Rao Gowda

26 01 2011

I was born in Orthodox and devoted Hindu (GOWDA) family. My parents had no children even after 20 years of their marriage life. I cannot describe how my parents were suffered. As for the Hindu customs, no family will invite them in any functions, which is not having the children. So after 20 years I was born. Because of this reason my parents loved me so much.

Whatever I wished they had been provided with over love. My parents were worshiping various Idols like Trees, Stones, Cows, Snakes, etc; my parents were purely depended and devoted to the idol worship. Regularly Morning and Evening they were spending most of their time with Evil worship and conducted several devotions in my house and temples. Every morning and evening they sat before the idols and spend several hours

for Meditation.

As I had seen my parents, I also participated and spent much of the time with idols in various Temples. We had a special worship room for the meditation with full of idolsand photos. This room was filled with the Idols and various Books (GRANDHAS) and other materials to worship the idols. I was a good dedicated and committed follower of my Traditions, rules and regulations. Regularly worshipping with various Animals and Idols.

So from my child-hood I was totally against the ‘LORD JESUS’ really I don’t know the Jesus is only the Savior of the world. The High Caste people and most of non- Christians are not willing to accept Jesus as a Lord and Savior. And they are also thinking the Jesus is not for the High Caste People’s God. He is only for the low Caste people. We have and had several Gods. And these Gods are wearing and having various weapons like spade, Wheel, and other instruments. Whenever the enemy comes he will fight and release the Devote from the enemy. At the same way I saw the Jesus Christ, he has no weapons to fight the enemy, simply he was hanging on the cross for what? For why? For whom? Where is the power of God? And how it is possible to save their devotes?

I thought like that, and at that time no pastor, preacher or others were not dared to come to my house to tell about the word of God, because our family living condition is so power full in the village, because we are the totally dedicated and worshipping with the several evils. We had very good name to following persons as per the Hindu customs and traditions. And another reason is we do not believe, because our minds have been kept in the darkness by the evil god of this world as per the word says In II CORINTHIANS 4:4-5. Evil will not open my Eyes to see the real Light, Love and power of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have already told you we are totally against to the Christianity. When I saw the Christians I was very much angry and I used vulgar language, several times I have beating the pastors/preachers in the meeting places, and several times I have created problems like cut the power supply started the quarrels with Gospel workers to stop the gospel meetings in our village not only that I have given several problems to preachers. And I destroyed several Gospel meeting with my followers.

I have completed my study and at the same time I was fully involved and immersed all types of bad things, what not every thing, because I have plenty of money, people in my hand nobody is trying to control me from my bad habits due to my bad behavior, because I have totally involved in so much so evil things. In addition, my parents are unable to control me because they had loved me very much are being only one child. But they have tried their level best, to protect me from my bad habits. However, they were totally failed. Many times, they have discussed how to control me from my bad habits. Finally, they have planned to settle my marriage and they done it. But there is no change in my behavior before my marriage my mother and father had been suffering and crying like any thing, now another person was added (my wife) was suffered like any thing.

Again they thought of me seriously and decided to change my circle of friends and present living place in which I was residing. They hoped that new circumstances might change me. My parents have purchased 20 Acres of paddy Land, and House in Machilipatnam, and they told me’ you go and stay there and manage this property’ I felt very happy because there is no need ask money from my parents. I came and settled at Machilipatnam and also I got job in Revenue Department as a Village Magistrate. Now I am free from the site of my parent’s relatives and my old place. No bothered about the money and had the power to enjoy life, Even I was fully devoted and worshipped many idols. So the days were running I was enjoying like anything with all my un counted bad habits. At this movement I have to tell you one thing ever day I wanted to settle my account (SIN), because ever day I used to involved several bad things. So I used to purchase coconuts, leaves, Sheep, goats, hen etc., to cut their heads to wash all my day-to-day sin with this tradition. This is my ever day habit what I believe when ever I commit the sin I will washed with these formalities which was written in the Hindus grandmas (Books). So my life style is such and has been passing the days without any problems. Generally many people of Hindu’s will come to Jesus for healing their sick, after their healing most of these people will go back. But I came to wash my sin with His blood. So after few years I have noticed there is no real Joy in my life through these bad things and no peace or goal in my life “what is this? Why I have not enjoying happy from these things and I loose the joy peace in my life? Why? I have the sufficient money power and leading good life, but I have no real happy or goal in my life.

