Majid Akram

10 06 2011

I, Majid Akram, Nadia, W Bengal, have been a listener of FEBA Radio broadcasts since my childhood. "Anando dhoni" (Voice of Joy) was my favorite program. I was a regular listener, and constant touch with the FEBA Radio follow-up team drew me closer to Christ. I made a commitment to the Lord but did not confess my faith publicly due to fear of persecution from my family and community. In the mean time, I graduated and took up up a job as a teacher in a private school. As I continued listening to the radio programs, I was fascinated by how God forgave my sins and I learned more about Christ’s teachings and discipleship. My changed life impacted my wife and she accepted Christ. I continued to be a secret believer until I attended a Seekers’ Conference at Nadia, West Bengal. At the conference, I shared my testimony and personal experiences. When my parents and relatives came to know that we had been baptized as Christians, we were abandoned by the family, the community and even the school where I worked. I faced a severe financial crisis and other related problems, but amidst all these uncertainties God provided for my family and He was our Jehovah Jireh. Miraculously God led me to another man of God who also saved through the ministry of FEBA Radio, to work as an evangelist in his ministry. Praise God for His timely provision.

(taken from the book Sheaves, Vol. 2, published by FEBA INDIA)



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10 06 2011

God will continue to use you for His Glory

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