Karam Jeet Singh

23 09 2016

Rev Dr Nallaraj Edward shares Christ in school assemblies while teaching students choruses and moral stories. One day he was returning from St Hannah’s High School, Hyderabad. A man named Karam J Singh stopped his car and asked him whether he remembered him who had studied from LKG to 10th standard.

“What are you doing now? asked Nallaraj.

“I have finished graduation. I am going to London to do MBA. I still remember the choruses and moral stories you taught,” replied Karam.

“Are you a Christian?”

Karam said, “My sister was suffering from a terrible skin disease. If you touched her skin, it peeled off her body. She was in ICU, Osmania General Hospital. Doctors said that she would die within a week. I could not see her pathetic condition.”

He asked a Christian teacher to pray for her. She said to Karam, “Why don’t you pray?”

He locked the room and prayed to the Lord Jesus. At the same time Jesus Christ appeared to her in the ICU, and touched and healed her. That time onward he put his trust in the Lord Jesus.

His twin-brother Param also received Jesus into his life. Praise the Lord.

Source: Received through email. 27th August 2016



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