Thirumalai Perumal

13 03 2012

Thirumalai Perumal was a staunch worshipper of his family gods, was born in 1970, in Mumbai, INDIA. His parents were very devoted worshippers and of high tradition and culture.


As he grew up from the age of 11 started to devote himself in performing all rituals and spend good amount of time in worshipping the Gods of his family. Daily he use to get up take bath then come and clean all the idols at home and arrange for the pujas.

Admiring the beauty of the photo images he would sing and praise of his own songs. As he grew up his desire to understand more and more about god increased and started to read and meditate upon many scriptures. He use to always put vipudhi , chandhanam and kumkum and go to school and college, in his prayer time he use to wear kavi (orange traditional cloth) and sit for hours and meditate.


His parents seeing this started fearing that he would become a sanyasi (not get married) and started discouraging him by telling him oftenly , extremeness is not good.

No words of his parents change him, his his involvement towards worship increased day by day he would often go to astrologer, palmist, and many of the so called spiritual gurus, etc.

He would go to many places of worship according to the particular day of the week. ( Like Tuesday, Friday, Saturday ). He use to go miles together walking to worship the idols, according to the particular days and offer all rituals.


His interest towards astrology & palmistry made him keen to learn about same and started using the same knowledge in his own life by calculating figures and etc. Thou his worship were true. There was a vacuum an unknown vacuum in the innermost part of his heart. Because all the worship and prayers were monologue and not dialogue. No answers to any of his prayers.


He was so involved in his rituals and culture that he hated other culture especially the western culture. He thought that Jesus Christ is a foreign god, and that is not good for India.


His social life began, at his young age of 15, his attachment towards Tamil literature was so much that he would use Tamil numeric figures to write and used Tamil numeric cloak.


His mother passed away when he was 15 years old, and his grandmother took care of him and his younger brother and sister. His father got Parkinson’s disease when he was 20 years old. In spite of all medications for eight years his conditions grew worst day by day. His younger sister started suffering from chronic Bronchitis. In this period the family planned to sell of the house and shift to another area.

As they shifted to the new home in a few days He too got high Jaundice (Hepatitis B) and the situation grow worst, and doctor told anytime he can reach coma stage. Everyday doctor would visit his house to treat him, his father and his sister. His grandmother was helpless and grew very weak.

They all completely lost all their hopes as there were no answers to their prayers and tears.


His younger brother wondered after been a very devoted family why our family was struggling. All the names in which we worshipped had nothing to do with our situation. It was a dead end period nothing was working.

Sitting alone in the balcony he cried out. I know there is a God who made all this creation you can only save us from our turmoil please help us.


The next day his younger sister’s friend who was 1200 km away called her and came to know about the whole condition at home. She told them about a Christian ministry, few miles away from his home and requested to go there. Moreover, she fasted and prayed for his family with her whole congregation.


His younger brother went to the ministry and there the father explained about the lord and he prayed for his family.


The same day when his brother came from there he told everything to him about the Jesus Christ.

(Whatever the father said). Unknowingly some strange thing was happening in his mind and heart, after hearing about the lord. He felt, all the idols whom he was worshipping so long years truly, was only deaf and dumb.

He realised that the thing (Idol) which was very much dearer to his heart is now just various sizes of materials big and small.


They decided to pack all the idols and dropped it all into the nearby river. That same day and at that time, there was a miracle in his house.


The first miracle was, the doctor who use to visit everyday to treat him, his father and his sister could not come on that day. He felt an unknown peace in his mind and after that there was no visit of the doctor. He recovered within three days, his sister was completely healed and his father was much better. His grandmother was very happy. A new hope came in his heart.


After few days he attended four days retreat in that ministry He accepted Jesus Christ as his own personal saviour, in the anointing section the Holy Spirit came heavily on him like a current, which was his first spiritual experience. He saw a vision in which the idol image which he was worshipping the most getting burnt up completely.


An unknown cry from the depths of his heart and uncontrollable tears rolled out of his eyes flowing down his cheeks and mouth confessing all the sins of his life.


The presence of the Holy Spirit gave the peace, joy and happiness of the heavenly realms, a incomparable joy. Likewise all in his family were touched by the Holy Spirit. The four days retreat was a new born experience to him.


He use to tell to anyone to whom he come across and testify about the Lord Jesus Christ. He had the heavy burden that the joy what he was experiencing, let the whole human kind experience and live in oneness in the love of God.


After few years I joined a church in the nearby locality. I was very new to the traditional church. I was given an opportunity to speak on one of the seven words in the church on Good Friday about forgiveness. I also prayed and prepared on this topic. But as the days came nearby a fear gripped my heart. I felt wheatear I could stand before the congregation and speak. On the particular Good Friday early morning at 6.30 am the service started, the pastor was leading the service.

I was sitting in the second row, and was praying for God to strengthen him, though I was getting encouragement by the lord, my fear was not overcome. The struggle was going on. I could tell the lord and lord could strengthen me. I could tell the lord I can’t go there and speak. Then the lord could tell you can. Still lot of negative feelings could come, and likewise the conversation was going on. The whole congregation was attending the service not knowing what is going on between me and the my lord. I told the lord that I am new to the church customs and those who are here are all matured Christians and well verse with the scriptures.

