Susheela Raghunathan

8 05 2013
“Jesus, did you really die for me?”

by Susheela Raghunathan

Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! It gives me immense joy and great pleasure to give my testimony and glorify His name.

My name is Susheela and my husband’s name is R. Raghunathan. I am the mother of three children: Nanditha (10 years), Vinesh (9 years) and Nishitha (6 years) and we live in Chennai.

I am a post graduate with a diploma in computers. Although my ambition was to appear for the civil services and become an IAS officer, I consider it a great privilege and honour to be an Ambassador for Christ. We were running our own computer business for a decade when our Lord called us out for His work on a full time basis in the year 2004. We waited on the Lord for His guidance and the ministry that He had specifically called us for, and in the year 2008 our Lord enabled us to start an organization called Christhava Brahmana Seva Samithi. The organisation helps converts from among Brahmins find their identity in Christ, grow in the Word and share the Gospel to their fellowmen. This, according to Romans 10:1 where even though Apostle Paul was called as the apostle of the gentiles, yet his heart’s cry was for the Israelites. This was our hearts’ cry and the Lord’s leading that the seed of the gospel may be preached to the unreached segments of our society.

I was born as the second child in a Namboodiri family from Kerala. As Hindu Brahmins we were quite religious and traditional in our approach. We are five siblings in all. Astrologers predicted that my father would die if I was born. They also suggested that if my father went overseas he would be able to ward off the evil effect of my birth. As a result, he took leave from his office, a government enterprise, and went abroad. However, when he returned home after sometime, he was placed under suspension because some of his detractors inspired his department to charge him withholding an office of profit while still being in government service. The famil fell into bad times and all the misfortune was blamed on my birth. All this was too much to bear for a sensitive child like me. I was blamed for every bad thing that happened in my family. In desperation, I turned to the deities at hoe and prayed for recompense to be made to my family. Meanwhile, my father had moved the high court to challenge his suspension order.

I studied in a convent run by Catholic nuns. One verse that was found on the wall of a nearby church compound was this: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”. This verse used to comfort me a lot as I was burdened by the tag of bringing bad luck to my family. Even as a child, I used to go to the chapel in my school and chant mantras. Somehow the serenity of the place brought me much peace. When I was nine years old, one of my aunts whom I adored came home. While chatting with her, my mother again raised the issue of how I brought bad luck to the family. That was the proverbial last straw. That day, at the chapel in the school I broke down before the crucifix of Jesus Christ. There was a caption above the crucifix that said ‘I died for you.’. I said, ‘Jesus, did you really die for me?’ ‘Is there anyone who loves me in the world?’ At some point during my tearful prayer, I felt someone tapping me. I turned around and found none but heard a voice tell me ‘I am there for you.’ That was a real experience for me. An in inexplicable sense of joy filled my heart and I thought to myself ‘this Jesus, the God of Christians is very nice and kind.’ That day, I added an image of Jesus Christ along with the deities in the pooja room of our home.

Around that time, I received a copy of the New Testament from Gideons International at our school. Fearing reprisal, I wrapped it with an old newspaper sheet, stuck a school label on it to disguise it as a text book before taking it home. Though I didn’t quite understand many of the passages in the Bible, the book of Psalms appealed to the wronged child in me. I could empathize myself with most of the situations that the psalmist was in and identified myself with him. My only source of comfort and encouragement during those childhood days was this Bible. I knew the Lord’s Prayer by heart and started saying that along with our regular chants and mantras at home.

While I was in 9th standard, there was a poor Christian boy, Wesley, in our neighbourhood who used to study his lessons under the street lamp at night. My father took pity on him and let him come home and study with us. Wesley knew of my love for Jesus Christ and Christians. I used to envy Christinas as I found them to be generally a happy lot. One day, Wesley asked me if I had accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour. I didn’t know what that meant. When I pestered Wesley to tell me how I could accept Jesus as my Saviour, he led me to say the prayer of salvation. No sooner had I finished the prayer than I started speaking in tongues. Later, Wesley told me I had just been anointed by the power of the Holy Spirit. I accepted Jesus Christ and the Lord revealed me that He is the Only Way, the Truth, and the Life and there are no other gods beside Him (Galatians 1: 12). Until then, I had considered myself a cursed being for being blamed for every misfortune. But now I was a new being; the new infilling of the Holy Spirit gave me a new identity in Christ. Much later, God answered my question about why He allowed so many misforturnes in my life. In 2 Corinthians 7: 10, it is said: ‘Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret.’

