Jaya Ramamurthy

31 01 2009

 “Born into a Tamil Brahmin family, I was brought up in an orthodox religious environment. We worshipped numerous gods and observed various rituals. Every Thursday, we also prayed to Sai Baba. At least 150 devotees would turn up at our house for the prayer sessions. Frankly, I could not make any sense of the rituals and yearned for a relationship with a god I could talk to, a god who would listen to me when I spoke to him. “It was around this time that I was afflicted with scabies. I decided to go for a blind date with Jesus in the hope that I would be cured. To my surprise I was rid of my ailment. Years later, at 27, I decided to read the Bible. My mother threw it out of the window. But I did not give up and discovered a god I could talk to. Ever since, I have become far more friendly, and the love of god has changed my life. Today, when I speak, God speaks to me. My relationship with the Almighty has changed my perspective. I have become more respectful towards others.” Source: Taken from the link:http://outlookindia.com/fullprint.asp?choice=2&fodname=20081027&fname=Conversions+(F)&sid=6, accessed on 17th November 2008.



One response

10 02 2009

For every person who converts to Christianity, there are others who leave it or convert to other religions. Just like me. I was born Christian but now renounced it and live a happy life without being bothered about any god.
Live a good life without troubling others.

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