So when I noticed this problem in my life then I have given more Importance to spend much more time with pasting in front of the idols in the Temples. And I have given more money, and purchasing several goats, sheep, and all other items and following all the customs and expecting peace and real joy. But there is no answer. I have not received any reply from them, which I have been worshiping for the past 27 years. Then I have decided, there is no God in the world. “If God is there why I have loose the joy and peace. Then I have decided to close all the Idols worship, packed all the IDOLS and put it in iron safe and stopped worship. My expectation is if I am not worship these Idols so if these god are alive they will definitely give the answer, they will give the peace and joy for me or they will give the punishment because I stopped worship, and waited up to several months. But what is the result? Even after several months, there is no answer and no change in my life. And I have not received any answer from them. So I have decided there is no God. And now I turned another side and telling the people why you are wasting your voluble time and money to worship these gods, you know there is no gods all these activities are waste do not waste your time and money you do what ever you want I have been encouraging the people and I have been doing this publicity in this town.

After few months, one-day evening I was discussing various things with my wife. Suddenly she was raised about the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She said Jesus is also the God. Why don’t we go and attend the Church to worship the Lord he may give you the joy and peace. I was so much angry, and I used vulgar language, because I was totally against to the Lord Jesus Christ. I said don’t tell about the Jesus. Because we have millions of Gods you can choose any one of them what is we need of this God for us? I have raised that point at that time I said, I don’t want to come to the Church. And also I am not allowing you to go to Church. (At present people are saying like this. In Mark 5:7 and screamed in a loud voice, “Jesus, Son of the most High God! What do you want with me? Now days the people are saying Jesus we no need you, because we have ever thing money, power, strength and influence what we need we will follow and do the evil things.) So after few months again she raised the same at that time without my knowledge I said I would not come to Church if you were interested you can go. Generally in our area our caste people are not allowing to attend the Church. Then she is planning to attend to the Church. But how? She doesn’t have the experience to attend Church. Then my wife was requested her sister; she was studying in Christian college having some Christian friends. She takes my wife and introduced one of the Christian families. My wife joined with them and attends the Church. I was waited at my home to create some troubles. I asked critical question, when they come back from the Church. I have started several questions.” How much peace and joy has given this God? She replied, “We felt very happy and enjoyed a peace full atmosphere she said ‘You come and see it, I said Impossible’ I don’t want to come, I no need to step in the Church. It is impossible to worship this God.

So In the mean time we are living without peace and joy. Again one day she requested me please come along with me we will attend the Church. Without my knowledge I accepted to visit the Church. I wanted to see what type of atmosphere in the Church. I went to the Church. When I entered in the Church, I saw the cross. I was very much feared because I am totally against to the Jesus and I did so many bad things against to the Lord. I am thinking and having feared this God must be very angry on me and he counted all my bad issues, which I have dunned against. I am not interested to sit in the Church and see the Cross. I want to escape in front of this cross. Then I sat in the corner of the pillar by the side of the window. What I thought is I don’t want face this cross, and not interested to hear the message, and as quickly as possible I want to go out and escape from the site of this place. I have not concentrated in service and forcefully diverted my mind; I don’t want to hear the voice of the pastor, so I have been counting the vehicles. So I have spent Two hours in the Church and I come out with great fear.

After the service, the pastor was stood in front of the Church he enquired about us and he invited us to come and join to day Gospel meeting in the evening, without my knowledge I said I will try to come. In the evening we attend the meeting. The program had started with songs. I enjoyed songs. After singing, the speaker has started the God’s message. But I was not listening. At that time the preacher was telling about the story of The Lost Son from LUKE 15:11- 32. Suddenly I heard that word you are a sinner. I was shocked and I saw in and around of the people in the meeting. I have decided this word and message is not for me for others or for the Christians. But I noticed the Holy Sprit has started his work in my heart several times that word is ringing and forcing me you are a sinner. So I was totally disrobed and what I thought is, I am not sinner and not having any sin in my life account because, I have been washing all my sins every day with following several systems which I have worshiped with idols and I have spend so much money and sacrificed several animals. After the meeting we came back, and went to bed with struggles that word is contumely telling me you are a sinner. Then God had started to shown all my sins. I remembering all my sins one by one this process was going on from 1 Am to 3 Am on that day in March 27, 1980, I was totally surrendered my life to the Holy sprit. I have accepted and confessed all my sins in the presence of the Lord and God. Then I accepted Him as my personal Savior. Praise the Lord and God He washed all my sinners with his precious blood. As per the word of God says in Roma 10:8-10 says what it is says is this God’s message is near you, on your lips and your heart” that is, the message of faith that we preach. If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised him from death, you will be saved. For it is by our confession that we are saved.