Around the same time, my father lost the court case after 13 years. Although he moved the Supreme Court against the High Court order, there was a lot of strife at home and even the latest misfortune was blamed on my birth. However, this time it didn’t bother me because I was being strengthened in the Lord and His Word. I restarted my prayer of recompense for my father although this time it was in Jesus’ Name that I prayed. I prayed God should win the case for my father and recompense him by giving him salaries of all the years he had lost along with interest. Exactly a year later, my father won the case in the Supreme Court. The court ordered that all my father’s dues be paid to him along with interest and rejoin the company with the promotion he is eligible. While we were all thrilled at this happy development, only I knew the Lord had fought the case and won it for u. this incident served to invrease my faith in Jesus. Slowly, I was confident enough to share the Gospel with my siblings. One day, my father saw me reading ‘Our Daily Bread’. In a fit of rage, he grabbed the booklet from my hands, tore it and burnt it. Not satisfied with that, he beat me up as well for bringing ‘discredit’ to the family by bringing Christian literature home.

On August 14, 1995, I took baptism along with my younger sister in NLAG Church (Little Mount, Chennai) during my second year of college. At college, I was boldly sharing the Gospel with my friends. I told anyone who cared to listen that Jesus Christ is the only solution to all problems. Since the burden for souls was increasing in me, I was sharing the love of Jesus Christ with everyone I came across. God enabled me to bring many souls to His kingdom.

Bible clearly says that we should not get yoked with an unbeliever and hence I had prayed for a secret Christian as a husband who would also have the heart to do ministry. My Lord granted me this prayer and today we are labourers in His vineyard (Matthew 9: 37).

With God’s grace slowly, one by one all my siblings namely Sashi, Sujatha, Ravi and Priya came to the Lord and accepted Jesus as their Saviour. It took almost 15 years of persistent prayer banking upon the Lord’s promise according to Acts 16: 31 for my family’s salvation.

Today all my family members have come to Jesus Christ. My mother (P. Vijayalakshmi) pased away last year at the age of 59. However, she had also accepted Jesus as her Lord before she died. Both my brothers are in the Middle East. Along with their work, they also labour in God’s Vineyard. My father (N. Ramachandran) is in his seventies. It gives me great joy to see him grow in the Lord.

Our organisation Christava Brahmana Seva Samithi, started as a mere fellowship of among believers from brahminical background with 52 families. Today within a span of 3 years, it has reached to 425 families, and our Lord enabled us to start an indigenized Church planting movement called PRARTHANALAYA for all those who would like to worship Christ without breaking our culture.

I would like to write about a small incident that took place in my life. While I was doing my postgraduate sudies, an elderly woman from my neighbourhood accosted me on the road and asked me if I was going to the church. Afraid she might sneak it to my parents, I reluctantly told her that I was. She immediately asked me if I had also taken water baptism. I told her I had. The woman held my hands with love and jumped up and down on the road. She told me how she had been praing for the salvation of my family for several years. Her prayers, she said, were being answered then. If wone woman’s prayer who was in no way connected to my house is answered, then surely, every seed that you sow and every tearful prayer that you utter will surely be richly rewarded according to Psalm 126: 6.

All praise and glory be to God alone!

[from the booklet in the DVD entitled IN SEARCH OF TRUTH in Tamil, produced by PRARTHANALAYA]



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8 05 2013
Shireen Jeyachandran

Dear Susheela, Your testimony is enlightening Could you please tell me what you mean by the statement ‘Our Lord enabled us to start an indigenized Church planting movement called PRARTHANALAYA for all those who would like to worship Christ without breaking our culture” What is your concept of “an indigenised Church”? How do you help converts to worship Christ without “breaking our Culture?” Thank you Shireen Jeyachandran .

