Mohan C Lazarus

1 05 2009

In Nalumavadi, (Tuticurin District, Tamil Nadu) small insignificant village was born Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus as the second child to the wealthy parents Mr. Chiththiraippándi and Mrs. Kani Ammal, descendants of the first settler, Káththava Nádár. While this loving couple had four male children, the LORD had chosen Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus for His eternal cause.

Though in his early days Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus was brought up according to the staunch native religious tradition of his family, the LORD’s mantle fell on this frail looking youngster. The inculcation was such that, he used to have combative arguments with those who spoke about Jesus. His feeble mind could equate Jesus only with the Buddha and Gandhi and not more than that. He could not comprehend the Godhood of Jesus. Moreover, the indoctrination that he imbibed had developed detestation toward Jesus and his followers alike!

In this situation, during his early teen age, strictly speaking, in his fourteenth year, he was severely affected by an undeciphered heart ailment. The money consuming diverse medical treatments failed to sweep away the malady; instead, his heart began to bulging out more conspicuously. As a result, his body was paralyzed and he was confined to bed. His days were begun to be numbered.

Nevertheless, his loving parents did not lose hope. They prayed to every god and goddess with various vows and pledges except the Christian ‘God’ Jesus as this very name was anathema to them. The days were passing by. No change was visible on his health. It became to deteriorate day by day.

Relatives and neighbors began to line up to have a last look of this dying young boy! Tears and grief engulfed the whole family. At this precarious scenario, our gracious LORD sent one of His vessels to counter with His eternally chosen tool to bring him unto His Fold! His parents did not appose this man’s move; for, inwardly they expect their son’s curing eagerly! The visiting man began to pray with compassion and determination. Even as he prayed the power of God descended upon the sickly boy. The miracle unfolded! The impossible transformed into possible! After the prayer the boy slowly got up and sat on his bed. Amazing had happened! In spite of losing hopes of all, he started a new lease of life!

The hitherto unbelievable caring love and consoling grace of the LORD Jesus cleansed his body, soul and mind. He realized the unfathomed compassion of the Light of the World! He began to aware of the true Way in Him! Jesus Christ became his LORD and Saviour from that moment onwards!

Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus in his officeAfter that heavenly sent moment, the burning zeal for his Heavenly Master propelled him to burn for His cause of building His Kingdom by propagating His unchanging love and compassion towards the entire humanity sans any partiality.

Now Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus is a world-renowned evangelist whom our mighty God uses in a very potent way. Through him, the LORD started His Ministry by name – ‘Jesus Redeems Ministry’ at this tiny hamlet – NÁLUMÁVÀDI, with a core object of telling the world that the LORD Jesus Christ is the only Redeemer and Saviour of the whole Universe!



8 responses

12 07 2011

Praise lord brother. How r u? I saw ur testimony, it was very nice. God has chosen u 2 do his ministry. Pls pray 4 my family. I like u very much brother bcoz u r very patience. Your preaching was very understandable and clear.

29 07 2011
Louisa quadros

Br. I heard yr story. I am happy that u have seen the lord n experienced his love. Pl pray 4 me n my family 2 be blessed

2 08 2011
Agnes Jenilea

Praise the lord.. Brother i would like to share about myself in spiritual send me ur words email I like the way u teach in stage…pray for my family..

12 01 2017
Sangeetha Devakirubai

Praise the lord. I have learnt to mend my ways listening to your messages. Your messages have bought lots of meaning into my life that i will carry forward through out my life. Thank you and gods blessing on you always

2 02 2017

Dear brother…..
I am very glad to share my happiness that I have delivered a healthy boy baby….. Inspite of my very poor health conditions like hyphotyroid and diabetic… In during my pregnancy I had high BP also…
All the circumstances said that it was impossible for a healthy baby…. And called it as high risk pregnancy…… As god made a word and made all things possible.
Thanks for intercessing brother…
Praise the lord

26 09 2018


3 11 2018

good to see you uncle in Bangalore again in the year 2018….pray for me & family to live for god until our last breath & reach my own house(kingdom of god) to my father………….

24 06 2020
V.Expedith Arachi

Most respected brother,
Most denominations of present churches emerged from Catholic Churches only or are separated from Catholic order as it claims the oldest. It’s a pain to hear that all these new mushroom orders in the name of Jesus directly or indirectly criticise the traditional Catholic Churches. Please try to learn from Hindus that they never criticise the different followers of different deities and within themselves. That is Unity in Diversity. Whether Catholic or Protestant or orders like yours are in general criticising Catholic way of worshiping. Please do not follow the negative principle. Try to understand please we are in a bottle neck as far as India is concerned and we are all under one umbrella or should be. Please try to learn from Hindus. They never criticise other devotees worshipping different deities/gods.

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