Granthi (Sikh priest)

4 11 2010

This is the personal true story of the Sikh priest or granthi who became a Christian.

I was born into an orthodox Sikh Jat priest family. Because of our religious orthodox background, I was educated in a Sikh mission school. My family members decided that I should become a Sikh priest. Therefore, I had to study the holy book of "Shri Guru Granth Sahib" along with my secular studies.

As I studied the holy book of my religion, the passion for God began to increase within me. I wanted to find God very eagerly. As I read the holy book of the Sikhs, I felt that I was about to reach God but my efforts proved to be of no use. My passion was continually increasing. I started searching for God in other sources. I was afraid and frustrated. Because of this frustration, I started stealing money and taking drugs. The more I wanted to save myself the more I began to get involved in an immoral life. All the efforts to find God became useless.

Because I failed to find God, my frustration was so great that I felt my future was completely heading to doom. I said, "there is no God." I became an atheist but it didn’t give me peace of mind. Two times I attempted to commit suicide. Now I had no meaning or purpose in life. I had nothing to do with God. I was taking more drugs and I wanted to die.

One night I was preparing to go to see a pornographic film. The film was to start at midnight. I was looking for some book to pass my time. Suddenly I saw a book called "Prem Ka Sandesh" (The Message of Love) lying on the windowsill. I thought it might be some porno book and wondered how it came there. I was exited and thought, "Oh! It’s wonderful, great fun for me". Then I opened the book. It read, "For God so loved the world…." I just read four words and cried out, "it’s nonsense." "There is no God". I threw the book. I thought, "may be my sister might have brought it…"(she was a teacher in a Christian school). I rebuked my sister. "I have no concern for God. Take it away".

As usual, the next day I was prepared to watch a porno film again. I picked up a news paper-covered book. It read, "I want to give you eternal life." I heard a silent voice within me saying, "I want to give you eternal life.’’ I placed the book back and started to think about the voice. I could not watch the movie. The same voice was echoing in my mind. Next day I returned from college early and searched for the same book and started reading it.

I went to a Christian priest and said, "I want to meet with God, can you help because I have already failed." The priest replied saying, "come to the Sunday worship and surely you will find God." I attended the church regularly for one year but to my surprise nothing happened. I went to him again and threatened him with my knife for not helping me to find God. He gave me a prayer script and told me to kneel down and pray before going to sleep.

I read the prayer twice but nothing happened as I had expected. I was angry but decided to read it from the bottom of my heart. Suddenly I found myself weeping and tears were rolling down my cheeks. I began to remember every scene of my life. All the sins that I had committed in my past life came before me one by one. I almost became senseless on my knees. That night I felt the presence of some super natural being.

Early in the morning my younger brother knocked on my door again and again. After a long time I suddenly came to my senses, I got up and heard somebody calling me from outside. I felt a strange experience within me. Everything seemed to be new. All my burdens had rolled away. Now I had a will to live. My heart was filled with unspeakable joy. It was an absolutely mystical experience; an inexplicable incident. As soon as I opened the door my younger brother cried, "Oh, your face is shining like the sun, I am unable to see you." I went to look at my face in the mirror but there was nothing as such. I was frightened.

I went to the Christian Priest and asked about the strange thing that had happened to me. The Priest replied, "You have received God. Jesus Christ has come into your life." After a few months I took water baptism. My family members started torturing me. Many times they tried to attack me and kill me. Even the Priest was tortured and a case was filed against him. My family members hated other Christians and tortured them too. But as I looked upon the cross this suffering seemed insignificant. There are many such incidents of torture which have taken place in my life. I would like to mention one such incident below.

Once my uncle took out a gun and told me to write my identity as a Sikh but I wrote my testimony of a changed life and gave it to him. He gave me a few seconds to denounce my faith and started counting. I told him, "If you want you can kill me." If I will die right now I will be with Christ or if I am alive Christ is with me, there is no difference." He pressed the trigger but I was saved because at that moment his son lifted the gun and he missed the target. He took out his pistol and wanted to kill me but his son interfered again and I was saved. I could not get up from my bed for three days. Meanwhile, my Pastor and other believers came to know that I was shot down, and everybody thought that I was dead. So, they gathered together and conducted my funeral service, which I came to know later.

