Prabhu Ganeshan

8 03 2012

Prabhu born in Bangalore, India and raised up with strict discipline comes from a Hindu family, about 42 years as on 2009. Prabhu is the eldest of the three boys of Mr. F.S. Ganeshan and Mrs.Thangam Ganeshan. (Mr. F.S Ganeshan retired as the Welfare Officer from Accountant General Office {AGO} Bangalore).

Raised with a fear of the existence of GOD, the family practiced hinduism. Prabhu constantly questioned his own purpose in life since GOD is specific in his creation. Avid reader, he studied much about the mythologies of hindu, greek, gods and goddesses the philosphies and concepts of life. None of the above was able to quench his thirst for the absolute truth.

He came across many christian organizations such as the Youth for Christ (YFC) in his early days and seemed to feel at home in their understanding of GOD. Due to social circumstances and family constraints, Prabhu had to sideline his spiritual yearnings.

Prabhu went on with life and married Rekha. K. Rao a Madhawa brahmin and have a son, Abhishek. He pursued his secular life and lost to the trappings of the general life. until the yearning for the absolute truth rose again. This time it was different, he had muscle spasm in his back and from his neck down to his waist was frozen (paralysed). There was excruciating pain in every movement and he was forced to live on painkillers and finally the dosage even meant having morphine. In such condition the doctors gave up and advised uncertain long term rest and no medical assistance. The condition just grew worse and Prabhu was lying in bed as an invalid dependent for everything on his wife Rekha. He lost his job and was penniless – bankrupt and no savings.

Wasting failure and empty future, without physical ability is when Prabhu remembered a hoarding that said – JESUS NEVER FAILS. Prabhu gave his life to JESUS CHRIST. So against all hope, at the deadend, he asked JESUS to give an opportunity to live ! He read the Bible lying on his bed (unable to move) and crying out to JESUS for the healing. Time just stopped and the wait seemed endless.

Just during this time, a friend offered to help and invited Prabhu to Dubai. Consuming painkillers, Prabhu left for Dubai and during a house prayer meeting, partook of the holy communion. Prabhu was miraculously and instantanoeus healed. Hallelujah – JESUS NEVER FAILS. JESUS CHRIST is the healer ! JESUS CHRIST is LORD, CREATOR and GOD of all. JESUS CHRIST is the Truth, Way and Life. The Word of God (Bible) is the absolute truth.

Hunger for the WORD of GOD made Prabhu study the Bible and pray for many hours each day. God, the Holy Spirit working in his life and building him up step by step, precept upon precept. – 1Th 5:23-24

….. And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. JESUS is truly faithful.


Accessed on 08th March 2012.



One response

29 03 2012
Pat Balasubramanian

Disgraceful to desert the religion in which you were born adn try to preach against that!!

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