Raman Kutty

6 11 2008

A young man who was born in not so known a village as an ordinary person from an ordinary background, when dedicated himself in the Godly things, was a memorable incident. In the path of faith and God s grace, God raised Paul as the founder of Ceylon Pentecostal Mission, whose name was Ramankutty as a teenager.

Ramankutty was born in the village of Engaddiyoor in the District of Thrissur, in a Hindu family. The wish of the parents was to make him a Priest, just like his grandfather. As his parents were poor, they could give education only upto the 3 rd standard, even though they wished to give him higher education. In the teens, the boy had to earn a livelihood. During those days, so many people used to go to Ceylon for work. He also tried to get a job like that at the age of fourteen. Asrappa, who was a rich Christian Doctor in Colombo, gave him a job. He was a Godly man who converted from Hindu religion and became a member of the C.M.S. church. He considered Ramankutty as his own son and let him to stay at his residence. So Ramankutty could learn much about Christian religion. The wife of Asrappa taught him Christian doctrines even though he hesitated to become a Christian. He rejected the gift , Bible, given by the Doctor one day. Still, they treated him with love. At the age of 18, Jesus gave him vision. So, henceforth, he meditated on Christ in his heart, secretly. Asrappa and his wife made him more enthusiastic.

At the age of 26, he again saw visions of Lord. Lord spoke to him: “ If you are shy about me, I will also be shy about you, when I come as a King”. He could not withstand this divine voice; real repentance came to him. He started to proclaim publicly that he has been saved through the faith in Christ. Asrappa and family were so happy with such a development. Very soon, Ramankutty became Paul after he took the Baptism of Knowledge by a Priest of the CMS church.

Ramankutty who came to SriLanka for livelihood, became very happy in the new life. When he remembered the Grace of God, he found enjoyment in testifying Lord. The parents commissioned few people to bring back Paul to their home, when they came to know the news that he converted to Christianity.

When he reached his native place by train, it was too late. He reached tat Kuruvilla Asan’ s house who was a Godly man, after walking past unfamiliar roads. The head of the house was not bold enough to receive him, when he informed him the purpose of the visit. When he returned with upset mind, he heard the sound of God, saying that , this is the house you have to stay tonight. Motivated by the Holy Spirit, he again reached the house and the head of the house permitted him to stay there. In the morning, he quit the house and when he reached his own house, he did not get a warm welcome. Even though the family members objected, he attended the worship at Salvation Army Church. Paul’s father, who was a fanatic, tried to kill him thrice. But, each time, God miraculously saved him.

One night Paul quit the house, when he understood that his father wanted to kill him. First he reached at the house of Kuruvilla Asan’s house, and then at the house of Asrappa in Sri Lanka. Paul told Asrappa that he wanted to become a Priest. So Asrappa sent him to the CMS Theological Seminary and his friends called him “Palupadesy”, after they saw the spiritual pungency and the quality of his behaviour. After successfully finishing his studies, he was appointed as an Evangelist of the Malayalam Mission at Colombo. In the meantime, Evangelist Paul married a girl, who belonged to an ancient Christian family. The marriage took place at Kuruvilla Ashan’s house. His wife was very co-operative and helpful in the field of Gospel work. God gave them five children afterwards.

He was disgusted by the spirituality which prevailed in the CMS church, where he was also a member. He was dissatisfied in his own spiritual work and he started thinking deeply about his weaknesses in his life. At last, he decided to stop his work and he informed the same to his classmate, P.I.Jacob, who was the Pastor in a Baptist Church.

