K Venkatesh

18 07 2011

I was brought up in a strict, high caste Hindu family, and we had our own pooja room where we had daily prayers to the Hindu gods.

After I completed my undergraduate studies in one of the top Institutes of Technology in India, I got a scholarship to study in America. At the beginning of my PhD program, tragedy struck my family. My sister’s marriage had been arranged to a young man, and it was all going well for a few months. Then the young man became abusive towards my sister and began to beat her. My sister wrote to me that she was very unhappy. My parents were distraught and began to visit many temples and made many prayers to the Hindu gods. I also did the same. But things got worse. My parents could only think of a divorce.

My Christian friends said that they would pray for me. I went back to India to help with the divorce proceedings of my sister. But it did not look very hopeful, and all the family members were very depressed, especially my mother, who wept all the time.

I decided one day to look at the New Testament and began to read through the story. I got to Matthew 7:7 and read Jesus’ words, “Ask and it will be given you.” I decided to try praying to Jesus. So I prayed to Jesus that he would make the divorce proceed quickly.

The next day, we heard from the other party that they were ready to agree to a divorce. The following day we were able to proceed with the legalities and before long the matter had been settled. I could not believe that my simple prayer was answered so quickly. Then I began to read the New Testament with great eagerness. This person Jesus never spoke about the Christian religion but only spoke about following Him.

I met another Hindu man who told me that he also followed Jesus. He explained how he had experienced a second birth, when he became one of God’s children and a member of His kingdom. This second birth was not a physical birth but a spiritual birth and as God’s spirit lived in us we would gradually become very attractive people who cared for others and helped them in their troubles. So I decided to believe in Jesus. As a result I became one of His children and knew that my past was forgiven and that I had a great hope after I died.

[abridged from Mission Frontiers, May-June 2011, pp. 16-17]



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