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You can look for answers to life’s questions in many places, but have you considered how Jesus can answer these questions for you?

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31 responses

27 10 2009

Jesus is God

12 04 2010
david george

i want to take bible in pune. pl. tell me. the address from where i take it.

13 12 2011

why do the missionaries in our village ask others, Hindus to convert to Christianity? is it not wrong to ask others to convert? Why bribe the poor with money, clothes and brain wash them to convert? Are you not ashamed to ask others?

People can still find meaning of life, be any religion.

3 01 2012

You are right Karuna!!
Christian people forcefully convert Hindus to Christianity…….
This is what their god has taught them…

16 02 2012

Christians are not ashamed of conversions, they are like bludy politicians who give money for votes, even after wining their focus is to earn money, Cristian missionaries are heavily funded from western countries. did their Jesus told them to give money and covert. Christianity is a formed religion(around the 3rd century AD). (Very long time ago we had our rishis, yogis, sidhas, then people like Mahaveera and Bhuddha who tought this world love and spirituality) still these cristians claim that are the founders of all religion. they totally explode our religion, culture and the nation.

Dear Brothers and sisters, please be careful, don’t fall in these hunters trap…
Stop conversions, put your hand to stop conversions

save the nation, save the culture and religion

Jai Bharath!!!!

9 03 2012

not all christians are bad,and not all other religion followers are good,its not about conversion its all about faith and miracles which lead a man to convert himself into other religion,Myself got converted 5 yrs ago,i was a brahmin hindu,but today i follow a religion called humanity first………………………

9 03 2012

i was not paid a single penny from christian missionaries to convert myself into christianity it was all my faith and many miracles that did happen nott only in my life also with my husband who was a bhakth of shanidev at that time,my husband didnt even knew who jesus was at that time,we both got baptized together with our whole heart

10 03 2012

Hi Prerna,
Can you share your testimony with us. Please send it to:

3 04 2012
Spurgeon Jebakumar

Hi Keshav Pls read HOLY BIBLE Carefuly then you Know about Lord Jesus Christ ,Our Lord not teach us to Change Hindhu into Christian,Muslim into Christian,Sikh into Christians and etc…but he insist us to Change the Sinners and Makes them the Children of All-Mighty God and you must Know a Truth with out Lord Jesus Christ the God there is no way to Heaven Because Jesus is the Entrance of Heavenly Kingdom and he makes prepare us to heaven with the Help of Holy Spirit and he make us to Be a Citizen of Gods World(Heaven) So Jesus is Jesus ,Christ is Christ…So Iam unable to expose the God which as I Worship Jesus is not only God for a Particular Society,Religion,Caste,Family and etc…He is international Solution for any Disolved probleums ,Hello Dear Friend Jesus Realy Loves U Coz he really Gives his Life for u and every one………Iam the Indian…….Iam the Indian ……..Iam the Indian …….thanking you……………..

3 04 2012
Spurgeon Jebakumar

Dear Karuna,Keshav,Manikandan Iam not Considering any religions except Chrstians as the Sinners ,even in Christians there are Some Sinners live even today ! What I means the persons that those that got up in the Bondages of Sinful nature we not called them in our Holy frame,but we called them in the Holyness of Lord Jesus Christ ………..Can any one find fault on Christ,it is easy to find faults on Christians but not Find the faults on Blameless,Spotless and Sinless Personate is Super Natural Lord God Savious Jesus Christ of Holyness……so decide about Jesus and Christians hello I Joy to Known that I have new friends they are Karuna,Keshav and Mani Kandan What ever Doubt regarding Jesus Christ we can find Solution here………..Thanks u my Friends


3 04 2012
Spurgeon Jebakumar

Dont follow the Man But follow the God he who save every one from the drastic clutch of Sin………………

18 06 2012

Why did the tag as Brahmin convert as highlighted word.?

2 07 2012

many people still thinks helping each other is giving a bribe to other for conversions.dear frens if people forcefully converts others than know that the converted one will one day of course return to his own world..but dear frens every conversions should come from Lord not from human….conversion shouldn’t be of religion but of life..its like a transformation rather than a conversion.If you have seen missionaries forcefully trying of someone to be a christian than pls come with powerful evidence rather than a WORDS of blame.

