Vandana Khanna

16 06 2011

Vandana Khanna was a seeker. She wanted to know the truth about God. I took all the names of the gods I knew – the gods of the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Chinese, Buddhist, Jain I said every name on earth that I knew about. I even took out names of famous personalities, gurus who have many followersI called on them and said, Please show me the truth, I want to know you said Vandana. Vandana was seeking since she was a child. Right from my childhood I was very religious in nature. We had been taught to do good works, not to hurt anybody, to get along with everyone and speak to everyone lovingly but from within me, a voice would say that there is something more to that Though I had faith in god since childhood because of what I had been taught, yet I had a desire to know the truth said Vandana Vandana followed religious practices of all religions and visited their shrines and yet felt unhappy and disturbed.

I was not satisfied. No matter what I did, I still felt that I was still searching even though I was doing so much Infact I would go not only to temples but to mosques, gurudwaras and other places. There was nothing I did not try, she said. Vandana was impatient to find answers to the questions that welled up inside her. I remember when I was smallabout 12,13 years old. Then I would stand in front of the mirror and ask, What is this girl about? What is my purpose in life? What is the importance of my life for what purpose was I made? What should I do with this life? What would happen after death? What is it going to be after I die? Such questions would always come into my mind, she said. Vandana could not rest. When everyone at home would go to sleep at 12.00 in the night or 1.00 am I would go to the temple and sit there. There were many pictures of gods and goddesses there.

I would worship all of them. I would tell them to take all the sorrows of the world away. I would say, I want to meet you, please come before me or come in my dreams, said Vandana. Even then the emptiness in her heart remained. Every human being feels a longing in his heart to know his Creator, he wants to know Him. Till that time I didnt know that there was a desire in me to get to know Him. I was searching for the truth. I wanted to discover the truth about Who is God? I would always question saying that there can never be different gods for different countries. There had to be one supreme power even though people say that there are several ways. How can there be several ways? she said. There was no end to her questions. I would ask, What is the purpose of my life? What should I do with this life? Why was I born into this world? Definitely there had to be something then I would ask questions about God, I would say, I dont know you because there are so many gods and goddesses that I know about, but I am sure you know me, said Vandana. Many years passed by and Vandana could not find any answers to all her questions.

I was battling inside my heart. I was going through a struggle. I was asking questions about life and why there were gods? If there is a god He cannot be inside so many things, He couldnt be in the things He created, He is the Creator said Vandana. One night when Vandana was sitting on her bed pursued by these questions she felt very distraught. I asked, Who is the real God. Please come and reveal yourself to me. Show yourself to me. I want to know you. I want to see you. I took all the names of the gods I knew saying I want to know you, said Vandana. Suddenly something happened that she had never dreamed about. Just as I opened my eyes, to my surprise I saw a big, burning, blazing cross on fire. That is all I saw. When I saw that cross there was something pure and holy about that cross… I felt that it was drawing me to itself there was such purity in it, such holiness There was something telling me, I am the truth, said Vandana. The next day Vandana received a phone call. After 2 and a half years exactly the day after I could see the cross, my friend called. I felt that there was something supernatural about it First I saw the cross and then God made my Christian friend call me. I told Vidush that this happened to me yesterday and that I didnt know what to do.

He said, Vandana God is knocking at your hearts door and you are not letting Him come in. I felt very good when he said that someone loved me so much that He was calling me, she said. Vandana realized that what she was feeling was not just a co-incidence but that God was answering her questions. She began to read the Bible to know more about this God. I was so hungry for the Word of God that in the first night itself I read 21 chapters of Matthew right up to 5.00 am in the morning. When I was reading the Bible I felt where was this book for so many years, there was so much truth in it. I felt that whatever my need was, it was speaking to me about those very things in my time of need, said Vandana. Vandana works in the corporate sector and has a very successful career. She loves to share the beautiful truth that she found with others at any given chance. My effort is to give others what God has given to me because I have something so beautiful that will always be with me. God has not given us promises due to which problems will not come. Problems are a part of everyones lives. But there is only one life where we can face our problems boldly and handle every situation well and that is through Gods strength and His grace alone, said Vandana.

Source: accessed on June 16, 2011



4 responses

3 07 2011

great testimony………..

26 11 2011
Osborn L

God Bless you Sister. I pray God will fullfill His perfect plan for your life. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He reveals Himself to those who diligently seek Him! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

27 02 2012

awesome post :)

18 04 2012

great testimony God bless.

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