Bhupinder and Mona

13 05 2009

Both Bhupinder and his wife Mona were born & brought up in India and moved to Canada in 1996. Mona is an esthetician and runs a “Beauty Clinic” exclusively for women. Bhupinder is an Information Technology professional and presently works in a major Canadian Bank as the technical head of the teams that design & develop new Banking softwares. Being a brilliant student, he received top scholarships and awards during his academic career.
Both come from a devout Sikh background – reading and meditating scriptures daily.

Both have done pretty well in their careers after their immigration to Canada. “We thought whatever we had, was a blessing from God”. They both prayed and read scriptures daily and followed the teachings in their daily life.
But that began to change. One night, after praying and reading scriptures, Mona had a dream. In this dream, Lord Jesus himself came to her and told her about what she has been praying for. At that point, they had never read the Bible or knew much about Lord Jesus or gone to any church.
She immediately realized that Lord Jesus is the true, real & living God. That’s why He knows what she has been praying as per her scriptures. She immediately accepted the Lord. Bhupinder was a bit reluctant. He thought “We have got everything from our own God, so why do we need a new God?”
Bhupinder began to seek out the truth about his wife’s new revelation. He called a local church and spoke with a pastor. Bhupinder asked him, “Do I have to change my religion to come to your faith?” He was told that Christianity is not a religion but a direct relationship with God. While Christians believe that there is one God who created everything, they also believe that this same God is accessible by anyone directly. God is supreme over everyone and at the same time, personal to each individual.
Bhupinder still had questions. “I wanted some proof that what the pastor told me was correct”. So I asked him to give me a Bible. He gave me a copy of New Testament. ”After I started reading the New Testament, all my questions were answered in the first hundred pages. I am a well-read man. All my life, I have been reading “great books” of the world.I Soon realized that I am reading the “original book” now.”
“For example, I’ve read the autobiography of a prominent leader in India. He says that the best way to defeat your enemy is to use non-violent means. In fact, he says that if someone hits you

on one cheek, offer the second one to him. When I read this in the first few pages of the Bible, I realized that this was not this man’s original idea, but that he learned this wisdom from the Bible.”
“Ever since then, our life has changed completely.” (2 Corinthians 5: 17- Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!)
“My wife and I started studying the Bible seriously. Soon we stopped reading and following other scriptures. We started doing everything according to the Bible. Our entire life has changed. We spend a lot of time reading the word of God. We meditate on it and use it in our day to day lives.”
“Now our only desire is to serve our Lord – to know Him more & more. Lord has also blessed us. He is using us to bring lost souls to Him in our social circle & South Asian Communities. We are seeing a big change in their life through physical and most importantly spiritual healings, answered prayers and quick resolution of issues by blessings from true & living Lord.”
Source: About Us link of the website: accessed on 13th May 13, 2009

Bhupinder and Mona

Bhupinder and Mona



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24 12 2014
Kaleemulla Mohamedali

Faith is embeded in heart and mind. Flowers, fire, words are oral and physical presumtions. In Hinduism no one can be converted to high caste BRAHMIN, they are converted as low cast SHUDRAS AS per MANUSMRITI:

No collection of wealth to be made by a Shudra even though he may be able to do it. Brahmin can take Shudra’s property by force. (Manusmriti X,129).

Brahman can have 4 wives, Kshatriya can have 3 wives , Vaishnava can have 2 wives, Shudra cant have more than 1. (Aitreya Veda, Brahma VIII, 29 page 201).
The tongue of Shudra who spoke evil about Brahmin should be cut off (Apastamba Dharma Sutra II/10-26.
Those who are with stinking conduct they will enter a stinking womb, either the womb of a dog or the womb of a swine or womb of Shudra (Chandogya Upanishad 5-10-7)
Shudras must be prohibited from hearing, studying Vedas (Brahma Sutras
More on google Why Dr.Ambedkar burnt Manusmriti.

Due to Brahmins discrimination of Shudra Hindus converted in 550Bc to Jainism, in 500Bc to Budhism, 712Ad to 1700 to Islam and after British rule till today Shudras are converting to Christianity.

24 12 2014
Kaleemulla Mohamedali


The creator of universe and mankind stays above the universe never comes on earth. He sends down his commandments through angels to his messengers on earth. He is The Creator of all, has no parents, no wife nor children. He is supreme power no need to change shapes nor ask anyone of his creatures for help. Every thing happens at His wish. He can destroy all his creations. None of his creations can compete in any manner. He commands only his worship. He punishes those who worship any of his creations.

The created he she or it lives on earth. They and their believers write holy books, its human literature not divine. They have parents, with wives produce children. They are not supreme power they ask others help. They fight wars to destroy the evil and their enemies. They don’t bother if other gods are also worshiped. They cannot protect their worshipers from other Gods rivalry. If there are more than one God will they not fight with each other for supremacy?

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