1 07 2016

Rev.Dr.E.Vedachalam is the Founder of the Gethsamane Ministries. He belongs to an orthodox Hindu family. His grandfather was a Pandit in Sanskrit and was a staunch propagator of Hinduism. His father did not follow his ways and lived quite a worldly life. Rev.Dr.E.Vedachalam followed the footsteps of his grandfather and studied many religious mythologies, mediatated for months and days together, underwent many training programs. In the meanwhile he also got employed in a nationalised bank.

The other part of his life was worldly and tried to enjoy all pleasures of this world. He got caught up between the world and his creed. But did not get the peace and blessings he longed for.

He was also caught up in the strongholds of debt since he was responsible for settling his family members. Many cases were filed against him and he lived a treacherous life. In this situation, he planned to end up his life by consuming poison. It was at this time that both Mrs. & Mr. Vedachalam happened to attend a prayer meeting in a sister’s house who also took them to a church.

The Lord touched him on 14th November 1992. From that day onwards, till today Jesus Christ is his Savior. The Lord has ever since transformed his life with powerful Anointing. He was delivered from the bondage of sin. Satan no longer had dominion over him and his family. But his Hindu parents, relatives and friends opposed them and isolated them by all means.

Rev.Dr.E.Vedachalam is blessed with two boys named Anand Israel and Nanda Kumar Immanuel. The whole family ministers God. The ministry was initially started as a Cottage Prayer meeting in a hut. The Lord heard the prayers of the family and delivered many people from sin and sickness. Our Lord opened many doors for them to reach the unreached. He has been their guidance and led all their steps. The Lord is using them as His ambassadors.

Rev.Dr.E.Vedachalam has a flair for Fasting and praying. He has so far observed 40 days of full time fasting 5 times to get the in filling of the Holy Spirit. The Lord has protected his family from the strongholds of other religious bindings and he has completely read the Old Testament and New Testament 29 times within these 16 years of Christian life. Both his sons are being dedicated for the Lord’s ministries.


Accessed on 1st July 2016 (12.42 p.m.)



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