Doubt also gripped my mind that if I goes in front of the mic and don’t remember anything and go blank then what I will do. It will be a great insult.

“Lord I don’t have any experience, this is my first time”. I can’t do it.

Then he heard the holy spirit replaying “Even Jesus had no experience of the cross; he went to the cross for the first time”.

After hearing this he could not control but cried, tears rolled down his cheeks. He agreed with the lord and said.

“I will go father, whether I could speak or not; whether I am insulted; I am not worried, I will go.

After some time my name was called, I went straight to the mic, prayed and started to speak, at that time the lord told “don’t close your mouth just take care of that”. The words started flowing from my mouth and it touched the hearts of the people and many testified it. After the service the pastor told of all, your words were the best. I humbly gave all the glory to God.


I was asked to share my testimony and preach in a small church for a following day. I prayed and sat for the preparation, but nothing came to my mind for a long time. I asked the lord what I have to go and share on that day.

Then instead of any message I received a song, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It was just flowing, and I was just writing it. A Tamil song.

Devane, En Devane;

Ne yaar Endru Ulagam Areya Vendum,

En Vazhakaielae,

Ne Edarpatamaiyal

En Valzhu mariyadu

Naan marupirapu Adhainden

Khallum, Kathaiyum, Enathera namathelae

Dhevanenduru Naan Tholudenee,

Kadiravanai, chandiranai,

Dhenandhorum Naan Tholudenee,

Ennatra, shasthirangal , biyya bhakthi udan

Khadai pidithenee, khadai pidithenee

Thunbhakkalam vandapoothu,

Evaraiyum, Ennamathillum, Khannavillaiye

Khadai pidithe shasthirangal Ellammae,

Khuppai Endhuru Phoivithadhe

Vaandhare Unmaiyullavaar

Orae Naamaam Ullavaar

En thunbhakkallathil,

En Maraanavilumbhill

Vandhenai Thanghekkondhar

Vandhenai Thanghekkondhar


Avaar Unmaiyullavaar,

(Easuu Ennum Naamam Ullavaar,)

Errakkathinaal Pasathinaal

Thannaiyae Vehlippadhuthinaar

Thannaiyae Vehlippadhuthinaar

En pavanghalay, En Sabhanghalay

En Noighalay, Phelaghinathai,

Ellamaye Edhuthukkondhar

Ellamaye Eduthukkondhar

Naan Kandha Devan,

Evvullagham khanha

Denandhorum Jebithiduven

Denandhorum Ulaethiduven

Denandhorum Jebithiduven

Denandhorum Ulaethiduven


One monsoon day I wanted to go to my bank. As I got my bus and reached station. I saw the clouds in the sky and realised that I have not brought the umbrella. Just then I could hear the lord’s voice saying “ you will not be wet” I believed. Have I got the train it started raining, when the train started moving in few minutes it rained heavily, the train windows had to be shut. The next, station was my destination; it was raining very heavily, and wind was blowing, the voice of the lord was repeated “ you will not be wet” I believed and after getting out of the train did not stop anywhere kept on walking, climbed the foot over bridge came to the other side, the people with the umbrellas folded it and was standing inside the station has it was raining heavily, with strong wind.

I walked on and reached the exit of the station only concentrating on the voice of the lord and put forth my first feet out of the station. Immediately the rain stopped what a wonder. I walked the whole way to the bank completed my work came back home and after reaching home I peeped out of the window the same rain began.

I was not wet; a great experience in my life. All praise to God. Jesus I love you.


As I was in service in a company, I use to travel by company bus from station to factory. There were some labour issues between the labourers and it was sorted out in few weeks. But still the environment was very tense. An unknown fear gripped me for few days. I just was not willing to go by bus. One day when i was in the same mood and travelling in the bus. I was suddenly revealed that an angel is with me. Then all the fear vanished and a joy and security was felt. I realised how much he cares for me. I thanked God for the wonderful privilege and sang in my heart.


One fine day, night around 9 pm I was walking from my hall to bedroom, I heard the voice of lord, the spirit of God speaking to my spirit in authority that within 8 to 10 days you will get a secretary post in an organisation.

After 8 days I got a call from a spiritual organisation, they wanted to make a committee which will be responsible for arranging prayer meetings and praying for the people, in our particular area and I was given the responsibility of a secretary. I was just recollecting the words which I heard.


In the month of September 2012, while I was praying I was given the word “Broadcasting”. I didn’t understand anything the next day while I was praying the lord showed me in detail more about the vision “To bring a Television Channel and Broadcast it “.

I thought I don’t know anything about broadcasting; it is a very lengthy procedure, with huge investments and etc, etc. (I thought in future let us see. And I was involved in my secular work with the vision in back of the mind.)


After few days lord showed me a vision in which I was shown that “JESUS IS COMING SOON”. After seeing this vision I was really tensed, and felt the immediate seriousness about the work of the Lord to be accomplished. That was the period when I got a good offer aboard. I cancelled it. And from the last few months started praying and working fully on the God given vision.

(This is only few of the testimonies)

Source: Received through email on: 6 Mar 12 00:11:57



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