Moses Pandian

19 06 2012

"The people that sat in darkness saw great light." Matthew 4:16

I was born in a Hindu family in a small village. I was so religious and loved God. I worshiped many Gods in the form of Idols as my parents and villagers did. I happened to study in a Christian School and came to know the name JESUS. For no reason I started loving the name “ JESUS” without knowing about Him. No one preached the Gospel nor I had a chance to read Bible.

A day came; I was forced to call on His name” Jesus” for help. A lady was shouting at the top of her voice and crying with agony because of her stomach pain in a night on a street amidst the crowd of my village people. I was one among them looking at the lady with compassion and wanted to help. I was about 14 years old. Neither doctor nor medicine was available at the late night around my village.

I went in to her house and took a glass of water. I looked upon Jesus for help to heal the lady. She drank the water which I gave and said “ O God.! My pain gone away. She asked the name of the medicine and offered money to buy the medicine as She used to have such pain often. She did not know that I gave her water in the name of Jesus Christ. It was a miracle that God used me at the young age to heal the lady from acute stomach pain .She was healed completely and she never had such pain afterwards.

I started loving the name JESUS more and more even though I was not a Christian. I found His favor in my studies and Jobs and in my life. I was attending Church on Sundays but I never stopped going to temples to worship the Idols because of my ignorance about God. It is by His grace I was married to a Christian girl and became Christian at the age of 29. I can say that I became a nominal Christian like any other religion. I did not know about salvation eventhogh I lived a Christian life for more than 15 years. I got saved in Dubai and started giving witness for the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.There were many miracles in my life. Even I was used to heal and prophesy in the name of Jesus.

It was a miracle that God brought me to USA and blessed. It is His grace that I could do ministry work in USA and also uphold Churches and pastors in India. I am an ordained minister of “Love of Jesus Family Church “ Jersey City, USA and serving as a Pastor in “Love of Jesus Family Indian Church “ New Jersey.

I have my wife who is a believer of Christ and two blessed children. I enjoy preaching and witnessing of all the good things, God showered upon my family and me. I am a witness to say that the name “JESUS “has power. There is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Taste and see that the Lord is good. I thank Jesus that He died for me while I am a sinner.

We have our own Church in our village in southern India where hundreds of souls have been saved and God is doing greater things in my village.

God Bless You.

Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus.

In Christ

Moses Pandian


Accessed on June 19, 2012



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