13 09 2012

Sukhbir is a resident of the Mothyani village in Delhi. He is married and has a 15 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. He was addicted to drugs and it deteriorated his health. Recently, he contracted a lung infection which was not responding to medical treatment. His condition became worse and the doctors gave up hope on him. Sr. Reena is a believer living in Delhi and she is a distant relative of Sukhbir. As the news about his ill heath reached her, she visited him in his village. He requested her to take care of his children after his death. Reena believed that there could be deliverance through Jesus. She shared the gospel with him and invited Pr. Sunil Kumar to his house to pray for him. On March 4th, 2012, after the Sunday worship, Pr. Sunil and his team visited Sukhbir and prayed over him. The Lord healed him that very day. Now his whole family believes in Jesus and are being discipled by local church leadership.

Source: Taken from Operation Agape Newsletter, August 2012

Received with thanks through email from <scarlet80>



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