10 05 2013
Naresh B Jumani

Hi sister, nice to hear the news. By the way, my wife’s name is also Suseela, she is also a hindu convert like me.

10 05 2013
Naresh B Jumani

Sister Shireen, read about Srinivas Bhattacharya etc. and about the Lord being mentioned in their scriptures, you will come to understand some things regarding your question.

10 05 2013
Susheela Raghunathan | Here is the Good News

[…] Susheela Raghunathan. Read the story. […]

14 05 2013
Sundaram Gnanasekaran

Nice to see How God is calling people for His glory.our prayers are with you and for you. I Thesso 5:24 Faithful is He that calleth you…

14 05 2013
Sundaram Gnanasekaran

God bless you without any wants.

14 05 2013
Sundaram Gnanasekaran


19 05 2013

Dear Naresh, I am not interested in the LORD being mentioned in the scriptures of Srinivas Bhattacharya. I know who my Lord is from His word and the Scriptures that He has given me and that is all I need to know But I am interested to know what Susheela means by an “indigenized Church” and how a Christian worships without “breaking our culture’ Is that Biblical and something the Bible has commanded to do? I thought Christians are called out and set apart from this world’s culture, to follow a Biblical culture and be different from the world. How come we go back to the worship practices of our former culture and call it Christianity?

1 06 2013
Naresh B Jumani

Sister Shireen, the worship is to Christ and not to follow wrong pagan customs, not to worry. Those are mere points used to show that they also talk about Christ. Regarding culture, we have to honour people where they are not doing anything wrong or forbidden. That is what I am trying to say.

1 06 2013
Naresh B Jumani

Sister Susheela, can you please send the address, phone number etc. of the Prarthanalaya. My

14 08 2013

Dear Sister ,

Sri Krishna appeared 5000 years ago in India as avatar to
destroy evil. Sri Krishna later gave Bhagavad Gita for all humanity not to
Hindus only. He had said in that He created the universe all Demi gods
(Jesus Christ also ) and all of us. SO he is the Supreme God.Pls read Brahama Samita and Bhagavatham .IN it , it is clearly mentioned who is the Supreme God .

If you read Gita all is there in it what Bible has and lot more. It has said
people suffer due to their past bad actions and when he tolerates and do
good deeds his suffering goes. Lord Krisha also says in it those who deeply worship me and love me I shall give what he wants and protect what he has.
As a Brahmin we should not mislead others.Just because christian helped you .Pls dont say other religion is not good.

Universe was formed Millions of years ago (by Scientist) Vedas came into existence even at that time . and 10 avatars is due to Sri Vishnu to save Humanity . Jesus Christ came only 2000 years ago . to say He is only True God is unacceptable but He is part of Lord Krishna only (pls read Bhagavad gita 9.8 ,10.8 ,14.4)

Hari Bol

22 09 2013
aravindan rangaraj

Lovely testimony sister. My background is that of being brought up by an Iyengar Brahmin parent. Ive found your testimony very encouraging and is much similar to mine. God Bless you and would appreciate any communications I could receive from Prarthanalaya, i.e. literature and study materials that will help me retain my culture as I follow the Lord.

7 11 2013
Susheela Raghunathan

Thank you all for your comments, prayer and encouragement.

Would encourage you to buy /get our Gospel movie titled Asathoma Sath Gamaya – Sathiyathai Thedi which we had produced now available in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada languages. May the Light of the Gospel reach every one…God bless. Susheeela Raghunathan

8 12 2013

Hi Sister,

I saw the movie Sathiyathai Thedi & Oliye Thedi.It was really very good & it helps to increase my faith in christ more.I praise our lord jesus christ for ur Testimony.. Can u tell me chennai Prarthanalaya’s address…?