16 07 2012

I am a strong believer of Jesus.. I didnt believe in Jesus becoz I was a born Christian, rather I tested Him.. I always wanted to understand thouroughly what I believed.. and I found Jesus real.. He was as though understanding my questions and giving me answers.. Today am firm believer of Jesus.. I have read all above comments and I really appreciate the doubts and questions.. coz.. after the doubts & questions come.. there will be a proper investigations and we will reach to the truth..

People those who are converting people into christianity, I am completly against it.. Jesus himself wanted us to choose him out of all.. and choosing means to understand and choose.. Not every christian is a strong believer neither every converted is forceful converter..

It is like a thristy drawing towards the water body… so the thristy in soul draws towards the living water..

If u see as per the natures law, truth is something which cant remain hidden and so is also which that supernatural power is HOLY..

Try Jesus, see how much He loves you, beyond limits, beyond understanding.. He is the amazing.. there is no one like Him.. He is alone worthy of true love.. which lover will love us even after we are gone astray or betrayed him/her.. But you know what, Jesus, loves every sinner, may to what degree he is sinful.. Jesus heart still longs for him/her.. He want him/her to embrace, hold close to His heart.. wash all his/her sins and give him/her new life.. THIS IS JESUS :)

19 07 2012

Christianity is suffering from ill-will and I think, they are mentally dis-able. Christian missionary should banned in India from their all activities because they are involved in conversion by any means. They are taking undue advantage of Poor, Uneducated People by pseudo propaganda. Christian religion is highly unsatisfied religion in the world. Through out Asia, they are unable to penetrate, for this reason, they are more concentrated to India especially Hindu, because they fear from Muslim, so, Hindu is their easy pray. But, So sorry, Dear Father & Sister… first of all, learn you all. How to respect to Non- Christian. Maximum Indian Church are involved directly or indirectly in conversion. Christian himself understand Supreme but it’s only non-sence.
May Jesus give all Christian good sence.

24 07 2012

Rajeev: I would like to tell you something:

First: Christian religion is not an unsatisfied religion – If you see overall.. Christians stay away from crime, they believe in forgiveness, a true christian believer is most humble and down to earth person; he/she exhibits all the characters of Jesus.

Second: Christians are not involved in conversions at all. I will tell you what actually happens – understand properly pls – a christian sows seed (good news) – a seed here means preaching gospel.. then there are millions of people who experienced the love of the lord after several months or years after the gospel was told to them, this happens, even when that gospel teller is not around.. then, how can one say that Christians convert??

Its written in Bible, no one say Jesus is the Lord without Holy spirit in him/her…

Third: Bible was tried to destroy completly several times, but today Bible is the best selling book.

Fourth: Christians respect every individual by heart. Jesus Himself said, “forgive your enemy & pray for him, even he is my child”.. Then how can you say that they dont respect non christians?

I will tell you with most confirmation.. these converts or true believers, know the truth thats why they dont fear in proclaiming Jesus. :)

Christians dont convert people.. but people get converted after experiencing goodness and sacrifices of Jesus Christ.. who died for all.. and is going to come back to judge you and me..

26 07 2012

Nothing new in your reply, it is unsavory, unreasonable, prejudicial and most important Parrot-vouch only. I don’t know from what sphere you are replying but If you are an Ideal human, not christian, think about it.What is difference between Intruders and Christian Missionary. You are written that Christian exhibits all the characters of Jesus, that’s the problem only. Why not try to become simple Human. Human having all characters of general people. Good human all believe in co-existence, follow the fundamental principle of Humanity,” Live and allow to live.” Your culture is very strong, it is well-known. At the same time, you should learn about other Religion, Culture also. What is written in Your Bible that is already written in Hinduism about 5000 years ago. You are going Door to door and telling that Jesus is coming for your Help or Jesus loves you. It is extreme Childish act. Who told you for going to Non-Christian Door. Are you not working like intruders of any personal life. Your are taking undue advantage of leniency of innocent people. I have seen, Indian people giving highly respect to Christian Missionary especially So-Called Sisters. But, in return, that sisters what are doing, they are giving pump lets of Bible, Crosses, etc. According to Indian Culture, Guest is God. But, according to your culture…No God like Jesus. Damn it.
Time is very near when Christian Missionary would be banned like Extremist, because they are colored- wolf in the name of Sheep.
Please, keep you General Knowledge of your well-doings on the following like
How Christians are innocent, humble, forgiveness that is cleared from British Rule in India.

