Mr. M*

16 07 2011

My name is Mr. M*. I am from Kashmir. I was a Govt. employee. Before I came to Christ, deep within me I was leading a very disturbed life. I had no peace of mind within me which led me to wander here and there in search of an ultimate peace, but peace seemed to be far away from me. Some time ago, some missionaries arrived in our area and started distributing tracts and Bibles. One of them left a full Bible (Urdu) in our home. As we were strong followers of our religion, my father refused to read it, and wouldn’t allow anyone else to read it either. But it aroused curiosity within my heart and I decided I must read it and know the truth behind it. I was 12 years old at that time. I started reading theInjeel (New Testament) every day and it aroused more interest within my heart to know more about it. A few years later, my father passed away and my mother was a strong opponent against the Gospel. As years passed, I grew stronger in the Lord. In 2008, I met Bro. B* and committed my life to Jesus fully. He encouraged me to undergo a short-term training. Now I am serving the Lord in Kashmir. I request your prayers for the peace of Kashmir.

(* names omitted for security reasons.) agape newsletter July 11

# Thank you for the testimony.



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