2 02 2014
Maxwell A Tennyson

Dear Sister in Lord Jesus Christ,

I saw the movie Sathyathai Thedi & Oliyai Thedi through one of my Gideon friend. I am very glad to know how Lord Jesus is working on with people to know Him and to have enternal life. Praise The Lord Jesus Christ and all glory to the God Almighty. Now, I am giving the movie CD’s to my friends along with a New Testament from Gideon.

4 04 2014

hi sister
God created all including human beings with His own image. Always be grateful to Him in all ways. You have done that perfectly. Keep it up.. thanking you

1 07 2014
thanasingh s

than a Singh It is great and wonder to know the Lords work in you

10 07 2014

Reblogged this on Here is the Good News and commented:
Praise the Lord

10 07 2014

It is a shame on you Susheela mam and the entire Brahmin community who has blindly followed your sayings and proclaim that Lord Jesus is your saviour. It is weird and absolute crap. Your family is only to blame for the superstition about the so called ill luck you brought and not definitely not Hinduism . Your father took pity on Wesley and brought him home but instead of showing that gratitude, even at that young age he has indulged in corrupting your mind and influenced you. It is sad to see such weak minded people as yourself who failed to see the richness and values of our Hindu tradition and stooped so low to embrace another religion and shameless named it as christhuva brahmana samithi, You ought to have hung yourself in shame as not only you have got in to deep shit but pulling other gullible and innocent hindus in to this rut. shame shame shame.

22 08 2014
A. S. Mathew

Very inspiring story of Susheela, how JESUS CHRIST changed her life around. How, some people can question the personal testimonies of people like her own solid change of life?

More than 450 biographies of Mahatma Gandhi were written, the prominent among them are written by Pundit Jawarlal Nehru, Dr. E. Stanley Jones and Louis Fischer.

Even though Pundit Nehru was known as an agnostic, this statement from him greatly surprised me. ” I don’t know what is the secret of this power is in this (the gospel). It appears that when the worst sinners come to JESUS CHRIST, they become the best saints of the world”.

Prince of the Kuwaiti family, son of the Hamas leader and thousands of people of Islamic faiths are coming to follow CHRIST every year. More than 6 million Muslims are following JESUS CHRIST from Asia and Africa every year. IS JESUS CHRIST A FIGMENT OF IMAGINATION OR REAL TRUTH?

On 29th January 1948, Gandhiji conducted the last prayer meeting. Read this from an Hindu scripture ” Lead me from untruth to truth, From darkness to light, from death to immortality”. Where the answer can be found?


Gandhiji liked many Christian hymns like ” Abide in me” “Rock of Ages cleft for me” but he sung his most favorite song that day ” When I survey the wondrous cross” written by Issac Watts in 1707.


11 12 2014

Gospel drama of the highest order. ROTFL. Keep selling.

14 12 2014

All glory to God !What a blessing your testimony to others who seek true God!May our Lord bless your ministry richly

18 12 2014

It’s a shame for our indian tradition and culture who does not know the values of our religion that too being a brahmin and blindly speaking ill of our hinduism.To all those christians i would say one thing don’t advertise your religion and insult it and also one more thing dont corrupt the minds of poor indians in the name of religious gospel , Dont forget this converted christians , once a upon a time our poor indians needed money to survive so this christian missionaries came to our country to spread in the christianity in the name of healing poverty.A religion which says other religion or hurt others feeings and beliefs as devil or evil will never sustain longer, it will surely get extinct sooner.

28 12 2014
Maxwell Tennyson

Dear Srilekha,

Christianity is not a religion. It is relationship with God – The Father through Lord Jesus Christ. Request you to study Christianity & Lord Jesus Christ by reading Bible as we study Bhagavat Gita & Koran.

God Bless You.

Maxwell Tennyson A

29 12 2014

ROFL. Another attempt to convert. Come on change your methods. Keep away from comparing Srimadbhagavadgeetha with your Bible and Kuran. There is no comparison.

