Sukhdev Singh

28 05 2009

Sukhdev Singh is a Punjabi Christian attending New Creation Church in Singapore. He has been impacted by the love of Jesus Christ. The Lord has blessed him supernaturally through the abundance of grace given by the Lord Jesus. His greatest desire is to tell people about the loveliness of his Lord Jesus Christ. He is currently pursuing an Aerospace Degree Programme in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as he has a strong passion for planes. He has wonderful parents that are an image of Christ to him and two beautiful sisters who have been ever-supportive of him all his life.
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The Hand Of The Lord Upon My Family

It all started in 2004 when a friend of mine invited me to New Creation Church. At first I was reluctant to go because I hated Christians. The reason being, they used to preach to me. Whenever I talked to them, they used to say that I was not in a relationship with the true and living God. Then I came to know this girl and was interested in her and to my surprise she was attending New Creation Church. I decided to go to church with her so that I could see her more often. As time went by, I fell in love with this girl and I got hooked to going church with her because I wanted see her more often.

Whenever the church service was going on, I used to shut my ears and tell myself how stupid this people can be to worship this man whom they think died for them. For about nine months I have been attending church and then suddenly came a bang. My girlfriend told me she was not interested in me anymore and I was hurt really deeply in my heart and that was the time I started looking for answers. I felt deeply rejected because I used to look at myself and say what is wrong with me.

At that time, I was also in Officer Cadet School and on top of the vigorous training, I was on the verge of breaking down. At that time my family was also going through problems (too may to count). Oh man I desperately needed help. I felt I needed to go back to church to listen to the Word of God. I was so desperate to find something to lift me up. I used to cry in my army bunk and ask myself what have I done to receive all this. Little did I know that the hand of the Lord was upon my life and he was drawing me towards Him.

Within a few weeks I accepted the Lord Jesus quietly without even telling my friend that invited me to church. I was so afraid of this decision but yet I know that I needed Jesus in my life. After a few days, I told him I had became a Christian and he was quite shocked. My life changed tremendously after that. I started going to church with him and I started growing in grace. All glory to Jesus Christ. His plan in our lives are perfect.

The bible declares that “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “ Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

As time went by I started lying to my parents that I was going to church. I did not have the courage to tell my parents that I had embraced Christianity because my parents were staunch Sikhs. But the Lord loves me so much that He built my courage within and strengthen me through the Word of God preached at New Creation Church.

About four months after accepting Jesus as my Savior, Master and Lord, I had this strong desire to tell my parents about my new found faith and the good news of our loving Savior Jesus Christ. At first, the persecution at home was intense because my parents were deeply devoted Sikhs. The persecution grew so bad that almost everyday I had a quarrels and arguments with my dad. But Jesus always reminded me of His everlasting love for me and my family. Lord thank you.

Then there came a breakthrough where things started to change. It changed so rapidly like a tsunami of blessings after blessings. My elder sister’s marriage failed within a year. She was in a state of depression after secretly going through verbal and physical abuse from her husband. There was one day she came back home was so broken that I told her to follow me to church and I remembered it was a Thursday and we had a weekday Bible Study. My mum seeing my sister in that state also decided to tag along. On that day, my sister and mum accepted the Lord. They said they have never been so loved in their life. Glory to Jesus. Your name forever be praised!!

Then came another tsunami of blessings when my bedridden grandmother accepted the Lord. After months of her receiving Christ, there came another wave. Wow!! so many waves of blessing. God always wants to so readily bless us. He can’t wait to bless us, His children.

I remember it was a Sunday and my mum managed to get my whole family, including my dad and younger sister to come to New Creation Church. I remembered that Pastor Lian was preaching that day and she was telling us a testimony about how this mother stood on the Word of God even though doctors have given up on her young son. My family were very touched by that testimony. Then just after the service we went to visit my bedridden grandmother as she was staying at my uncle’s place who is an unbeliever.

When we reached his place, there was no one there and we saw my grandmother breathing unusually. I decided to ask my mum to pray for her, but before even she could say a word she broke down and cried. So decided to pray for her and I remember telling her that Jesus loves her so much and the way is open for her to eternal freedom. I could see her face turning red and I knew Jesus was there just embracing her with his super abounding love.

The next day she went into the hospital and all my relatives visited her and the following day she passed away. The doctors said that medically she would have lived longer but she left earlier and my family knew it was Jesus who came to take her into freedom. I still remember that when she passed away, she looked as though she was sleeping and her body had this radiance and peace. When my family saw her body, we all broke down and cried because we knew it was a sign from Jesus telling us my grandmother was with him.

This series of events that had taken place brought my younger sister and my father to the Lord. Praise Jesus for everything. He showed His glory by bringing my whole family to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ within a short span of two months. Only Jesus can do that. I hope that this testimony would encourage many believers out there to trust God for the salvation of their families even though it’s been years or no matter how much a person can be religious but not have a living relationship with God. My family is an example of such a family whom Jesus has touched. We have become so deeply in love with Jesus. I give all glory to Jesus. No one is like you Jesus!



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20 11 2009
Daniel Sathiaraj

All the families of the earth will be blessed thru Jesus. See promise to Abraham. Gen 12: 3

28 11 2017

Please contact me
Ps Kul Bal

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