28 05 2013

why Christians convert the the people like only hindus ? they have no courage for converting muslims ! i want tell something jesus said only spread love for all .ok but british people what did in india you are all know wht they done in india or othe countries .that time where was your god ? can you answer any body. who wants to convert the religion first they know i am not satisfied my own religion how can i serve other religion or how can i beleive the god . you really beleive the jesus or a human being not convert the people

27 08 2013

@ kaveeve : Not only Britan but any country for that matter when it overtakes or captures another country rules it. This does not mean that I’m trying to justify the actions of the Britishers. Not all Britishers were Christians. Their names might be as you say “Christian/ English names”. but actually when you check out most of these names are derivatives from greek, latin and arabic.
*just one question. The Brtishers could have killed the father of our nation “Gandhiji” as he was the root cause of all the freedom struggle here in India. He was safe during the British rule but was shot dead within a few months by our own people …why???? Gandhiji in his auto biography has written about Jesus and His Serman on the mount . And for your Kind information Jesus is not a Western or White man’s God. Historical evidences (as given by secular people/channels) show us that Jesus was born in a place called “Bethlehem” which is in israel and Israel is a part of the Asian Continent. so can we say thatJesus is an Asian God???? The British Rule in India started with the British East India Company as they opened their first trading center at Surat, Gujarat in 1612 A.D. Even before the British rule , in the 1 st A.D Saint Thomas a disciple of Jesus came to share the good News in Kerala and Tamil nadu and the evidence for his stay here is in chennai called the St.Thomas Mount near the Meenambakkam airport.

27 08 2013

and one more thing please do read your scriptures to get your facts right…… if you can read sanskrit please read the orginal hindu vedic scriptures ( Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana veda) and the Upanishads. The Sama Veda written by our Indian Sadhus have citings referring to Jesus

27 08 2013

if you get something free of cost you text it to as many of your friends as possible so that they can also enjoy it. likewise “SALVATION” or freedom from the clutches of sin has been given free for us to share it with the others. It is upto them whether they wanna take it or not. no one can force the other person to do so :)

20 09 2013
A. S. Mathew

Those people who are lamenting about the Christians ” forced conversion” simply go to the search engine ‘ Google” and enter Christian converts.
You can read the life story of thousands of people who came to follow Christ from Hinduism-Islam-Jainism-Buddhism and many other world religions. The number of young people coming to follow JESUS CHRIST in Iran is by the thousands. Who is paying them to follow CHRIST? JESUS IS REAL-HE IS LIVING-HE IS UNIQUE-HE LOVES THE HUMANITY-HE IS THE SAVIOUR OF THE MANKIND OF ALL RELIGIONS-AND THE WORLD EVENTS ARE SHOWING FINGERS TO LOOK TO THE CROSS FOR PEACE AND JOY IN THESE HARD TIMES. ONLY JESUS CAN GIVE YOU PEACE AND JOY, AND THE COST IS 0000000000, BUT ONLY YOUR REPENTANCE.

8 03 2014

I am a believer. I have seen aasathoma sath gamaya in kannada. I want to know whether the actors are believers? B’cos some may ask this question to me whom I show this dvd.

13 07 2014
Rejath Benny

“Hinduism is an older religion than Christianity” …. is the basic or the only idea used by many to believe that Christianity is wrong !!! lol….. if have a brain accessible to reason , check the authenticity of the statement .
Christianity is not something that sprung out suddenly . It is the CONTINUATION of Judaism .

When God created Adam, Judaism was not in complete form yet, even though Judaism would descend from Adam and Abraham’s blood. Judaism carefully traces its roots all the way back to the creation of the universe, and the creation of man, connecting Adam to Abraham. This started out as oral tradition which was written down much, much later. So that needs to be taken into account.