26 01 2015
suseela sells for 20 bucks and one beer

Dear Susella…Peace be upon you….may you find a little real happiness as you roam around like a ghost finding souls to convert….watch the movie – “Flower of Flesh and Blood” to see what happens to people like you and see Nekromatic to know what will happen to you next….

9 02 2015

The above two negative words written by an eccentric person shows how perverse, corrupt, filthy is this person’s mind who does not read the Bible. Those who read the Bible and are true followers of Christ never speak and say such filthy things in any blogs or any articles or in person too. But, these fanatics say evil things and do evil things too. May the God of the Universe punish them for these perverted activities and every eye will surely see the punishment on them and their leaders by God soon…

14 02 2015

To the people who have misdirected their passion for Hinduism by using filthy unscrupulous words to attack the author of this article: You are one of the major reasons why people are fed up with Hinduism. Why not challenge yourselves to be better human beings than the ones your fellow Hindus are trying to hear and follow?

21 02 2015
Ramalingam Triambuck

Dear sister Susheela !
I happened to read your article to-day and I am amazed at your courage and praise the Lord! Please do not get despaired over the comments from the unsaved. Our response is to pray for their souls. I am amazed at your courage and I urge you to keep going the same way and follow the truth in all your life. God bless you and your husband and the children.
Love you in Jesus name.
Ramalingam Triambuck

7 03 2015

Watch this video and come to understand the spread of Christianity:
I hope you people are not proud of this.This can’t be justified by some lousy quoting from the Bible

21 06 2015

Dear Sister Susheela,
God bless you.God will give you strength and support in spreading the Gospel.I really loved sathiyathai Thedi Movie.

3 09 2015

May I have the address of Pratnalaya in chennai?.

3 09 2015
A. Roy

Dear Susheela,

I chanced upon your page and … what to say…. I am myself a Christian from birth… I very much appreciate what you concept of being rooted in our culture…
…the Jesus I believe is the Word become Flesh….incarnated….. in a very real concrete situation…i.e. the Jewish nation with its language, culture and tradition and all that comes with it….
Being a fully immersed in his tradition and culture and from within discovered the Father – Abba – and shared the true identity of God to his people…. challenged all that was dehumanizing, oppressing, marginalizing within the Judaism…. in short reformed (purified, set right etc…) from within….
that was taken up by Paul the Word (Jesus) was taken to the Greeks and got incarnated to transform form within Greek Culture…. later the Word got incarnated into Latin in the 3-4th century…. to transform from within….

…. but it stopped with Latin…or the European Culture….. and when the Word was brought to the other Cultures and Tradition it began to impose the Latin or European Culture and Tradition along with the Word…

Therefore there is a great resistance ….

Your idea of being rooted in the Culture hence touched me deeply…. my attempt is to preserve the good within out own tradition and culture which has much to contribute….

the Word = Jesus that has to be recognized and received that will transform our lives….

Saw a clipping of the Movie on Youtube….excellent… something very much I had in my mind…. Keep up the Good work….Do not forget the roots…..

May our Lord Jesus shower his blessing to continue to bring the Good News of the Reconciling God who want all to be saved from one’s evil ways….

praying for you and your mission…..

do keep me in your prayers….

3 09 2015
A. Roy

I may request for the DVDs….when I am back home….later January ’16

10 09 2015
A Roy

i am bit apprehensive of all you have said….
first regarding the movies…Satheya thedi….
it looks like some fanatic christian presentation….
Nowhere in the movie the quotes of the Vedas are given proper citations… definitely not a scholars work…. poorly researched and presented…

Jesus never wanted a sectarian community….. He included everyone all the marginalized and the oppressed … whereas you want a separated Iyer Christian Community….. I do not think Jesus would want that…

In the movie the drunkard who is converted is clothed in pant ans shirt… where is cultural rootedness…..

though a novel thought…but lots of inconsistencies…. I could make a list of them… I am doubting your authenticity of the conversion facts…

…. Jesus took up the pain suffering and death to associate with us….that we too may suffer for the Truth, Justice and Love and find meaning….

But the reason for conversion is miracle of being cured…. what if Jesus meant one to undergo suffering and give witness….