The close relationship he had with Jacob helped him to understand about other doctrines in the Bible and also about the anointment of the Holy Spirit. During that time in Chennai, Jacob introduced him to certain Missionaries in the Pentecostal Church and he could attend their meetings. Evangelist Paul also showed much spirit to receive such experience. Missionaries came to Colombo as per the invitation given by Mr. Jacob and Evangelist Paul attended their meetings and studied more doctrinal truths. Soon he took baptism and was strengthened in the Holy Spirit. When he was filled with God’ s strength, he was enlightened. It was in the year 1921. After that, so many great revelations were given to him by God and his ego was tempered. The ardent attachment to and zeal for wordly things were lost. He decided to be a living sacrifice for Christ and was prepared for that. Approximately only for 3 years he continued as a worker in the CMS church after he had been anointed in the Holy Spirit. The members in the church who loved him became very sad when he bid farewell and departed. He decided to live only by faith and not getting a permanent income or salary. He and his family had to suffer financially, when he commenced the life of faith. Several times, the children had to face severe starvation. He conducted worship meetings and fellowship meetings in a house at Borells on rent at seven rupees per month. Afterwards he got a better house for forty rupees per month on rent. So many brothers and sisters joined him after they were induced and enticed by the life of faith of Paul. Like that, Paul’s spiritual family started to grow. Hence he was compelled to move to a house which costs Rs. 160/- per month. From hence, his house has been called “Faith Home”. It was the commencement of the movement of “Ceylon Pentecostal Mission”. The principle was to ask God for every need and receive it. To see that all human beings are without blame in Christ were the building houses of Faith Home, as per the word of God. The Ceylon Pentecostal Mission really commenced from this Faith Home which have the base of deep dedication.

In the year 1924, the fellowship of Paul came to be known as the Ceylon Pentecostal Mission. From the beginning onwards, the church took care to coax the life-style and in the dress code. The life-style of that man of God was to do every thing as per the will of God. He took care of those things in preaching, prayer and in conducting meetings . He did the commanded work of the Lord after following the footsteps of the First Apostles in the first centuries. Starvation and afflictions were part and parcel of his life. Still, he strengthened the churches in Ceylon and in other countries by faith , in spite of all such obstacles. In India, the church had an auspicious commencement of their spiritual work, when Pastor Paul visited Travancore, and conducted vigilant meetings at Thiruvanathapuram and places like Quilon. The first Faith Home in India had commenced its work at Thoothukkudy in the year 1923. In the year 1963, the church was registered in Chennai, in the name, Ceylon Pentacostal Mission . The Authorities are renewing the registration in the same name. which was registered in the year 1963. The church is still continuing in the same name and in the doctrine and faith which Pastor Paul has fixed.

Pastor Paul’s body became weak because of the continuous travel and restless administrations. After a meeting in Chennai, he was afflicted of body weaknesses, and spent the last moments with God. In 1945, July 4, he died and joined in his expected pivotal house. ie; Zion. After that, the church was led by his elder son Pastor Freddy Paul and then Pastor. A.C.Thomas became the leader and led the church to glory. After the demise of the Holy Apostles, it was administered by a leading committee, who had no divine vision and had no direction from God and the human plans were implemented by a group of advocates, and I.A.S. officers. The new leaders are continuing in the name as T.P.M., as per the Company’ s Act, who destroyed the revelation given by God to Pastor Paul, Pastor Freddy and Pastor A.C.Thomas. Pastor Jacob Ratna Singh, Pastor T.U.Thomas, Pastor C.K.Lassarus, Pastor T.U.Thomas, all led a life which was against the will of God and died. Now, Mr.Wilson, who is in Malaysia, a member of the T.P.M., is leading the church as per the Company’s Act. Vesly, who is from Kayamkulam and Mr. Joy Pich in Sri Lanka are now acting behind the scene. The Holy Spirit was brooding and hatching on the church to lead the church to the experience the church enjoyed in the beginning periods after Pastor A.C.Thomas. Because of that, certain developments took place in the year 1984 and now this church is working in Kerala, in different states of India, in foreign countries, which is in parallel to the doctrines and visions of the church and in the name of Ceylon Pentacostal Mission. The main responsibility lies in Pastor Chandy. The work, faith, holiness and doctrines which God has started, will abide till the second coming of Christ.

History of Ceylon Pentecostal Mission, from the website: http://ceylonpentecostalmission.org/default.asp, Accessed from the link:http://ceylonpentecostalmission.org/history.htm
Accessed on 6th November 2008



46 responses

4 12 2008

Praise God!!! That’s really great testimony for the living god.

15 08 2009

praise the lord,

please if u have special message on holyness & victrous life please send on my mail . ( message led by holyspirit through Dy chief pastor T U Thomas at hall dedication of vile parle ( mumbai) on Dec 1999) . This is my personal tesatmony due to this message l personally realise jesus & his plan for my life.)

