Nakshtra’s parents – Jain Mandir, Thane

30 06 2012

Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved; for you are my praise. Jeremiah 17:14

Testimony as given by Nakshtra’s parents – Jain Mandir, Thane, India


We were Hindus. But the signs and miracles in our life made us reach the Lord Jesus.

4 year old Nakshatra with cancer

We have a 4 year-old daughter called Nakshatra. She used to get high fever very frequently soon after 6 months of her birth. Six months ago a lump was noticed on her abdomen. Tests run on her showed that she had neuroblastoma a kind of cancer of the nervous tissues. Her kidney was affected by this.

Cancer spreads to different organs

We consulted a number of doctors about this problem and everyone of them advised immediate surgery. So surgery was done and one of her kidneys was removed. It was only after the surgery that the doctors came to know that her neuroblastoma had spread to other parts of her body. Tests revealed that cancer had spread to different organs and even into her bones.

The doctor said chemotherapy would be futile and there was only 20% hope of her survival. He wanted us to tell him how he should proceed in the situation. We were in a big dilemma.

Our prayer to Jesus is answered

We prayed to Jesus and we were given an insight that we should ask the doctor to proceed with the chemotherapy. We also prayed with the Holy Mother seeking her intercession. As a result of all our prayers, after a cycle of three chemotherapy sessions, our daughter was completely healed.

Some other children who had the same disease continued to have it even after the chemotherapy. We strongly believe that our daughter was healed solely because of our faith in Jesus and our earnest prayers."

Dear Reader,

We invite you to turn to the WORD of GOD in any situation of your life.

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One response

13 11 2012
Sharon Divine Nitasha

Greetings in the Name of Lord Jesus!
Thanks for your wonderful testimony.
There is Mighty Power in the Name of Jesus. Jesus is the Son of the Living God. But, Jesus has me here to reveal to you, that Mary was only an instrument of God, who was used to bring the Savior Jesus to this world, but she is NOT GOD, there does NOT exist any holy mother, who helped you.

Luke 1: 46 Mary said:With all my heart
I praise the Lord,

Roman Catholic teaching states Mary was sinless. That is not true. In Luke 1:46-47, she too admitted that she needed a Savior. Like all Jewish mothers, Mary gave a sacrificial offering of two turtle doves (Luke 2:21-24). Romans 3:23 declares, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”

Jesus LOVES YOU! Jesus is GOD, our ONLY Savior. Mary does not exist as God. Jesus has used me today, to let you know that your prayers were NOT answered because of Mary’s intercession. She never claimed to be God.

When you give your life for JESUS TO USE, for the Purpose He PLANNED FOR YOU, you will be born-again. Confidently place ALL your trust in Jesus, you will find abundant life. Spend time alone with Jesus in His word, and grow in Love and Grace of Jesus for you. Love you in Christ.

With Love from Jesus’ Heart,

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