1 05 2009

Sahana came to Bangalore along with Campus Crusade for Christ team members to dub the film in late 1979. While staying with the team, a campus staff shared the Gospel with her. But I didn’t care much. Being a Brahmin, I was satisfied with our gods
and rituals.However, while giving the voice for the film, the personality of Jesus began to fascinate her. But Sahana left Bangalore without making a commitment to Christ. However, the whole of the 3-day-train-journey from Bangalore to Calcutta was a unique experience in my life. Jesus Christ began to speak to me. I was in tears as I was unable to decide whether He is true God or not. I knew He demanded my total surrender,she said. Days passed. Sahana was greatly moved by the Holy Spirit. At last in January 1980 I confessed my sins to the Lord Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. Since then it is an exciting relationship I am having with Him,she pointed out. Meanwhile, Sahana began to share Christ with her fiancée, Anit Adhikari, who was a very successful businessman, and a Brahmin. He began to notice a marked change in the way I wrote letters to him. He was more inquisitive of my new-found relationship with Jesus Christ. He too began to read the Bible.At last Anit surrendered his life to the Lordship of Christ in November 1980. The couple got married in 1985, but they were treated as outcastes by their family members because they followed Jesus. My in-laws were unwilling even to talk to us, as we were untouchables to them. We continued to show our love to them, besides shedding tears for them in private.
Meanwhile, my father-in-law became almost paralyzed with cerebral thrombosis. The doctors gave him a maximum of 48 hours life. But we began to plead with our Lord that he should turn to Him in his last moment and if it is God’s will he should be healed.We praise God that we have a prayer answering God. A miracle took place. My father-in-law saw Jesus in a vision. Further, he was miraculously healed. He survived for another three years. He was convinced that Jesus Christ was the true and living God.This was the beginning of a spiritual revival in our home. My mother-in-law and three of my brothers-in-law also accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord.My father, though not yet a Christian, is now not against Christ. Our greatest
prayer is that all my family members come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus and they become great missionary warriors among our community.

[India Focus, NPP, Jan. ? March 1995]



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