1 05 2009

Any time, he will die, the doctor told my family. He cannot possibly live many more days, he said. What a pity he must die of

cancer at 30 years of age,people said about me. So I lay there in hospital with people expecting me to die at any minute. But

as I lay there, something happened to me. Suddenly I saw two white figures. These figures began to carry my spirit, and they

laid it on a table. Now as I lay there, I could only see a very bright light. Then I heard a voice saying to me, I am

Jesus.That was all He said. But immediately after that, I felt my spirit returning to my body again. My family then saw me

suddenly sit up in that bed. My family were also shocked by what I said, Jesus is Lord. Now my family belongs to the Hindu

religion. So they said, He has lost his mind. The cancer has gone through his head. You see, I was educated as
a high society Brahmin. What our Hindu teachers taught, I believed. I knew nothing about Jesus Christ, or what Christian

people believed. My family then saw me remove all the needles and tubes from by body. I do not need these needles any more.

The cancer has left my body. I am healed.I then told them, I want to go home. But the doctors said, We will test your blood.

At first, they could not believe what they found. They then said, Your blood is now perfect. The cancer must have gone from

your body.So they agreed I could go home. Then I decided, I must find out about this Jesus Christ. He must have healed my

body. I found a Christian church. There they told me what more God can do for us. They told me how Jesus Christ allowed men

to kill him. We can get a change of spirit. We can escape from the control of the wrong wishes with
which we are all born. So I did what they told me. That was how I was changed, and got
the power of Gods spirit. I now live in Chennai.
[Source: Sunder, Soon Quarterly 15; NPP, Vol. 8, Issue 4, 1997]
Source: Copied from the book “31 days of Miracle – Enjoy His Deeds” written by Daniel Sathiaraj, published by Prayer Fellowship International, 2007.



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