Br. kishor jadhav
pune( Mah)

14 09 2009

i need your sincere reply,

Praise the Lord for he is great and he has revealed his truth to many youths like me…………….

15 10 2009

i love 2 read this testimony

21 10 2009

I am quite suprised after reading Pastor Paul’s testimony. He was married and never lived in separation from his family. But now days the CPM doctrine states that the church workers must be single only. pls advise

16 12 2009
Gigu Mathew
17 12 2009

he had done a great job for jesus christ. please pray for me and my family because we are in a danger situation.

26 12 2009

Every one Wants 2 Read about the history of TPM & its very usefull 4r me while we are reading it s very suspension 2 read don’t miss it may god bless all the people’s who have read this article.

14 01 2010

Its an nice testimony about the senior pastor. But are you saying that later pastors doesnt work according to the vision of the pastor. Paul? Reply me with the reason please…

29 01 2010

praise the lord
i want to read the voice of pentecost (english) can it be possible to send on my email.


9 05 2010
kingsly paul

please pray, I my self also wants do the Gods perfect will.

27 08 2010
Rev.Elisha R T

It is great information given I like to add that every person he must examine how he is practicing doctrine is it biblical?


Ex TPM Minister

28 08 2010

“After the demise of the Holy Apostles, it was administered by a leading committee, who had no divine vision and had no direction from God and the human plans were implemented by a group of advocates, and I.A.S. officers. The new leaders are continuing in the name as T.P.M., as per the Company’ s Act, who destroyed the revelation given by God to Pastor Paul, Pastor Freddy and Pastor A.C.Thomas. Pastor Jacob Ratna Singh, Pastor T.U.Thomas, Pastor C.K.Lassarus, Pastor T.U.Thomas, all led a life which was against the will of God and died.”

Praise the Lord.
Pastor paul testimony is encouragingThe above statements are controversial

24 12 2010

what’s the controversy with the testimony?

5 01 2011
2010 in review « Conversions in India – Testimonies

[…] Raman Kutty November 2008 14 comments 3 […]

3 04 2011
vidhya ilango

I hate this story. But I love my big fat belly.

4 08 2011

All the glory to almighty.

4 08 2011

all the glory to almighty

3 09 2011
reji muthiraparambil

tpm belivers 25% (ladies) proceetutt & cheaters
tpm( kottayam centre) puthupally church beliver kalayil molamma number 1 proceetutt in kottayam. this lady spoiled my life

7 09 2011
creepen swamy

No one can spoil your life without your volition. It is Satan who does the spoiling and you have yielded to him. Please don’t blame any person (any denomination) for that matter.
I am not a TPM guy but i found they lead people more closer to God than any other organised christian group in India.
I would advise you to go to TPM only to see God.

17 09 2011

dont use unwanted words,u have to regret later…..this is a common website if you are not intrested in this doctrine u have to be silent.dont spoil the name of other ladies.if u r cheated thats ur personal problem with that lady.trust in god.dont except others to be righteous to u. lead life which is pleasing in the sight of the lord.u will be saved and god will use u like the pastor paul….pls do come and attend the international youth meeting,may god bless u and ur family

27 09 2011
Sulman John

Praise the Lord, this is a wonderful testimoney, we are from Pakistan and God has given us previlege to be part of this apostolic fellowship, please pray that Lord may open a way to have a faith home in Pakistan so that we can also have the fellowship of servants and saints of God in Pakistan. The Lord has worked wonders in our lives through the consecrated servants of God healing us not only physically but also spiritually. Amen!

23 11 2011
Bro-P.Spurgeon Jeba Kumar

If any one not having to Abilities of mark + Point of Saint of God ,I request not to find – Point of saint of God ,God hates the Character and Carear of Abusing others so I request to Stop all the non-sences and be with sence The Day of the Lord is Coming ………….

