Inderpaul Singh

25 11 2008

InderPaul Singh is a 23 years old Punjabi Christian in his final year of Mass Communications at TMC Business School in Singapore. He has a deep love for comedies, spicy food and football – Liverpool’s the best!!. He is a ‘born actor’ and is actively involved in the Drama Ministry of Khush Khabri Fellowship. His philosophy in life is “A cheerful heart is good medicine” and “Serving this generation with the Love of God modelling the example of Jesus”

A New Creation

My name is Inderpaul Singh and I am from Singapore. I was born into a Sikh family and, so, naturally followed the customs and rituals that were associated with Sikhism. I would go to the Sikh temple, as that was the norm. That changed when my grandmother passed away in 1998, after which I never bothered going to the temple. I thought that since GOD is omnipresent the need for going to the temple to pray was redundant. Praying at home would suffice, not that I did anyway! All these were just convenient excuses and I continued being apathetic.

My uncle brought me to Khush Kabri North Indian Fellowship for the first time in April 2004, and I was kind of amused seeing the congregation singing and dancing during the worship. All my life in the Sikh temple made me think that you have to be very solemn when it came to GODLY matters and worship, yet here were people singing and dancing. After coming to terms with that, I sat through the message and realised that what was being preached was totally pragmatic and I, a first timer to church, could relate to it. Once the message was over, most people went out for some refreshments and I felt shy because I knew no one there. Sensing this, Amit came and chatted with me. He was extremely friendly and very humble in his mannerisms, which came as a shock. I found him to be a gentleman and from past experiences, almost all of the aesthetically pleasing North Indians I knew were arrogant. So it came as a pleasant shock that left me with a good impression of Christians.

I came to Khush Kabri a few more times in 2004 and finally on December 2004, accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour and God. The period that followed was not a rosy one: I had to deal with a lot of personal turbulence and at one point I even regretted what I had done. But one thing I can say for sure is that God was with me all through this period and I did not succumb to my problems. God gave me the strength of character to overcome them and I can confidently say that God loves each and every one of us. If God can bless an ordinary person like myself, then why not you? We just have to let him and trust Him with all our heart. The ride that ensues will by no means be comfortable but even in your problems, there will be a peace of mind that only GOD can bestow.

Source:Testimony of Inderpaul Singh, A New Creation, by Inderpaul Singh, taken from the link:, accessed on 17th November 2008



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