1 05 2009

I was born in an orthodox family. My grandfather knew a lot of mythology and had a vast collection of books on rituals, and the like. I started reading his books with great
enthusiasm after his death. I also started practicing many of the things found in his books. I began to get the attention of people, as I believed that I could invoke my gods to
make people well. When I was studying in 11th grade my father who was very healthy died suddenly. Then I stopped chanting ?mantras?. The evil spirits that were under my control started working against me. My own health had started deteriorating soon and I had become the victim of all that I had practiced.
While I was studying in 12th grade I was very much depressed because of my health condition and started crying. I saw the New Testament that I received from the Gideons in my school. When I opened the New Testament I saw the verse Matthew 27:46: “My
God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?” I was surprised to see this verse. I pitied for Jesus and cried for Him thinking that Jesus was a ‘magician’ like me who wanted to do a trick of being crucified and couldn’t escape from that. I shed tears for Him.
At this time my college had a prayer meeting everyday conducted by students, which I refused to go to although I had a deep thirst to know the ?true? God. I prayed asking the
true God to reveal Himself to me. I attended the meeting and I saw the crucified Jesus in a vision in a brilliant radiance. I came to the realization that indeed this is the
God who knew me from my mother’s womb and had drawn me in the palm of His hand.
I was able to praise Jesus with all my heart and quite suddenly my tongue was loosened to speak in an unknown language. My body was healed and I had peace and joy within me. The day I accepted Jesus Christ.
My acceptance of Jesus met with tremendous opposition from my own family. Also
when I was house-arrested because of my faith I got the New Testament and could read it. Whenever my New Testament was torn by my family members, I could get one more
because all my family members receive the New Testament in their schools.
My faithful Lord and Savior enabled my entire family to be saved in a very short time.
My Lord God not only saved me but helped me to free young girls from oppression.
[K. Bharathy, Information Bulletin, Nov. 04]



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