Mary Selvi

11 10 2014

Are you the living God?

Mary Selvi, Chennai

My native place is a village called Kalakkadu, Nanguneri Taluk in Tirunelveli District. My parents were farmers and they worshipped idols. My elder brother was a devotee of Ayyappa. I have two elder sisters. I am the last one and they called me Muruga Selvi.

I started my education in a Christian school. Though I heard about Jesus in those days, I had some hatred. I suffered from a frequent stomach ache during my seven years of High School. I used to go for prayer hoping that Jesus would heal me. After getting healed, I would forget it. I was also afflicted by the devil. Those who prayed for me would tell me about the love of Jesus. They said that Jesus chose me before I was born and that I have been added in His fold. Sometimes I read the Bible, borrowing it from my friends. I could not take it home.

I suffered very much from stomach pain at the time of my +2 examination results. My father approached the witch doctors. There was no deliverance. I said that if I prayed to Jesus, I would be healed. My brother became angry and asked me whether I would forsake the ancestral god and worship Jesus. He beat me and threw my Bible away. My parents supported me I did not know how to pray, but I would say ‘Praise be to you the living God’. I dreamed that I was in His bosom.

At the time of marriage, I said I would marry only a Christian. A Christian family from Idaiyankulam approached us asking for a bride. My father was surprised and agreed for the plan. My brother showed his displeasure and left home.

In this disturbing circumstance I kept praying. I was baptized ten days prior to my marriage. I was named Mary Selvi. To the surprise of the villagers, my brother with a smiling face returned home and conducted the marriage.

After the marriage, we lived in Chennai. I joined a church and loved the Lord. The God who does things well at the right time revealed many things through His word. Our family’s financial problems were changed in answer to repeated prayers. As per Deuteronomy 23: 5

Nevertheless, the Lord your God was not willing to listen to Balaam, but the Lord your God turned the curse into a blessing for you because the Lord your God loves you.

God changed the curse into a blessing. He blessed our income. He helped us to get back the jewels that was mortgaged. He transformed me into a quiet and meek woman.

We pray as a family. My parents also received Jesus Christ and are ready to be baptized. God has given a boy to my sister-in- law who was barren for 12 years. We have decided to do the ministry of prayer to build families in Christ.

Source: From a Testimony in Tamil, Riseup and Build, March 2007; translated into English by Dr Daniel Sathiaraj



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