Kapil Vaid

16 01 2015

I Belong to the Hindu Punjabi family & since from the child hood I was in the fond of my need or identity or why I am on this earth, although since childhood I suffered a lot due to my family disputes, & also Wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my study and we use to sleep in big open area of our house and while laying I use to discuss about my origin and end that why I am here on earth and from where I come and is I am on earth for any purpose or to suffer in pain, then my grandparents tells me you are the gift from God, but then I thought if is it, so why my parents abuse me or beat me without any reasons is I am on earth for this, then I start praying or you can say praying to almighty that why have you sent me for this pain which is without an reason, then I got one of my friend who show me the way to Jesus Christ that he is the living God you pray to him will get whatever you want, then I prayed in Jesus name with broken heart and words also because I don’t know how to pray till now since I was in 3rd standard, then I saw one dream where Jesus appears after worth then we came out of my family clashes then we shifted somewhere ells out of that atmosphere (All things happens in very miraculous and smoothen way), then again life become smooth -after some time when I forgot Jesus but he do not forget me and not stopping loving me , my mother suffered from kidney problem for 8 years I spent all the time with my mother in hospital when I was teenager, then one day we found our bathroom needs repair as that was water leakage in pipeline and it’s really strange that we repair bathroom 5 times in an year but we are not understanding the reason behind then one brother Kishan “Plumber” belongs to Hindu family came and tell us to call the living God after looking the situation of my mother and advise to come to Church for prayer but we refuse and I abuse him & make him get out of house, however I left my mother then my life become hell I started drinking, smoking, abusing & fighting with everyone but after such years I got married then I lost my first child before birth and then my father got ill and doctors refuse that he will be no more within 72 hours he will die as he suffered from diabetic foot wound , then one of my aunty told me about Jesus I again refuse but when I saw the condition of my father then I said you can take him to Church and I left for office, in evening I found tremendous change in my father and his foot wound which was from 2.5 years healed miraculously within 1.5 week, then I started to go to Church and I found the power of our DAD lord Jesus who healed the foot disability of my father within in 12 days which was from 2.5 years, now we all give our life to my Master My Father my love Jesus., also he bless me with a baby boy and heeled my wife from thyroid and keep on using our family for the glory of GOD.

Do Pray that God use us in mighty way for God glory.

There are so many things to write about Jesus Love blessings but writing such an short but I am can’t explain the love of Jesus I am just an insect.

Source: https://conversionsinindia.wordpress.com/share-your-story/#comment-1820

Accessed on 16th January 2015



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26 06 2020

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26 06 2020

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