Ramjit Singh

5 02 2010

My name is Ramjit Singh and I belong to a Jatt SIKH family. I am ex-serviceman retired from Indian Navy. When I was young, my parents taught me to go to religious places and advised me to read scriptures.

As I was stepping into my young age, I was loosing peace in my life. A question often came into my mind that how power of God works with a human life. For the answer of this question, I went to many religious places and did some pilgrimages but the troubles were still in my life. My life was going down day by day. God talked to me so many times but I could not understand it as I was in sin. I was used to taking drugs and drinking. As a result, there was lot of tension in my family. Everyday there was a new trouble in my life. I tried to come out of these troubles by many ways but no use.Then I decided to end my life. I thought that the death is the only way to solve all these problems and I decided to die. One day, around 7 years back, I left my house to throw myself on the railway track and kill myself.

But just 50 meters away from my house, some power came in front of me and asked me where are you going? This power shook hand with me and told me to go back to my house. I came back to my house. A great miracle happened in my life, I felt peace in my heart.

After few days, with the grace of God, I visited a house church where a pastor prayed to God for peace in my life. This was the first church experience for me. I could not understand everything but I felt some peace in my heart. Then pastor suggested me to attend Sunday church. I started attending church regularly.Soon I came to know that I am a sinner. I repented and believed that Lord Jesus is my savior. I started my new life and prayed to God that I want to know your kingdom. He answered my prayer and said slow and steady, I will teach you everything. I went to 3-4 home churches in search of true word of Lord, then God spoke to me through holy spirit that read Revelation 2:2.Then I prayed to the God for directions. He revealed to me to start praying at your house. I started praying with my family everyday in the evening at 8:30 p.m. and at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. After 3 months, God started teaching us about his love, his grace, his mercy, his word, his religious places, his incarnation, his universe and his creation.God’s holy spirit moved greatly at that time. He prophesised many things which we did not knew at that time. As per Jeremiah 33:3, God gave His guidance through his holy spirit. God prophesized about our ministry. After praying for about 4 years, God revealed His will and directed us to start serving for Him. From September 2008, according to his prophecy, I started a home church. And God’s power started working through us. With the blessing of our living Lord, we have constructed a church in Amritsar which will be ready in September 2009.Now I have a successful ministry with the grace of God. We are praying to God that the people who are in dark should be saved in the name of Jesus.AMEN

Ramjit Singh

Source: http://www.hisprayerhouse.org/changelife85.html

Accessed on 05th February 2010



One response

23 05 2010

Praise God!

Greetings in the name of our matchless saviour LORD Jesus Christ.
I enjoyed reading your testimony & believe from my heart that God always honours true seekers.
br. I have a friend from Delhi whos needs Counseling she & her husband has accepted LORD Jesus as their saviour in 2003, she is now ministering to her father & needs help. I request you to pls. contact me through e-mail so I can forwad her direct tel. #.

Sis Anita

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