In those days militancy was at its climax. Many times during the cold season, I was kept out of the house for the whole night without proper clothes. In August 1996, it was the fifth attempt by my family members to kill me. Thank God that my mother helped me to get away from the house. I was residing in my friend’s place where my body was totally bruised.

As days passed by I started ministering the Lord in the neighboring cities. I adopted the lifestyle of a wondering monk, wearing saffron robe for years until I went to Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore, for my theological degree. Moreover, my wondering life gave me opportunities to move from one city to another with total dependence on the Lord for my daily needs. Nevertheless, it is here, I realized that God has called me to be an itinerant Evangelist and has given me the burden to strengthen the persecuted Saints of the North Indian Churches.

However, just before my marriage i.e. in December 2002, I left the life of a wondering monk and got married with a girl (Shaheen) who comes from a Muslim background. Even though she is not the first generation convert she personally met with Christ, when Christ appeared to her in an operation theater where she was admitted for a surgery. As years went by God blessed us with a son who is five years old now (Shatiel Sunder Jeet Singh).

Presently, I serve the Lord as an itinerant Evangelist and Shaheen, as a cyber Evangelist to win the North Indian brethren for the Lord. My family is residing in Amritsar, Punjab – the capital of the Sikh world. We serve the Lord with the burden of “Preaching the Scripture, Teaching to the Word and Training for the persecuted Saints of North India”, thereby we long to, ‘equip the saints so that the Church in North India would be mobilized to fulfill the Great Commission’.

However, the days of sufferings are not yet over for me and my family. My family and my Sikh community are dead-against of me and they are still on the hunt for me. Even to this day I keep getting threatening phone calls from them. Some times I go in hiding. I know that staying in one place for few years could get me into trouble, yet I know that God has a purpose in my life and nothing will harm me without His knowledge. Therefore, he has led me marvelously to this day.

I would request you to pray for my unsaved family so that they may also know the Savior. Above all, He would strengthen us as a family to fulfill His will through our lives.

This living testimony of the the Sikh priest or granthi is true and he wishes to remain anonymous.

Accessed on 4th November 2010.



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3 02 2011

Like you, I am a sikh.

Like you, I experienced Jesus Christ – sitting in a Gurdwara, no less.

Guru Ram Das who lifted my soul out of hell as I hung on to His robe for dear life.

Like you, I was beseeching God for some sort of sign – that He was near.

The Voice advised me to take a break and have some wine.

I did.

Unlike you, I didn’t change my religion to find God.

I just increased my faith.

It wasn’t broken.

No matter what religion you are, faith is most important. Faith in the CORRECT direction.

Many messengers, many time zones, many realms. Just … one God.

May you find peace in your time zone brother. Leave the others to their time zones.


12 05 2012

What bullshit is this?

5 08 2012
L McClain

Thank you, my brother in Christ for your powerful testimony. Remembr that He will never leave you nor forsake you. I pray now, in Jesus name, by His redemptive blood, protection on your family and, that like our Acts brothers and sisters, that you will be able to stand. Thank you, again. I look foward to meeting you inheaven one day.

13 12 2012

Thanks brother for your encouraging testimonies.
God has always been very loving and kind to every person in this world. “God the love the world so much he gave his only son for the world, that whoever believes in him will have eternal life”. Our God is the God of Abraham, God of Jacob, God of Issak and most importantly God of the sinner. Thank you alot brother in christ. Brother I am residing around in Patiala, and I am new in the area, dont know where to go for the church. Please adviced me where I can find a church in Patiala. my email add is

8 01 2015
Kapil Vaid

Yes brother Our Lord God Jesus is with you keep on walking in faith we will meet in Hevan and need any assistance I remain to serve

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