28 11 2011
John JP

When the name of the church was changed after much prayer, some men such as chandy and others revolted and committed rebellion.. if they did not have anything good to say about the saints of God such as Pas TU and other pastors, they could have kept quiet..Hope god has mercy on them. Pastor TU was a genuine saint of god, just like Pastor Jacob Ratna Singh, Pastor T.U.Thomas, Pastor C.K.Lassarus etc

8 01 2012

i also wants to live a testified life as our paster.may lord help me and all to recieve the grace from zion

7 02 2012

(tamil)”paul married a girl” paul kalyanam panni uzhiyam seithare anaal inru athupol uzhiyam seithal avarkal paavee enru solkirathe (CPM r TPM) !

13 02 2012

Wrong misprints are there. Please correct. Eg. Pastors names (Vesly- Wesley).(Joy Pich-Joy Fitch), LED A LIFE ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF GOD NOT against the will of God.

31 03 2012


13 04 2012

pas.paul’s calling was diffrent he married n ministered today our pastors calling is diffrent they are serving the lord unmarried!!!! but hw can they say that pas.TU led life against his will??? he was a true man of god millions were saved because of him

7 05 2012

The church & ministry God started by his Apostle Pas. Paul belongs to the Lord God himself & he is able to perfect & finish it according to his own will. In all his Apostles life & in his church till Pas. T.U. Thomas God did his perfect work according his will concerning Zion & New Jerusalem. Till today God is doing his work of Zion & New Jerusalem and leading his church in his perfect will by his present appointed Apostle Pas. Wilson F. Joseph which he is going to finish in his time. Very soon ! All the enemies of Zion are going to put to shame. Yes, the Devil & all who got deceived by him & used by him to deceive others by working & dare to talk against the Truth will be judged by the righteous Judge Jesus Christ. (Mat. 18 : 6).

9 05 2012

Praise the lord I’ts very super i like it very much thanks you

9 05 2012

Praise the lord I’ts very super i like it very much thanks you by sam jebaraj from vellore in tpm church

21 05 2012

Praise be to Lord..Please make no controversies with pastors saying one was good other one was not walking as per the will of god.. My name is Rahul, iam from a Hindu background.. but i say, It is God who has chosen his servants for his ministry and when god is appointing someone for a particular job, it means that person is worthy of that… If you too want to lead a perfect life like jesus, ask lord through prayers. Trust me, he answers all your prayers… First change yourself and make yourself capable that you have left all your bad ways/habits.. Now ask lord from Psalms… he will answer all your queries… God bless You All

21 05 2012

Proverbs Chapter 3, Verses 5-6.. “A secret to lead a Perfect life”
May God bless you all.

8 07 2012

reji muthiraparambil (09:56:10) :

tpm belivers 25% (ladies) proceetutt & cheaters tpm( kottayam centre) puthupally church beliver kalayil molamma number 1 proceetutt in kottayam. this lady spoiled my life
Unquote: Poor english but a wide range in depth knowledge.

Dear Reji Muthiraparambil,
Only solution is that now you go more closer to God rather going to Molamma again. Do not blame Molamma – Revert back to the golden days of ADAM and EVE then, the story was different.
Your intention and thinking while attending the Church was different and God answered your prayer and therefore, do not blame the church leaders.

9 10 2012

praise the lord

30 10 2012

praise the lord…. v good reply by philip to reji problem…
please can any one find out who has inserted this article… as i find lots accusation and false imput about the saints of God specailly chief pastors….

“After the demise of the Holy Apostles, it was administered by a leading committee, who had no divine vision and had no direction from God and the human plans were implemented by a group of advocates, and I.A.S. officers. The new leaders are continuing in the name as T.P.M., as per the Company’ s Act, who destroyed the revelation given by God to Pastor Paul, Pastor Freddy and Pastor A.C.Thomas. Pastor Jacob Ratna Singh, Pastor T.U.Thomas, Pastor C.K.Lassarus, Pastor T.U.Thomas, all led a life which was against the will of God and died.”

No where u can find in TPM that our mission is led by belivers other then saints of God… and those try to do it is out of our mission and there r roaming like bird… without any nest….

Does person who has written this article know why its was changed from CPM to TPM…. and do u knw who this Chandy….

14 11 2012
Jayapaul Martin

For every word which you speak you have to give account to God.Many profane for self boosting and despise the true consecrated Apostals ,From the day of calling till death they were truthful to God How can acuse without reason ?As per Hebrews 1:1&2,by ages God raised many saints &Glorified His mighty work,like Past Paul,Smith wiggles worth,John Wesly,so on .The church which stands on truth will be caught up in rapture not the one finding faults on others.May God alone forgive you .

