18 09 2009

Brother Thayappan and his family were very staunch Hindu People who have recently been blessed by the Lord. They were very strong devotees of Goddess Adhi Parasakthi and were practicing Hindu rites very sincerely and devotedly. Brother Thayappan lives with his family in Tambaram of Madras in South India. Here is his heart touching testimony as to how he had come to know of the Lord Jesus Christ, saved and blessed.  Not only he, his complete family ie. his wife, daughter and his younger son were also touched by the Lord by miracles and now the complete family attend the church in the full faith & they stand as a living mighty witness to glorify the name of the Heavenly Father,  His son-Lord Jesus christ and the Holy Spirit.  Praise the Lord.

Pastor D. Solomon Raja

It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and wonders that the Most High God has performed for me who was an unpardonable sinner and a most ardent idol worshipper for 58 years. The Lord touched me and my entire family through the sickness of my son Karthik, who was working as a Software Engineer in USA. Once Jesus disciples asked Jesus about a man blind from the birth, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind, Jesus Christ answered,  “Neither this man nor his parents. This happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life – (John 9:3)”. Similarly the Lord has chosen our family especially for His glory and to display His work. Psalmist says in Psalm 4:3 that the Lord has set apart the godly for Himself. Thus the Lord has set apart us for His glory and bestowed upon us innumerable and unimaginable miracles and wonders.

S. Thayappan


Accessed on Sep 18, 2009



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3 10 2009

The testimony is superb. Please let me know how to get his books because these detaika are not available

24 07 2012

Visit for more spiritual and deep christian tamil messages.

16 12 2012

very much encourage by this beautiful testimony how can i get all books and vcd

9 03 2014

please let us know about the books related

18 05 2014
Jesus christ the bastard

bloody sick bastards, trying to manipulate people’s minds with fake stories. I assure you that one day or the other, sooner or later, you lot will be wiped out and there this disease called Christianity will be wiped out of our beloved Mother earth

20 05 2014

Hope Mr.Tayappan will live happily forever.. Lol..these morons think that changing religion, will change life..ask the existing Christians when you analyse you will find, their life is no’s all the same.. Joy, sorrow,happy,sad..what’s the point,sad to say that you have fallen to religion marketing..

5 06 2014
sachin morajkar

Dear friend, (Jesus Christ the bastard) you made this are telling that one day Christianity will be wipe out of this earth. Dear say me honestly do you know what will happen in coming 2 minutes……
and answer is no….then how you can say what will happen in future?
dear since from 2000 years people like you were tying this….but none of them done this.they lived there life on this earth for around 70 to 75 years and they died….
for your knowledge…disciples of jesus had start there preaching of gospel from the country of Israel that time it was very small country…..
but now my brother it spread all over the world.
and you know still jesus loves you.


praise the god
May jesus bless you and your family.

18 02 2015
Naveen R

Amazing testimony is this. Really GOD has done great things. How can I get these books? Please give me your contact no (or) address. I am eager to read the book “SITHTHARGAL KANDA MEIPORUL”.

10 03 2015

I need the books or the books PDF prints of THE CRY AND JOY
please tell me where to buy this books in Chennai?

10 03 2015

please tell me where to buy this books in Chennai?

28 12 2015

People we say we are Christian but do we love others? Do we forgive others. But we expect JESUS to forgive our sins. There is nothing in showing as a Christian to other people by going church and reading Bible.. Singing Christian Songs. Forgive others. Live as a TRUE CHRISTIAN FOR JESUS. COZ JESUS LOVES US. but my own family throwed me out. After my Death they will understand my love on them. At least you love others FORGIVE OTHERS. HAPPY NEW YEAR

28 02 2016
Thayappan is mother fucker

Why do you want to convert a person from one religion to another you sick bastards? What if we convert you and your family into our religion? Conversion is the biggest crime of all…. Hope they put you in prison.

25 06 2016

Dear Brothers and sisters … The testimony of uncle Thayappan is true because I personally feel the love of Jesus in my life. We are RC Christians and don’t know about Bible. But after an accident happened to my younger brother on 2010 May 5th our entire family was shaken. He was bedridden for nearly 4 months doctors lost the hope. They certified that it was doubted that he will walk and be as a normal human. His entire body was broken. That time only, we truly turn to Lord Jesus Christ. Only because of prayer my brother was healed. If u doubt in this you guys can check it at CSI mission hospital and consult Doctor Mr. Samson Daniel it was only a starting point lost of miracles happened in my life apart from medical science. Jesus Christ is the true living god.

19 09 2016
Anthony prakash

Pleas sand me mob no si i can tok to you

23 11 2016

plz call

1 09 2017

Hello brothers and sisters, I was a Bramhin, and I experienced the Love of Jesus Christ in my life and innumerable miracles, in fact, I am still alive because of Jesus Christ. He is such a loving and compassionate God, he has showered me with peace, joy, prosperity and happiness in my life. He is the true living God. I became His follower and serving His kingdom now in evagelization. Me and my family will love Him and serve Him for ever and ever. Amen. Thank you Jesus for being in my life.

14 09 2017

Hi Veena, Can you share your full testimony?

17 09 2017

Dear brothers, All Hindus must study Vedas, Puraanas, Ithigasas, etc., then only they can understand who is the real God Prajapathi. Sofar Hindus in India have not allowed to read hindu books. Only chanting the manthras that too in Sanscript. Each and every saint will say his own theory and made the people roaming across various temples and Gods. So dont get angry on this message and kindly go through all hindu religious books and finally you can find one God or Prajapathi. Big Hindu scholars and even RSS youth wing president turned christianity after reading bible why? He already read all hindu scriptures and underwent research to find Prajapathi. Finally He found the God JESUS and accepted him as his saviour.

13 11 2018
happy puppy

Jesus Christ, I trust in you!

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