The whole Faith aspect is too shallow….

To be a Christian is to discover Jesus in every human being in every culture and every place….
Not Just proclaiming and trying to make others Christian….

Just one Example of what Jesus meant… in Mtt 28:19 ” Go make Disciples…teaching them to obey everything i have commanded”

Matthew presents Jesus as the New Mosses….thus unlike other evangelist presents Jesus delivering the Sermon from the Mount…. Mosses Mt Sinai 10 Commandments…here Jesus new Moses Sermon on the Mt…..these are to be taught by our lives…and sometimes preach…..only then we can be called disciples…followers….

Every Human being who follows these are true followers….whether one calls oneself Christian or not…..

Spend time with the Lord to know What His Father’s Will is… not whatever one finds it fancy and attracts………..

8 11 2015
jay prakash

i m brahmin but i have now converted to christian, because everyone used to abuse and scold me saying your forefather has exploited us.
now i m christian and proud of it.

2 04 2016

Dear sister you are the chosen vessel in the hands of God. What is written about jesus in the vedhas are true. There is no other name given to us rather then Jesus for salvation. He is the oly way and he is our only hope.
God bless you . God will perform many miracles through to touch the people from your community

20 04 2016
sundaram sundar


20 07 2016

Why is that you retain your Hindu names? Is it because it gives you more approach-ability to gather new converts. If you have had a change of heart, pls show that & wear that very visibly. This whole conversion business is going on unchecked in TN & Brahmins are your marquee converts – You can claim that if a Brahmin converts, the rest should find it easier as well. I am seeing in front of my eyes, one of classmates family being torn apart as one of the siblings has converted.

13 12 2016

Am a Brahmin converted and my dad is a prohithar

19 03 2017

Vote for BJP and promote VHP ideals to protect the land from this passive terrorism. So cheap and despicable!

30 03 2017

if you are a christian why brahmana samiti? brahmins are hindus. not christians. please change your name also.

3 04 2017
Niranjan Paul

Wonderful, Praise the Lord.

7 04 2017

Yeshu vindha namathil shathaan vittu ponum nu prathikinnu . Sagala shathaan vittu ponum nu prathikinnu

7 04 2017
Sadhu vedanayagam sastrigal

Dai ungaluku lam vekkame illaya da ? En da indha pozhappu? Kaasukaaga edhu venalum seoiveengala da? Idhula yesu Pera en da kedukareenga ?

English translation

Yo guys are u not ashamed? Why such cheap tactics ? Ull do anything for money is it? Why ruining Jesus s name thru ur cheap antics?

16 07 2017
Your Father

Instead of converting people like this, go and do prostitution. You will get money there also. Bloody bastards.

16 07 2017

It is very interesting to read your comment, one of the Indian language that had gone all over the world, (Malayalam or Tamil)! Had used by old civilization in the world, thanks “Appa”,

16 07 2017

You are a traitor and creep. Liar. Susheela.thu thu.

16 07 2017
Sameer M

Time has come to separate the wheat from the chaff. To really understand Sanathana Dharma, the Vedas should be taught to the public to make a learned choice when it comes to jumping the fence. I could even call most of those who convert as “Idol-Ignorant” worshipers who cannot see the sacred human compassion in their ways of worship and confuse a addictive procedural worship as divine intervention and opportunity to meet the Living God.
In the above classic case, you can clearly see through the participating situation and the reciprocation of the immediate surroundings that takes advantage of the time circumstances to drive the last nail into the coffin.
There are numerous self styled groups disrupting the peace of entire families, yet, we as the beacon of Human Civilization who has given to the world more than we have received, should continue to weather the ridicule which is tolerated as part of our natural cultural behavior and human love.
The fact that Islam that ruled over Hindustan with a clear agenda of converting Hindustan into a Islamic state or the brainwashing of those who participate in the continuation of a colonial hangover, I can confidently declare that Sanathana dharma, which has weathered many a dubious intent, would remain as the simplest way of worship of our creator, for many centuries to come, long after more cultures and religions would rise and perish. .
I am however saddened by the fact that this all embracing “Hindu” is not proud of his fantastic heritage with a unbroken culture of over 10000 years and woefully continues to be the target of the dubious, Salafists, Pentacoast Missionaries, or self styled God Men, whose version of God does not match that of the Vedas. Sadly the ill-informed Sanathan’s falls prey and goes about copying from the desk next to their’s to pass the test of this amazing celebration called life.

