Amar Singh

10 11 2008

My Friend asked me for the first time to come to a prayer meeting , he said my life would be changed
I Thought How can my Life be changed through Prayers ? At that time my Hair were Very long , I had not got a haircut in 2 years ,My Frends Always said “come with us and Fight with Someone because u will Help us Through ur Long Hair through your Don type of Looks.

I was Always ready for my Frends, My Family was very Angry at me my Father always asked me to get a haircut or he said “Police will Catch u bcoz of ur Looks , But I didn’t care About that.
My father also said to my Frends take Money if u want but Please do something so that my son gets a haircut . But that Plan Also did not Work,
But when i came home After the Prayer ,My heart said i should get a haircut .
I dont know why wht happen and i said to my frend lets go to some hairdresser before going home.
then after i reached my home my parents saw me and they were Shocked…

They Said Wht Happen? How did u get a Haircut ?? Then I told My Parents that This is the Effect of Prayer they Prayed for Me and the Result is Here.. Then I Liked Going to Prayers and I Liked Mandir Pooja Paath Also, I Always Thought That all Gods Are the Same .. dosn’t Matter if Its Ram , Sai, Hanuman, Jesus Christ OR 33 CRORES DEVI DEVTAS…..

But then one day i thought about The One God who Created the world and came in flesh on earth and he Died For Our Sins And after 3 days he rose again.He Loves us,And if we repent of our sins and believe in JESUS then we will be saved from the slavery of sin. Hanuman or Ram or 33 CRORES devi devta Allah,and all the Prophets did not die for our sins and they all are human beings. And After that I am Saved by the Grace of God and Came to Know the Truth of Life, and My Family is Happy That i am a Christian Bcoz Its not About Any Religion it is a Reationship, a Relationship with only True God Jesus Christ, Praise Jesus, My Aim is Only One in my Life and that is to Spread the Good News ( Truth of Life) Everywhere thats it,
Praise the LORD

God can be found through His true and complete Word, the Bible. Please, seek Him now, before it is too late. Seek Him through His Word to you, the Bible.

Source: Amar Singh, taken from the website:, from the link, accessed on 10th November 2008



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