18 12 2015

"I worked as a Goldsmith and had a shop. I was earning good money and had good number of customers. After finishing my work, I used to go with my four friends to spend all my money drinking. I did not care for my family. Slowly I lost all my customers and business and I was completely broken and desperate. One day Pastor Ram*, came to my village and shared about Jesus Christ using a flip chart telling that Jesus can set us free. I was so confused and wondered how Jesus could set me free from alcoholism, debts and so many other problems in life. When I surrendered my life, Pastor prayed for me and also gave me a Bible. I started reading the Bible with interest and also began attending a prayer gathering in my neighborhood. I don’t know how it happened but slowly I was afraid to touch the liquor and my life was transformed. When my friends called me to join their drinking party, I was able to share my testimony. I told them that our body is a temple of living God and we should not destroy it. Today all my family members are believers and our lives are transformed. I have adopted 3 villages for evangelism and church planting"
* name changed

Source: Email (18.12.2015)



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