27 11 2012

i too want leave like a jesus christ my saviour…..

5 07 2013

Proverbs 18: 1 says.. ” Through desire a man, having separated himself….”

what’s use of going behinds things/persons …. that too without knowing whether God will surely fulfill that particular desire of ours…?? As God will only do what is better for our Lifes…!!

we run behind it adamantly and then when our expectations Fails…. is there any point in Cursing God…?? or cursing people/Things what ever hurt us…??

rightly said….

Proverbs 19: 3 says…. “The foolishness of man perverteth his way: and his heart fretteth against the LORD.”

Isn’t it better to keep hope on God …. by sharing our heart’s desires for any thing/ person we love/ ambitions….?? and let God either accomplish our desire or give us grace to wait for better things which he has planned for us…??

Psa 145: 16: Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.

Ecc 3 : 11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time

Second thing…. it’s a real wonder…. that the administration is being questioned…..??

Its a fact that …..NO CHURCH/ASSEMBLY can stand this long years without the leading of the Holy Ghost !!…..
So its definitely true and also know to all….That the Church is being administered as per the guidance of the Holy Spirit through different leaders in different times ,…
so is the Holy Spirit being questioned …?? …the word of God specifically says. …

Luke 12: 10… And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but unto him that blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven.

Matt 12: 31…Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men

3 09 2013

Dear Readers,

Do you actually believe everything and anything some unsound person says…??You want to know the truth…, you should get it from the horses mouth itself not some unreliable source like this.

This church has been around for ages.It is the plan of God and the Lord is zealous concerning his church.The church is the bride of Christ and it is in his doctrines that it lives till now.

God called his servants to serve him.They are called ,faithful and chosen.It is unlike the way this writer thinks that any Tom ,Dick and Harry can serve God and do things his own way and get away with it.

Pls keep in mind it is not in anyone’s hand to judge any servant of God..The testimony of their lives and their glorious end speaks the truth itself.I guess this unsound writer barely knows the truth.

‘Those who touch the anointed or speak blasphemy against them is as good as touching the apple of my eye…it is written.

Maybe this writer wrote as he wished because he has no fear of God at all.Secondly he does not realize what a grave mistake he has committed..

Shame on you if you do not repent.

3 12 2013

I dont blame all those people who from outside criticizes the pastors /ministerers/minstries but pray for forgiving their ignorance. one thing I know. when Jesus christ was in his ministry living on this earth, He did so many miracles and wonders. In one incident when Jesus raised up Lazarus from the dead, then the pharisees and scribes wanted to kill both Lazarus and Jesus because many jews believed on the Lord Jesus christ.
John 11:48 : If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation. Here we see the pharisees and seducees were not concerned about the truth or about God but afraid of losing their honor, prestige and moreover their power and authority.

Now a days so many people from other denominations (such as marthoma, jacobites, catholics, CSI, are being saved and joining the pentecostal groups. Even in large numbers their priests are leaving the Aaronic priesthood. Most of them if you ask their testimony, they say God personally spoke to them and directed to obey the truth. Like in the time of Jesus, much greater fear is ensuing in the other churches. Other chruches even started adult baptism to woe their believers from leaving their church and following the truth.


3 12 2013

Please go to http://www.yourlivingmanna.com. Please see and listen to all the beautiful testimony. Glory to God alone and not to any pentecostal groups or churches.

14 03 2015

Praise the lord..
Let me ask one question to one who have written this article..
What do you know about TPM,Pas TU thomas, pas Wilson joseph,and other saints of God?
If you dont have any idea,please dont write these type of blunders about the saints…
Nowadays there are few CPM churches (led by Chandy) in kerala with a small number of beleivers..Many of them started to attend tpm meetings….
I have 1 request, if you get time,please hear message CD of Pas TU thomas..then u will get an idea about who he was…
May god bless you…

3 05 2016

pls dont post any of our TPM information in the website.. Pls give heed to the voice of the saints if we disobey the God will punish us…

3 05 2016

Tpm bangalore

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