Snake Prakash

21 04 2011

I put the snake’s head into my mouth to the frenzied uproar of the people before me. I was elated. I could see a combination of awe, shock and disgust on all their faces.

The hiss of the cobra alerted me to my surroundings. The crowd was on its feet and I felt the adrenalin course through my veins. I heard them screaming at me to do it. I put the snake’s head into my mouth to the frenzied uproar of the people before me. I was elated. I could see a combination of awe, shock and disgust on all their faces. I wanted the applause to continue. This was my life every single day. I am Prakash, the only dancer in the city to dance with snakes hence nick named "Snake Prakash".

I lost my mother at a very early age; my father remarried and abandoned me and my brothers. We were given a place to stay by a sage. We were given food according to the amount of resalable refuse we collected during the day. I hated the life that I was forced to live and had a burning desire to be famous. I would watch movie song and dance programs and mimicked their movements. I began dancing with my friends at night clubs. I introduced snakes as my dance partners on stage and gained popularity. . My need for an adrenalin fix took hold of my soul and I began to organize races among my friends.

My life was what I wanted it to be. I was very religious and would perform all the fasts and rituals that were ordained by the priests. On one such occasion I was given a lemon blessed by a High Priestess of a temple. I believed that I was going to move up in life, but that very night I lost my senses. I went raving mad. My hands were crippled and I started cursing and hitting people.

I was put on a train leaving Chennai and reached Rishikesh. The Holy men there tried their best to cure my mind. All their efforts were in vain. I came back home but my family and friends did not want me. I slept by the road-side and began foraging dustbins for food. One night I was troubled by many voices that urged me to kill myself and I felt helpless. Amidst all the chaotic suggestions I heard a calm soft voice urging me to go to a nearby church. I felt compelled to enter the first church I saw.

I felt lost inside the huge hall I looked around not knowing what would happen to me. I heard the man on stage pray and found myself lifted up and thrown against a wall. The demons inside me rebelled against the power of prayer. I was physically tossed around, within me I was calm. My head was forced against a concrete pillar and a black substance gushed out. I felt the demons leave my body and peace overtook my soul. I looked at my hands they were normal again. I stopped hearing the voices that had troubled me all these days. I felt alive.

My wife and family were surprised to see me normal. They kept looking at me with amazement and wondered what had happened to me. All my friends gathered and encouraged me to begin dancing again. I went onstage and gave the performance of my life, as I was returning home I felt convicted. I thought about the way God had saved me from evil possession and mental disease and so I rededicated my life to God.

I was an avid racer and I loved to win all the time. Once I began my journey with Christ I gave up dancing but continued to race . I began to lose every race that I participated in. I was confused I begged God to help me once before I would give up racing. I prepared my auotrickshaw for the race and participated with a lot of prayer. I lost again, I was bitterly disappointed, with tears streaming down my face, I started my journey back home.

I could see the road as my eyes were clouded with tears. In front of stood a tall man dressed in white with his arms outstretched. He spoke to me in English and said,"Power Power" . I heard it clearly and I knew that Jesus had come in person to tell me to experience His power in my life. He was saving me from myself. If I had won I would never have given up racing. I knew then that God had a plan for my life and it will be fulfilled wherever I go.

I began a new journey with my God that day. My whole family believes in the God who saved me and He has been faithful in providing all our needs.


Accessed on 21st April 2011

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