17 02 2015

Soudappan was a staunch Hindu from Sirumugai, a small weaving village near Coimbatore city, Tamil Nadu. As a weaver he was the only bread winner sustaining his family and his aging father. Life was going on smoothly until his father was diagnosed with nose cancer. The family, being poor, could not afford treatment in a good hospital.

On January 28, 2008, a few Gideons and Auxiliary, who were distributing Scriptures in the Government Hospital at Coimbatore met Soudappan and his father in the outpatient ward. The Gideons presented them with copies of the Scriptures, prayed with them and encourage them with words of Hope and faith, that God is able to cure cancer. Both the father and son however kept wondering if something like that could really be possible. The Gideons also helped them with the bus fare to return home. Soudappan was moved by this kind gesture that reflected true brotherly love and compassion.

At home, Soudappan and his family started to read the New Testament. The knowledge of Jesus brought a sense of newness into their lives. They were amazed to learn that God could be so caring and loving. They started to pray to Jesus as a family, and miraculously Soudappan’s father was healed. The entire family immediately accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

Two weeks later, coincidentally the Gideons met both the father and son walking in Christian procession singing praises to God. When they enquired, Soudappan testified how the Lord had healed his father and also blessed them with the joy of salvation. The knowledge of the living God through the New Testament changed their lives forever. The entire family worships the LORD in a Bible based Church at Mettupalayam.

Source: [Testimonies, the Gideons International in India, p. 45]



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13 01 2018
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