Second, even among scholars of the writings of the Vedas, there is some dispute about when the actual writings of the Vedas were written. Some of them might date back to 1500 BC, but some Biblical scholars date the Exodus of the Hebrews around this time. Conservative Biblical scholars (and I) hold that Moses was the primary author of the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible.) This would date the Pentateuch as being as old as some of the Vedas. But it is true that Christianity was started with Christ or, technically, after his resurrection. The New Testament was written in the first century. So, in one sense, one might claim that Hinduism is older than “CHRISTianity” because it dates back before Christ. [However, Christianity’s roots are in Judaism, which, again, traces its roots all the way back to the first man and woman.]

“Hinduism is older than Christianity” kind of a “gotcha” statement, trying to make something more credible because of its age, their implications include a couple fallacies. First, Hinduism has changed and added books with their Vedas over the years, and it’s difficult to say all the Vedas are older than the Torah. Second, just because something is older doesn’t make something more true. This is the logical fallacy “Argumentum ab Annis” (argument because of age). Just because a religion, a thousand years ago from a primitive group, taught that child sacrifice to the gods was good, this didn’t make their belief or their practice true or good. And not just because of the argument that one religion being older makes it better. However, God’s existence, his creation, the existence of Adam, and calling of Abraham existed in reality years before Moses documented them in the Torah.

By the way , think about hinduism . It is more of geographical and cultural . It is estimated that , just within India , people who claim to be hindus worship 15 lakh+ Gods !! Why this inconsistency ?????
By the way , even vedas predicts the coming of a person to take away our sins . So does many other religions including greek mythology !!!

This makes Christianity more credible because it is common sense that (unlike what most people believe….. that GOD only likes them coz their religion is true ) GOD has revealed a part of his plan for future for those who sincerely searched for GOD as it is not the the mistake of person to be born in some other place . That is the case with some rishis who DID NOT FOLLOW ANY RELIGION but meditated on GOD . But people who came after them , twisted it …… some people started making statues of their rulers and gradually , these statues were preserved and then they were venerated as gods !!!!

As per hinduism , Shiva is one of the three gods and he once had to hide because it was not the right day ( like velutha vavu and karutha vavu … based on astrology ) . Does GOD need to be scared of anyone ?????? also hinduism shows many instances whereby the three gods quarrel ….

Haters of Christianity , think for yourself . You are defending hinduism just because you were born into it ! …. Following a religion because we were born into it is a VERY POOR reason to believe in something .

Yes , I am a Christian . My mom was an expert in Hindu literature and she told those stories to me at younger ages . My dad worked in a muslim country and he had a lot of knowledge about that religion too ……

Moreover , I studied in a muslim country and I was taught quran and hadees and explicit attacks on Bible !

My interest in science even made atheism look brighter to me . But the n I decided to settle this matter ……. I learned for 6 yrs (and is still improving my knowledge) on these aspects . I became a complete Christian .

The best part of my journey was that I was not influenced by any priest or missionary . I occasionally went to any sunday classes !!! ( i have missed those classes for years during my younger ages….and was regular only for a year )… I had more contacts with hindus and imams !!

Christianity answered soooo many questions ….. Including ,
Why GOD exists ?
Why GOD had to create us ?
Why such an infinite GOD is soo much concerned about our day to day doings ??
and much more ….. with a lot of detail and accuracy .

Moreover … Christianity is NOT A RELIGION . It is a PERSON . Christ is the head of the Church and Church is the body of Christ . As there happens to be many religions , Christianity is also counted as one !!!!!

Let me ask you (Haters of Christianity) few questions . It is obvious that there are so many (approx 18 % of India’s population) muslims in India . It is true that there was little missionary work from muslims and all these muslims were actually hindus who were forcibly converted to Islam during the rule of Muslim kings !

So , basic logic , British rule was more consistent and technically well established than any other rule . They had higher controls on Indian lands than any other previous Indian ruler including Asoka and Aurangazeb !

So , if British govt FORCED Christianity on India , why is that Christians constitute only 1.5 % of Indian population ????????
Moreover , historical records suggest that most of them were converts due to missionary work and these missionaries, who were unarmed , were killed in huge numbers by extremists to get the satisfaction that they had killed a “white skin” .

Also , Africa is still called the “Dark continent” . Why is that so ???? Also , South africa is remarkably more developed than any other african country … why is that ???????

Check history for yourself if you have doubt . The Christian missionaries were late to reach the African continent but were relatively quick to reach South Africa (Check wikipedia on the first explorer to get there – Dr.Livingstone ) .

