Vanni Marshall

6 12 2011

She was born into a priestly heritage, her father and grandfather were priests of temple. When she was just 6 years old, she was dedicated to Hindu gods in the temple. She was left in a “cave temple” as an act of worship to God. Since then, she felt that the gods controlled her destiny. She grew up learning 2000 different names of gods and goddesses. She also learned many traditions and Hindu rituals. It was required of her as a Brahmin girl.

As she grew up as a teenager, she desperately searched for a real, true god who could lead her life. She was deeply searching for truth and meaning. Once she went to a temple in South India, when she was in the innermost part of the temple, she saw a huge 10 feet statue of a Hindu god with 12 heads and numerous eyes looking at her. This was most holy of holy place in the temple separated by a veil in which only a male priest could enter. She went there looking for something but she felt a more empty from within. She knew that the idol was not looking at her neither it could hold or touch her. In her pursuit to know the true god she started a journey of darkness and emptiness and in that phase she started taking lessons from a lady who practiced witchcraft.

Years later, she was struck with a demonic pain. She went to many doctors and took a lot of medicines but the pain would not leave her body. She took many pain killers, more than her required dosage just to get through the day and knock off the pain. Day by day the pain intensified and it was unbearable for her. One fine day she thought of committing suicide. But while she was sitting at the edge of her bed thinking this is the last day on earth, one last time she wanted to call on God. This time she shouted “Jesus, Jesus” She had heard this name growing up with Christian friends or during Christmas. Suddenly a miracle happened. The room was dark but the presence of the living God filled the room and Jesus touched her. She heard the voice “I am Jesus, I am God”. He touched her body and in an instant she was healed. No doctor or physician could heal her or give her any answers. She began to feel the power go through her body. She was changed forever. This video testimony describes her journey to finding Jesus in her own words.

For the video testimony of Vani, Please visit:


Accessed on December 6, 2011



2 responses

9 12 2011

Immanuel: God is with us—God came to us. What a staggering thought. It is really the essence of the Christian faith and the Christian life. All other religious ideologies essentially tell you that you must do something: Do this, and you will find inner peace. . . . Do this, and you will reach nirvana. . . . Do this, and maybe you will make it to heaven. But Christianity says it is done—done for you at the Cross, paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ.

14 07 2012
Sharan Kumar

Is it for that reason that God ordained you a born sinner? Christians can’t talk without taking a dig at Hindus. Don’t u guys have ur own philosophical positions? Nirvana is a concept adopted by phenomenologists like Husserl, Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty. You neo-converts have improperly understood Hinduism. Hence, u converted. Alas, caste, the very reason for which u fled Hinduism, has trapped u once again. Don’t tell me Christianity and Islam as practised in India is casteless. Try to be tolerant of the other’s faith. Jesus will grant salvation. Jesus couldn’t have died by crucifiction. That would take weeks, not 6 or 9 days. Wake up.

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