Bade Lal

3 07 2015

Bade Lal comes from village Shantinagar, near Jhansi, and he is 38 years old and is married. And he followed Hindu rituals very faithfully in his life, Mr. Jagdamba had chance to visit him and he took the opportunity to share the gospel with him and Mr., Bade Lal said that I was suffering financially since he did not get his payment from his employer for the last 6 months due to some wrong report in the government office against him though he has been very fair and upright in his work.
Jagdamba shared about the Salvation of God through Jesus Christ, and prayed for Lal regarding his finance problem. Three days later Mr. Bade Lal along with his wife came to Jagdamba’s house and told him that after the prayer he felt the peace of God in his life and 2nd day itself he got the good news that his wrong report has been cleared and his payment also has been released. Mr. Bade Lal put his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted the Lord as his personal savior. Glory to be God.

Source: Recieved through email: May 29, 2015 at 6:40 PM



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