Senthil Kumar

3 02 2016

I am from a Hindu background. I did my schooling in Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Chennai. I had developed an inferiority complex and usually I kept myself from people.

Whenever I thought about my life and future, I became depressed. When I was doing my 11th standard, I got stimulated by a biography of Don Bosco, and I became convinced that there must be a personal, loving Heavenly Father. This forced me to stop praying to idols. I began to take interest in knowing the personality of God.

I was reading the New Testament, presented by Gideons International to all the students in our School. To my surprise I found that the characteristics which I expected of a true God were in Jesus Christ. I was moved by the lifestyle and teachings of this mighty personality. I had to bend my knees in reverence. I confessed my failures, shortcomings and sins to Him. I was convinced that He forgave my sins. Everything became new in my life. My encounter with Jesus changed my lifestyle. He helped me to overcome my sins which were troubling me. When I was struggling with the complex that I was fit for nothing, God enabled me to enter a Medical College on merit.

After joining the College, I was introduced to the Evangelical Union prayer cell in my hostel. I learnt to walk with Christ. Right now I enjoy the warmth and fellowship with Christ.

Source: Tharisana Sudar, an UESI Publication: Recieved through Email on Jan. 30 2016



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