12 07 2011

My name is Erra. I grew up in a koya village and my father was the Chief Thisari [witchcraft worker] of the village. When people came to him to find out their future or whether anyone had done Guniya[witchcraft work]on them they always got a Goat or a chicken or rice bags, even money some times as his charges[fees]. So naturally my father was the richest man of the village. I am the eldest in the family and I have one younger brother and one younger sister. My father sent us to the nearest school. When I was in standard 7, my father’s younger brother killed him as he wanted to become the Chief Thisari. So the people who supported my father within a week killed his younger brother. The news of 2 murders reached the police so they came to my village. Many said in anger that I did the murder and so the police arrested me and I was taken to Malkangiri Jail where Reaching Hand Society has rehabilitation work and Sunday prayer for the prisoners. But since I knew to read and write and since I was very angry as I had not done the murder I did not attend their programme. I was sifted to Koraput Jail; here too Reaching Hand Society [RHS] had rehabilitation work and Sunday prayer for the prisoners. A very small made man by name Jakim who was a staff of RHS and who was also a pastor came 2 to 3 times a week to talk to all the prisoners who wanted to pray to Jesus. He used to sing beautiful songs. For a few months I did not attend but watched him. I felt inside me that Jakim had something that I did not have so I started to attend the programme. In fact I used to wait for him to come. His life story of suffering and how Jesus helped him touched me and I started to learn more about Jesus. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Jakim told that we can ask Jesus anything and if it is His will He will grant us our wish. Usually it takes over 4 years to get a release from the Jail for murder cases. Jakim told me that I can pray to Jesus and tell Him that Jesus should make his case to close and I be released soon. I think it is a Miracle that God did for me for when it was just 2 years and 8 months in the jail, in the court they told me that I am Free as they could not find any evidences for the murder. I jumped for Joy and went home.

I was growing to be a young man and naturally wanted to marry. So some of our family moved to a nearby place cleared the forest area and built houses. This hamlet of Lachipetta has only 9 huts/houses and all are related, I told them of Jesus but they got angry and they do not relate to me well. Please pray for Padha Rama a chief of the nearby village who is threatening to murder if any one becomes a Christian. I am glad RHS has work in this area. More over other Christians also come once in a way to pray with us. In and around this area now there are 10 Christian families. All of us have fear but we openly tell others that we are bisbhasi[believers].

Nearby villages no one will give their girl to me as I had been to the jail. Again I stared to pray that Jesus should give me soon a bisbhasi girl to be my wife. One of the bisbhasi told me that 3 hours from Lachipetta there are some bisbhasi girls and I could go and meet them. Usually we meet the family on full moon days as then there is lots of moon light. So 2 years ago I went to this place and I prayed “Lord Jesus today I must find my wife” It was dusk when we reached the village and I met the father of the girl and talked – he seemed pleased then I talked to the girl. She did not say anything. I again prayed and met her at 1 am in the morning – we talked for a Long time and finally she was happy, she said that she liked me. At 3 in the morning we started to walk to my village and reached Lachipetta at 6 in the morning!! And she became my wife. Her name is Kranti.

In a years’ time I joined RHS as their evangelist. I am under their training now. My desire is to tell all about Jesus. My first child was still born, second was an abortion at 3rd month, now the 3rd child is on the way. Kranti has some gland problem [Hyperthyroidism]. All here tell it is because I became a bisbhasi that I am not getting a live child. Now Dr. Paul is treating her. She also sent us to Nowrangapur Mission Hospital for a checkup. Please pray that I will get a live male child.

I am happy I am a bisbhasi[Christian].

Source: sent by Dr. Iris G. R. Paul



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