Navjeet Kaur

1 05 2009

I Am A Young, Educated Punjabi Woman And I Desire To Be God’s Vessel of Honor

Navjeet Kaur comes from a staunch Jatt Sikh family. She has a Master degree in Punjabi Literature and has just graduatedÂ

with a Bachelor of Theology degree from Chandigarth Bible College. Navjeet Kaur has a desire to open a church proclaiming

the power of the gospel for the salvation of all people.Â
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I Will Serve God All The Days Of My Life
My name is Navjeet Kaur. I was born in a Jatt Sikh family. My father is a farmer.

Four years ago my family accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Before coming to Christ, we were Sikhs. Since

childhood my family had faithfully practised the Sikh faith. We performed all kinds of rituals to achieve peace of mind, but

to no avail. Our problems never vanished instead they doubled.

There was strife and discord in the family. This disharmony and stress had led me to contemplate suicide. I was troubled –

mentally, physically and spiritually. My parents’ health was deteriorating at this point. My parents had exhausted their

savings on medical fees, but the doctors had no solution to my parents’ ailments. We prayed to the gurus and did service at

the Sikh temples in an effort to cure my parents. When that failed we decided to invoke the Hindu gods and goddesses. At this

stage we were making offerings to Shiva. We were also referred to witch doctors. Money was wasted but we were not liberated

from our problems.

We were disillusioned and thought that God did not exist. Surely if He did, He would have cured my parents. Then came the

Light in the bleak darkness. One day my maternal grandmother came for a short visit to our home and encouraged us to attend a

Christian meeting in our hometown. My grandmother is a Radhaswami.

Reluctantly, we went to the meeting. The Pastor at the meeting prayed for my parents. That night my parents experienced peace

they had never felt before. They shared this experience with me. I wanted to know this God, who actually listened and

delivered my parents. That night, for the first time in my life, I prayed to Jesus. I felt His presence and heard Him tell me

that all will be well. Jesus promised to remove every evil presence from my home and the lives of my family.

That was the first time I had felt peace. My family started attending church. When we were in the condition of hopelessness

God opened the door for us to come into the saving knowledge and grace of Lord Jesus. In the year 2004 my entire family

received Christ Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour. I was hungry for the things of God. I purposed to study the Word of

God and get closer to Him. I enrolled in Bible College.

I praise and thank God that He delivered and saved us. I have the burden to share the love of God with my own people,

especially those who are not yet in Christ. This is my commitment that throughout my life I will serve Him and proclaim His

gospel to the ends of the world.

Source: Testimony Page of, Accessed from the link:, Accessed on May 1st 2009.



One response

24 07 2009
noble joseph

Sister Navjeet Kaur,

My prayers are with you. God hears us and He will surely fulfill your desire. I’ll
keep you in my prayers. God bless. Nobel

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