Srinivasa Rao Palasarveswara

19 06 2012

Philip Pala was born Srinivasa Rao Palasarveswara and grew up in the southern Indian city of Madras, a sprawling metropolitan area. His parents raised him with strong Hindu beliefs and from a very young age he was taught many rituals, which included yoga and meditation. These rituals grew an interest in the occult, and Philip became deeply involved in dark powers to attain supernatural abilities.

In June 1994, Philip challenged a local pastor by telling him he would serve Jesus if the pastor could produce the Messiah to see with his own eyes. While the two prayed, the Holy Spirit came upon Philip and elevated him above the ground. It was there that he experienced a deep conviction and repented for his sin and gave his life to Jesus.

Three months later, Philip fasted and sought the Lord for a baptism in the Holy Ghost. At the end of the day, he asked the pastor to lay hands on him and at that very moment the fire of God ignited and burned through his whole body, bringing to realization the scripture, He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire. (Luke 3:16) With this life-changing experience, Philip received his calling from God. With a burning passion for wining souls, he engaged in evangelism and healing crusades through which many people were healed and many lives were restored.

As a result of his tremendous encounter with God, Philip’s entire family came to Christ. Philip’s father, Robert Rao, is today an evangelist who continues to have an impact on Philip’s life. In 1997, the Lord called Philip to United States where he obtained a degree in pastoral studies at Zion Bible College in Barrington, R.I. While at Zion, Philip was also actively involved in ministry with Celebration International Church (CIC) in Wayland, Mass., which greatly affected his life and ministry.

After graduating from Zion 2002, he joined CIC as a full-time intern minister for evangelism and outreach under the leadership of the senior pastor, Joseph Sapienza. With the burning fire of God in him, Philip became profoundly involved in mobilizing the church, organizing outreaches and training disciples to marshal them into the harvest field.

With the conviction of revival in New England, Pastor Philip hopes all area Indians will experience the book of Acts in the last days and will become an army of disciples to tell the good news because when there is room at the foot of the cross, then there is room for every one.


Accessed on June 19, 2012



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