S Muthu Samraj

17 02 2015

I was brought up in a traditional idol worship. I was devoted and zealous. My grandfather and mother taught me the way of Hinduism.

Christians regard Christ as God and He is the Creator. They preached that Jesus rose from the dead and He is coming to judge the world. I started to make fun of them and harm them. I gathered some people under me and gave trouble to Christians. I tried to make Christians into Hindus.

I decided to kill a pastor. That night I was about to die. I called on my gods. They did not help me. He then realized that only the God who created the stars and this wonderful world can deliver me. I prayed in my heart. At that time I heard the words “I am that Jesus.”

I went to a church in Chennai on the Christmas day in 1984 and continued to learn about Jesus.

Then I started proclaiming that Jesus is the one true God and that He is coming again in my village and its neighbourhood. I was anointed by God and was blessed by gifts of the Holy Spirit as in 1 Corinthians 12: 10. I was surprised when through me the spirits of my former gods were driven out. On 14 October 1989 I entered fulltime ministry of God. Now I am a pastor.

Source: Received through email on 5th February 2015



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