So if Christian missionaries had not come to India , use a rational and unprejudiced brain to think , India would be called the “dark sub continent”
See for yourself . Christian schools and colleges provides the best education for all regardless of caste , colour and creed. No hindu or muslim kid ever complains that there schools have forced their religion on us … because they turns out to be more secular than any others .
My sister (cousin) learnt in a hindu school and she was taught hinduism from smaller grades and she even started practicing it as her nursery school teachers made her feel scared by telling them her that “if she doesn’t do it , evil will catch u and eat you” !!!!
By the grace of God , when she grew up , she discovered Christ on her own

So what about these indoctrinations in muslim and hindu schools ???

Yes ! WE CHRISTIANS EDUCATED INDIA !! FACE THAT !!! You cannot run away from it !!!! it is a FACT !!!! What if we decided then “we will teach only Christians ” ????????

NOTE – To all those hindu friends of mine who gets infuriated after hearing , ” Christians convert people by bribing ” . The best thing you can do is talk to those converts or atleast CHECK THE SOURCES !!!

In north eastern states , these nuns and priests go and educate those down trodden people for free and provide them with free medical care . When these people started getting educated , they were aware of their rights and started standing up for their rights . This infuriated those business men who were exploiting these people as they are now finding it difficult to loot these people .

These business men wanted to get rid of these priests and nuns and other missionaries as they were responsible for it and even started killing them . One incident that comes into my mind is that of a nun from kerala who was stabbed 75 times by a paid killer . The assassin confessed to the court that he murdered her as per the request of a quarry owner (she educated quarry workers ) . Her mother forgave that killer and he is now a Christian .

Also , if you still don’t believe , do research on whatever I’ve written or atleast ask me for proof … which I am ready to give . Why is that hundreds of Christians were burned to death in Orissa ???

Again , basic logic . If I gave a person some money to convert to Christianity . He does so because he wants money to LIVE . These people , who were killed or partially burnt , were first asked by those hindu extremists whether they wanted to convert back to hinduism !!!! but they did NOT !!!!!!


Think about it .

About me – I am not taught by anyone . No priest , no website , nothing . I am largely self taught and I am 19 year old 1st year MBBS student

19 07 2014

Well researched response!

6 12 2014

I suggest before just listening to the white lies of what other people are saying why don’t you go to one Hindu convert and ask them why they converted ?

6 03 2015

In the pas India has been converted by Buddists, Jains, Muslims but hindus came back strongly… now its time for christians…. lets make another history.. come back strong hindus….

9 06 2016

Hi All
I am from South Africa, formerly a Hindu but now a Christian. We have always been challenged as to the truth of Jesus by Muslims and Hindus. You know we have seen so many Hindus possessed by these so called gods/spirits of Hinduism, yet when we pray for them in the name of Jesus, they are completely delivered, these spirits scream out in fear and leave the person. Never has the name of Jesus failed to overcome these other so called powers…whether they are called Kali, hanuman, etc.
Why is that my Hindu friend? Even Muslims have been delivered of witchcraft. Even if Jesus is not God/Son of god or anything divine, why do these other powers fall before him?
It is even more amazing that if he was just a man, that he could have power over these gods!!!

19 09 2017

So manu Hindus do not know that centuries ago Hindu missionaries from the North of India travelled to the south and converted many from animism to Hinduism…. don’t compalin about conversions now!!! Forced conversion is never right, it must come from the heart and mind and most importantly true conversion is always from falsehood to truth- not about religion

1 06 2018
Sarbjit Singh

I read about Mr Bhatia, it’s beautiful if someone is finds contentment in one way or other,but how one can justify lies told to ignorant people under the name of God.
Blaming others for something that is not true,will never please the Lord,

17 10 2018

Your right to a belief does not make your belief right… be a honest seeker of truth. If you are then you will come to the source of life, Jesus Christ, for He is THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. Anyone who can love a sinner like me to die for me, is worthy of my worship. That is what Jesus did for me and the whole world. That is what the millions of so-called gods, goddesses. gurus, swamis, teachers and prophets of all the other religions combined never, ever did. Eevn if Jesus is not God, what he did is greater than what all these other so called deities did, and therefore all these so-called gods should bow before the one who did what they were incapabl;e of unwilling to ever do.

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