16 07 2017
Dr RN Iyengar

Susheela Raghunathan –isn’t your organization’s name “Christuva Brahmana Seva Samithi oxymoron? How can you be a Christian and Brahmin at the same time? Doesn’t it tell us something of your diabolical actions? Listen, if you want to believe in Bible, written (or orally to others) by some uneducated shepherds it is your problem but don’t go around telling people lies. Even Jesus wouldn’t like that! You must be getting loads of money from those Western Missionaries to go convert gullible people. Obviously you guys are not sure about your own faith; you need to convert people!! I pity you!

17 07 2017

If i find you any where in my life o would kick your prostitutr

3 09 2017
Michael Selvaraj

Dear sister in Christ,
For more refined knowledge please visit this blog

4 05 2018

Allah is great..

16 05 2018

you confirmed idiot

22 05 2018

super story better go and sell ur god to some one who illitrate…. indamadiri aayiram kadhai patachu ….u just fake ppls u have been just eyewashed or else u urself cheated or u cheating all with this fake story. Dont think that you are too smart we are more than that ppls who blabbered supporting u all the same buuffalows with u in the ditch where you are

27 06 2018
Timothy Satyam

Praise the Lord!

7 07 2018
Sundara raman

Conversion to christianity can be compared to making money out of pimping for mother. If Jesus could solve your problem then why the western world is filled with selfish fellows selling weapons to Muslims

7 08 2018

How much did u got from Jagath Kaspar. ?

13 08 2018

Shame on you .. u hail from a Nambuthri family who are supposed to be very orthodox and u corrupted the whole family.. Happy to share here that ur inlaws side people are still staunch BRAHMINS who are followers of Sanathana dharma …and i know u dont even dare stand in front of them..THEY TREAT U AS A PIECE OF SHIT..

27 09 2018
Proud Hindu

This is a perfect bogus to tempt some weak Hindu families. What you fucker are going to gain out of converting Original Hindus to Fake Christians? How much money you got from those hard fucks of foreign money? Don’t try to pretend that you are a Christian, you are not! Better know that your Christianity was based out of Krishnanubhavam. Your pathetic middle man Jesus was crying out of ass to Lord Shiva in his last breath to save him “Oh Shiva, why do you let me suffer… Oh Siva..!!”

Better learn the purity of our culture before asking people to join your shitty union. Every Hindu is now aware of your ill-motive and wrong-doings.

Better try this in any UEA country, and your ass will be the next meal for fasting camels you bloody shameless creature.

24 11 2018

Dear Friends, the Bible says that overlooking the days of ignorance, God is calling all people to repent. I have been a Christian for 50 years, I have no regret for leaving the old way of life and following the LORD. And I know deep inside that He is on the throne and will take me to Himself as a child of God.

28 12 2018

Where is the necessity for all such type of worships felt by these people? except that all actions are traced to spread the Gospel directed by Jesus to Mathew. In some for or other these missionaries working relentlessly to permeate our Indian culture which is not good even more pernicious. If you worship Jesus do it, but why a organized movement is working to convert simply convert under so many garbs. You all know one fact that all the four gospels were written after 70 A.D. i.e. after the death of Jesus. The names of authors were attributed rather they were anonymous.
Pl. see the following excerpts taken from internet:

“Critics of traditional Jewish and Christian belief have also argued that inconsistencies undermine the value of scripture. The deist minister Joseph Barker, speaking in 1854, described the Bible as “the most inconsistent, the most monstrous and blasphemous representations of God that can possibly be conceived by the human mind” and argued that “The book that contradicts science and contradicts itself is a book of no authority whatsoever”.[7] A modern Islamic critic writes that if the Bible can be shown to be inconsistent, “then those who preach the Bible and read the Bible must seriously reconsider their source of information concerning their faith.”[8]

Who banned why is the necessity of wrapping under a old newspaper all cinematic.

