Yasmeen Suri

7 12 2010

Yasmeen was born in India. She was raised believing in the gods of her culture. Years later after she came to the United States, She had an amazing encounter with Jesus Christ. She was delivered from many New Age beliefs and false doctrines. Yasmeen was searching for the truth in religion, but could not find it. One day…the Holy Spirit convicted her that she had sinned against God…and the penalty was death. Then someone had shared with her that Jesus Christ paid the penalty on the cross and shed his blood for our sins and she no longer had to be a slave to sin. Yasmeen accepted Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Three years later, God called her to Ministry. Yasmeen decided to receive vocal training at the Mattie Moss Clark Conservatory of Music in Detroit, Michigan for 4 years. As her mentor and teacher, Multi-Grammy Award winner Dorinda Clark Cole has supported and positioned her to sing at National and Local conventions as well as musicals and churches throughout the Detroit area. She sings and shares her testimony across the United States. Yasmeen also sings for the U.S Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Justice and Major Sports Teams on a regular basis. She is now beginning a series of dvd teachings that are relevant for today’s spiritual climate. The purpose of her calling is to glorify Jesus Christ and Him alone in whatever capacity He wills in her and through her. Yasmeen gives ALL the glory to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the One for whom she writes her music for. He alone is worthy of the Glory and Honor of anything good He has done in her and through her.

Source: http://www.yasmeensuri.com/biography.html#Anchor_resource1

Accessed on December 7, 2010



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