Mira Bhupathi (Mahesh Bhupathi’s Mother)

10 03 2011

I was born as a Christian, but a “sleeping” one, who had no time for church or even a Bible study. I spent years of my life being totally worldly and a man pleaser. I went to the lord only when I needed something. Most often I got what I wanted, but soon afterwards I forgot my blessings. I went to college and met with a Hindu boy married him and from then on my religion was forgotten, till one day doctor told me that I could not have a child due to several complications. I immediately started praying desperately and a while later miraculously my son Mahesh was born. After that God blessed my husband and me with Kavita, our beautiful daughter.

I know that when doctors say something is impossible, our Heavenly Father still says, “All things are possible”. After my children grew up we returned to India after spending 15 years in the Gulf. I felt a voice speaking to me, telling me to witness to the world that Mahesh is the Lord’s child. The voice was very clear, but I didn’t want to hear nor obey it. So the Lord had to force on me. He allowed me to feel very lonely and unwanted. One day, after a family feud, I ran out of our house in sheer frustration to kill myself. I was driving my car with the only intention of having a head on collision with a bus or truck. Little did I realize that the Lord had different plans for me.

Suddenly I realized that the steering of my car had turned in my hands and the next thing I knew was that I was parked outside of my church (which I had started attending weekly). I was crying bitterly. Suddenly I heard a knock on my car window and it was a lady who convinced me to come tot her home. I believe that she was an angel from the Lord sent to rescue me in my pain.

She ministered to me and prayed with me. That night she invited me to stay in her home, which I did. Since I was so hurt, I didn’t want to go home. It was that same night that the realization dawned on me that it was my Lord Jesus who had rescued me from death. I committed my life completely to Him and promised my Lord that from that day I would belong to Him.

The next day I went back home and was lovingly greeted y my family who were very worried about me. I realized that it was only the Lord’s intense love for me that had protected me. That was the day that my whole life changed.

I began testifying in the Churches about what the Lord had done for me. This was in March 1997. Although up until that time, my son had been only a national tennis player, on June of that same year Mahesh brought the first international Grand Slam title to India (our country of one billion people). This victory was won on Mahesh 23rd birthday.

From that day until now the fire of the Lord had been burning in me, and a tremendous passion for souls had been kindled in my heart. Since the Lord knows my heart and how much I love Him, He has begun to use me more and more. Already in five countries He has used me to share the Gospel. He had used me in every denominational church in India to challenge the biggest doctors, engineers, business people and even pastors and bishops.

The Lord has lifted me up from being just a very shy housewife to become a successful and confident evangelist for Him. The Lord is using me where no pastor or bishop can reach. As the celebrity mother of Mahesh Bhupathi, I have access to the highest officials in India. I have already been blessed to be able to give the Gospel to two chief ministers as well as to actors and to people in high positions. Mahesh is the only sportsman in India to bring 10 Grand Slam titles to our country, only because of the Lord’s grace and blessing. Today he is a born again baptized believer.

My burden is for India, since in this country we fight with about 33 million other gods. And the Lord is moving in such amazing ways. My walk with the Lord has not been easy. I’ve gone through the fire, but did not get burned. The Lord has always been holding my hand.

I am also very blessed to be associated with ADHONEP (The international association of Full Gospel Businessmen). I am really touched that ADHONEP has such a great burden for India. I am sure that the Lord will do great thing for them in return.

The Lord has blessed us with so much fame, name and position, that I feel I need to give Him in return as a family. Ever since I came to the Lord, He has blessed my children so much.

Right now I know that I am someone who loves the Lord so much that I can give up my life for Him. I was praying that before I reach heaven I will take at least 10,000 souls with me, but now with God’s grace, that number has increases since the Lord has helped me to be an instrument in the salvation of thousands. Praise Jesus! “Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us” (Eph 3:20).

Now when we pray I am blessed that so many deliverances take place and even cancers are healed. The Lord is really honoring me. It is four years since I consulted a doctor regarding any serious illness. I believe that the Lord always keeps His word. As I “seek the kingdom first” in my life, in return I am greatly blessed (Matthew 6:33).

The whole world may let us down, but our Lord Jesus will never ever let us down. This is my personal testimony. Not once in these past 10 years has the Lord Jesus ever turned His back on me. He has only lifted me higher and higher.

Source: http://cmpaul.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/mira-bhupathi%E2%80%99s-confession/ accessed on 10th March 2011

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3 responses

1 08 2012

My burden is for India, since in this country we fight with about 33 million other gods. That is intolerance. why do u guys insult other faiths and try to convert others. try doing this in muslim majority areas u cowards.

18 01 2013

Rahul, we are not cowards. We share the truth as we know it. Maybe you are afraid of our truth. Salvation is from Jesus Christ. He died for your sins and mine. All sins are forgiven and once you believe that you will feel free.

5 03 2019
David Y

Many times the word “Conversion” is one of the most misunderstood terms in our Indian culture. Conversion is an inside thing which occurs in one’s heart and reflects on the outside. So, this leads me to say that one’s heart cannot be changed by force unless one is convinced of the truth. Simple example is if a disease is treated with a medicine and it does not respond or get cured, if someone else tells about their experience with another medicine like Homeo or Herbal, you are initially convinced of the experience and trust in the new medicine to take it. Once you receive healing with this new medicine, you embrace it and you try to use it for all your issues and then you become an advocate of it telling others about its goodness.

This is exactly what happens when you experience Jesus Christ. In fact, Christian faith is the simplest way to reach God, Jesus asks one to believe that we are sinful and that He has died for our sins and become a sacrifice and through Him we will have eternal life and salvation. Christianity’s weapon is love, which Jesus showed through His life.

Many say that all religions lead to heaven so why say Jesus is the only way. Again, a simple logic here. According to you, if you say that you will go to heaven through your religion and I will go to heave through my religion, then no issue, we both will be happily in heaven. But what if my statement is correct that Jesus is the only way – I will be gone to heave and you may miss it out. So, it is out of love for our fellow brethren that we want all of us to enjoy God’s eternal peace and happiness in heaven through Jesus Christ. God bless you!

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