Sharon Natarajan

9 06 2011

" I was amazed about what I felt and the instant connection I could have with my Father in Heaven "

I never had any need to search for God. My affluent Muslim parents were very loving and I never lacked anything in my life. I was educated in one of the top schools in Mumbai. I got a seat in the top Engineering college in India. I loved my life and lived it to the full, or so I thought .

My exams were approaching and I was preparing myself to face them . It was an ordinary day and I was alone in my room. The door was locked on the inside. I suddenly heard a voice calling my name. I looked around and found no one. I heard the same voice tell me," Pray". I looked at my watch it was way past my prayer time so I did not know what to do. I actually did not know how to pray. My prayer time had always been the repetition of certain words at certain times of the day. I had never made a conscious effort to pray. I did not know what to do, I said aloud, "I do not how to pray! If you are the real God, I want to see you",. The whole room was filled with a bright light and I saw a man standing near me. I was not afraid. I fell on my knees and felt an instant connection with who I saw. I knew He was Jesus and He was showing Himself to me because I asked. I knew I had connected with my Creator.

I began to see every single fault I had in me and I confessed my sins as they came to my mind. I always thought that I was a good person. I began to realize that I had so much of darkness in me, but as I confessed them, I felt very light and a joy filled my heart. This was entirely a new experience. I realized that I had had a face to face meet with God. I ran to the only Christian girl I knew and asked her to tell me about Jesus. She gave me a black book; I did not know that it was a Bible. She told me to read the John’s Gospel.

I came back to my room and began reading the Gospel. I felt every word speaking to me. I did not know what had happened, but I knew that what I was reading was the truth. I read the bible the whole night and could not get enough of it.

I was amazed about what I felt and the instant connection I could have with my Father in Heaven. I went to church and the pastor asked me if I was born again…. I did not know what he meant. I said that I was born in Assam. The same night I had a dream of being baptized. I went back to the pastor and asked him about water baptism. He said it was too early in my Christian walk to be taking that step. The next night I had the same dream and God placed a seal on my forehead. I packed a change of clothes and went back to church and told the pastor that I needed to be baptized, and explained the dream I had. He agreed and baptized me immediately. As I walked out of the tank, my legs turned to jelly and I fell to the ground, I lost control of my tongue and began to speak a strange language. The pastor later told me that I had spoken to him in fluent Malayalam. I had never travelled to South India and I had never heard the language before. A revival took place in the college campus when students heard about what had happened to me.

My father heard about the change in me. He came to see me on a Sunday, and caught me as I returned from church. He reasoned with me and tried to persuade me not to give up traditional beliefs. He forced me to return home and kept me under lock and key. No one could stop me from praying and I grew stronger in the Lord. After a month my dad called me and told me to make a choice. I decided to follow the God who had revealed Himself to me. I left the home that I knew and took up a job to finish my education .The Lord led me miraculously by providing for my every need.

I was looked after by strangers who sometimes risked their lives to provide a safe place for me. One of friends secretly smuggled me out of the problems I faced and sent me to Chennai. I met my husband at a church I volunteered at, and now my life is complete. I am now reconciled with my family, they see that the God who revealed Himself to me has kept me safe and continues to be faithful to me

I have no regrets but only tremendous joy in being in a relationship with the God who is not just my Creator but also my Redeemer and Friend.

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Source: accessed on 9th June 2011



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