in our Church,we are attending on all Tues Days,,, Preferably from our OWN earnings,,) in the Land Dedicated at OTTIYAMBAKKAM,, every Monday 8 to 9 AM,,in small Hut,, for All Deceased ,, as well as ALL Servants of GOD,, who are all Serving for JESUS,, Should Live witnessing Life by Following Holy BIBLE verses,,.

We Proudly Mention here,,,All The above with Present We by Living Spiritual CHRISTIAN Life We Learnt from Our Respected Sr Pastor,, ACA,, ,from his , various Recorded MESSAGES,,/ Service Messages,,,,
Our Wishes ,, Respects with our Special Daily Prayers,, Always for Him & his all family Members,, for his Teachings,,, we Learnt,, as a Main Base for our Blessed Life,,in Christ,,Changes all our Attitudes & Behaviors,,

We Request you all to uphold by Your Prayers,, to achieve our GOAL,,

We are also Praying for Our Church,, All Pastors & Believers,,,, with all servants of GOD../ their Believers in CHRIST,, & All their MINISTRIES,,

We are inviting You all to Know more ABOUT us / witnesses,,Posted,,get in touch with us via Face Book,,, we under the Name,, Ganesan Krishnasamy,,

8 08 2012

pastor sam sundaram is hospitalised on sep 2012 due to high Bp and stroke. This is because of his grandson caleb joshua and his family. They tortured him to give the post of chief pastor when pas thomas raj has been ordained. The true man of god pas sam sundaram kept the word of god and walked in the words but this persons only for money and having wrong relationship want only the post and tortured pas sam sundaram.

You can ask any top pastors except 2 to 3 caleb joshua sundaram servants. pas sam sundaram does not have childrens but these person related want only the post. churches are like this going and nowadays it has been a family business. god save pastor sam

19 02 2013
conscience speaks

sorry to read the post above,pastor sundaram father and grand father of joshua and caleb joshua laid two pillars in apostolic christian assembly which was latter established and bulit by pastor sam sundaram which are

“speak evil of no man” “follow peace with all man”

now both the pillars are ruined , demolished,broken down by the very family of pastor sundaram.

with respect to the present changes in administration it is clear they spoke som much evil against pastor thomas raj and hated him and evicted him out of the adminstration.

now the question is
1.why did pastor sam sundaram belived in the false evil report against pas thomas raja.?

whers is “speak evil of no man” even if pas thomas raja had sinned it could have been resolved why why the hell broke out in seperation???

i blame pas sam sundaram for all ,is pastor sam sundaram going to die without peace and reconciliation with pas thoman raja?????

in that case will he go to heaven???

24 08 2013
Stephen Louie

All Churches have to work for the Lord as the Lord is working for all of us and the Churches

19 08 2014

uphold Pastor. Sam Sundaram in your Prayers

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