Shivanshu Aggarwal

10 11 2008

I was born in a hindu family . life was pretty ordinary just like most of the ppl around me Religion for me was nothing more than completing the religious formalities .Moreover I started worshipping Satan under the influence of death metal bands …by worship I mean I loved Satan and thought it was so “cool” …religion was for “losers ” .

Even though all materialistic things provided a temporary sense of satisfaction , nothing in life seemed meaningful . All the little moments of joy and happiness were hollow .
There was this void inside of me that I did not know how to fill .so I tried all sorts of things in order to feel better and “alive “. I used to slit my wrists just to see how much it bleeds. There was a time when I took money to beat people up.

One day I was surfing the net looking for music and stuff when a pop up window opened which told me about the way to salvation, about the love of god ,it told me how Christ died for my sins and took the punishment I deserved .it also said that it was not a coincidence that I was reading this right now and that its god who has lead me here and wants me to know the truth …I was the last person to be influenced by this kind of stuff but something unexplainable happened and it just changed me completely …it was like a door opened in front of me and I saw a whole new world .

I started reading the bible and it kept answering my questions about life and about God .it was like God spoke to me through the bible .

It was not like people had not told me about god before .my yahoo id was serpent_satan666…many people sent me messages asking me to repent and telling me the consequences of worshiping Satan but I used to insult them by abusing them .

Now when I look back ….I can vividly see that it was god who moved my heart .May he bless you too and lead you in the paths of righteousness for his names sake. Amen,

Praise god…our lord Jesus Christ.

Source: Shivanshu Aggarwal, taken from the website:, from the link, accessed on 10th November 2008



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