Then God has given the real joy peace and assurance of the Salvation as per the word in John 3:16:17 For God loved the world so much that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life. For God did not send his son into the world to be its judge, but to be its savior, and he given me this promiseJohn 5:24. My life was totally changed and I had over come from all my bad habits, bad earning of the money, all my family members were taken immersion baptism. I have resigned my job; because this is totally corrupted job through this job I earn lot of money and lavishly spending everyday. I don’t want to continue in this job. I want to live for God. I have decided to serve the Lord. Whenever I accepted Lord Jesus Christ, immediately my parents, all my relatives and friends are elevated my family from their community. They said to day onwards we do not want to continue any relationship with you so please don’t come to our hoses and they are also stopped to visit my family and cut off all the relations. Praise the God. Then the evil has started his power to shown us and created lot of problems from our relatives. You believe or not it is true, we have faced several problems. I have stopped all my wrong way earnings money form various sorceress. You know when we celebrate my son birthday function we have spent thousands of rupees for the occasion and enjoyed in several ways. After my conversion I have stopped all the earning, you know I am unable to provide at least one new shirt to my son on this occasion of his birthday. Not only that we have spend several days without taking meal, we filled our stomach with full of water, no rice for cooking food, no money to buy things we spent several months, at this time we have been raying and praising God and the Lord our God has given me the opportunity to have the holly Sprit experienced He filled with the Holly Sprit. Praise the Lord; the God has protected my family from all these problems. And I have personally experienced his love, compassion and concerned. Now we have the real joy, peace Vision goal and meaning full life. God has forgiven all my sins with his grace, and filled with the Holy sprit. I have prayed with pasting for several Months along with my family, I want to know what God has the plans for me and my family, what plans he has. So after several months, God has given me this burden and concern to preach the Gospel and help the poor and needy people entire my life time as per I Corinthians 10:33 says Just do as I do; I try to please everyone in all that I do, not thinking of my own good, but of the good of all so that they might be saved and Acts.26:18. We have been preaching the word of God and helping the poor people in Physically, Socially and Spiritually. God has given this burden concerned and opportunity to help the poor people.

I have started to sharing my testimony and preaching the word in the public meetings. We have faced several problems with other faiths people; they have stoned us, insulted several times in the meetings. But my savior is with us He has been protecting us from all these worst situations, and using us to spreading the word of God.

We have started cottage prayers, Gospel meetings with in the Non-Christian, because they don’t know about the living God. All these families are worshipping variousIdols, we want to preach, teach and release them from the clutches of the Evil sprits. The God has been giving his guides and his blessings. Now thousands of the Hindu families are accepting Lord as their personal Savior.

After their conversion they have been worshipping the real God. The Holy Sprit has been moving in this area and touching many people, through our ministry, we have been implementing various development programs for up -lift of the poor and needy people. We believe without taking care of their physical needs it is not complete Gospel. And without perching the Gospel, this Social work is also not fulfills their spiritual needs. So this two fold Holy stick Ministry we are doing. Please visit our please see them, stay with them or live with them. Then only you are able to understand why Jesus felt compassion for these poor people that are dying in the world without a leader (Shepherd). "When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd." (Matthew 9:36, NIV)

If Spirit of the Lord leading you to rise up as a prayer warrior for these harassed and helpless people? If you have kind heart on these dying souls, please join with us. So, your prayers will give strength to the FACT missionaries. We invite you to be a part of this work and to pray for the great revival of the Nation of India.

Your in Christ,



PHONES. 0091 8672 222672 / 0091 8672 221729 / 0091 8672 231404. FAX: 0091 8672 231405.MOBIL: 00 91 93 93 93 01 11.

E-Mails: – factindia.


Source: http://www.safne.com/raogowda.htm Accessed on 26th January 2011

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26 01 2011
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19 02 2011

PRAISE THE LORD..iam alekhya doing my b.sc second year(in hyderabad)..sir iam the only one in my family to get saved,none in my family not even my extended family or relatives received salvation….sir please pray for my family so that they receive salvation,i want to see my grandparents,parents,relatives and even my friends in heaven..PLEASE PRAYER FOR US..I NEED STRENGTH TO STAND IN CHRIST..I NEED YOUR HELP VERY BADLY..
thanking you,

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