13 09 2012

A fifty two year old woman named Balweer is from the Tarkhan people group and currently lives in Ludhiana. Last month she got sick and the left side of her body became paralyzed. She was admitted into a hospital and the doctors had no hope in a full recovery, they thought that she would never walk again. She became very depressed and began to think about taking her own life. While at home, she became even worse and her fingers and hands became crippled.One day a local pastor named Pr. Madanlal visited her and her family. He gave her a hope through Jesus Christ and she told him that if he prayed for her, she knew that she would walk again. When the pastor started praying, God showed him a vision of the woman getting up from her bed and walking. So the pastor asked her to get up and walk. Miraculously, her hands and legs went back to normal and she was able to walk. Because of this miracle, her family and friends now attend a house church regularly.

Source: Taken from Operation Agape Newsletter, August 2012

Received with thanks through email from <scarlet80>



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