24 01 2019

Converted people…Why don’t you sell your Jesus to masses with your testaments, rather than shamelessly stealing our Hindu Scriptures, rituals, symbols.
Cheap Christianity has nothing on its own.Frauds and stealers of all time- Well, History says that and it shows the scared and scary face of Christianity.
My Krishna/Shiva/Ganesha is depicted the same in all parts of the world, whereas how come this man christ is depicted with the ethnic face of that society where you start your conversion. He has a mongolian face in China, Afro face in Africa just to name a few…If you say he is the only God ( actually he never claimed himself as God and identified him as God’s Son, you keep calling him God and i dont know if he likes that, ask and tell through your prayers..) then should not he have only one form with the same features across the world / be a formless.
People who have converted from Sanathana Dharma for money should be ashamed of yourselves, saying that you have not got solace from your mother. If you did not have assurance as a Hindu, how could you get that in a foreign, imported religion???.Funny, this shows your total immaturity. For only if you had read the hindu scritptures properly your mind would not have played the gimmick on you to convert. Why don’t you change your name and baptise yourself rather than sticking on to your hindu names, now this itself is a great example of how you sold your soul to them for money. All these Susheela’s.. Raghunathan’s et all are a shameful disgrace to the Brahmin society.

27 08 2019

Dear sis susheela, i saw your testimony in angel tv. You and your husband testimnoy is very very amazing.
I am sangeetha from hindu backgroubd and accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour.
One of my cousin sister from Bramin family her name Jothi. Now she is suffering from cancer. I am not able to talk with her. She also won’t listen to my words.
Can you please tell about jesus to her. If you can i will give her no.
Because you also from Bramin background that’s why .

29 08 2019
Viola Sebastian


17 07 2020

Brilliant testimony

9 09 2020

Excellent. Church business is the best business. Better than computers.
And it can go on for generations making money by just giving sermons and not moving a finger. And Brahmins who have a lot of money can be attracted by using their language.

11 09 2020

Mrs. Susheela and Mr. Ranganathan went to Christianity as an escape route. The former because of abuse in the family and latter because of excessive rituals. If only they had looked deeper into Hinduism itself they would have got answers. Sanathana Dharma has no compulsions. It teaches you how to lead life, handling all complications. And no, you are not a sinner just because you were born on earth! That is such a negative thought!
Instead of a Church, if madam had just sat in front of Goddess Karagambal or Lord Krishna and asked the same questions “why” she would have got the answers. There is no question that is not answered in the Bhagawath Geetha. If one is born an Indian, one is Hindu by default. Learn to appreciate your religion. (You don’t have to necessarily be ritualistic). And not ape the West and send your savings abroad. All answers are available in Hinduism. You just have to open your eyes and look.

19 09 2020

You people have come to this camp also……
Started to form your “own” group….
We could not tolerate your atrocities. Here also you planned to create atrocities. .Naasamappochchu….
Save Jesus from these people

20 09 2020
Desi Kumar

Please give me conduct number my name is Desikumar mobile no.9840076436

8 10 2020

Dear Vijay, Do not think that we are like that. I was born a hindu, but received Jesus as my Saviour and Lord at a very young age and have been a christian for over 50 years. I had seen clearly that Jesus was the Son of God and His Divine Nature and that He died for my sins on the cross, in love for you and me. We actually want to invite you, come to Christ who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He died for your sins and rose again from the dead. Death could not hold Him as He had never sinned. He is coming soon as Judge and Ruler. All sinners are under eternal damnation. All the best. We love you and pray for you. Naresh B Jumani

24 10 2020
i can t stop Thinking about someone

i can t stop Thinking about someone

Susheela Raghunathan | Conversions in India – Testimonies

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