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1 07 2009
Pastor John Jabez

Dear Beloved in Lord ,
Greetings in Jesus precious and Holy name.

I am the only son of Late Singer Nataraja Mudaliar who came from South Africa.
My dad was an Missionary God used him around the globe. He married my Mother Sis Padma Mudaliar in a city called Nagercoil in South India. First my Sis Edith was born then Me. As a small boy when I was 4 years old my dad died.

Our house was empty we were so Dispressed , no food , no people , no Joy.
As my mother was praying to God spoke to her said take up your husbands ministry. In the year 1982 on my sister Birthday my dad died. It was hard for us as children to take it in that small age. God took us step by step and my mother she travelled around india and around the globe for the ministry Preaching the every single day that thers is a life after death.

God blessed us and today my mother is an top evangelist in India. And me myself I pastor a church in puzhal my sister Edith settled in America with her family. The theme of our story God cares for fatherless children and the widows.
Dear friends,
Trust in God , He will direct your path the Bible says How true.
Pls pray and never let go your Hope in the Lord.
Be Blessed ,

In His Harvest ,

Pastor John Jabez
Open Heaven Ministries – India

29 09 2009


28 11 2009

Student Leader of ‘Focus on Life Ministries’ confesses “God made me somebody from nobody”

My name is Prit Pal Singh. I was born in a Sikh family. I suffered a lot during my childhood;I could never cope-up with my studies and always used to fail in my exams. In 7th standard I failed twice and was detained for misbehaving in school.

When I was in 7th standard I heard about God through our village Pastor and then through them I came to Chennai on 8th June 2006. While in Chennai, I faced a lot of problems personally and even in our family. I could not concentrate on my studies anymore and started to get involved with mischievous activities; I never bothered about anything anymore and became hopeless.

Then I received the opportunity to invite Christ into my life on 12th April 2008 through the ministry of “Focus on Life India”. After I invited Christ into my life my life began to change and now there was hope and God began to bless me and my family in many ways. I began to get 1st rank in my class and God blessed me with 82% marks in my 10th standard final exams.

Now my family is so joyful with the success God has blessed me with and there is peace. God made me somebody from nobody. I thank the Lord for choosing me as His child. He promised me that “there is surely a future hope” so then why should I now worry about my future.

God also has now blessed me to get admission to study my 11th standard in one of the best school in Chennai city. I never had imagined that I will come thus far. I thank the Lord and the ministry of “Focus on Life India” for helping me in every way and also helping me to know my savior personally.
Prit Pal Singh

28 11 2009

Singh’s testimony is there at the website

9 01 2010

Hrudaya, Orissa

My story begins one day in 1972, during my forest and agriculture training, when two Christians met me on the road and asked my name. I replied, “My name is Hrudaya,” which means “heart” in Sanskrit. Without hesitation, they asked, “Have you given your heart to Jesus?” That seemed to me a strange question.

After explaining the plan of salvation in Jesus Christ, they asked me if I would like to invite Him to be my personal Saviour. To oblige them, I knelt down. They put their hands on me and began to pray. I was shocked to hear them, with tears, asking God to touch my heart, speak to me, and save me.

I didn’t think much about that experience until 7 months later. About 2 o’clock one early morning, I had a surprising encounter with Jesus. While it was still dark outside, my room filled with the bright presence of the Lord.

God’s Spirit convicted me of sin and reminded me of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. I finally understood the message I had heard through those two strangers. And so, without the help of evangelist or book, I repented and gave my life to Jesus.

In a third chance encounter, a driver from Andhra Pradesh gave me a New Testament. I would read for hours at a time; I couldn’t put it down.

21 11 2010
Edna Edward


Praise the lord, I’m Edna Edward. I belongs to God and I want to share all what I have experienced with my Lord God of Israel and Lord Jesus Christ. I’m a Christian Pentecostal.
When I’m 1½ years old Poliomyelitis disease came to me and there after I couldn’t walk,
Our church servents of god prayed for me and then god performed a miracle and healed me,
Then I gave a testiomony in a big convention, I want to thank my loving God. Thereafter
I got Baptist in Ceylon Pentecostal Mission then I received Holy Spirit, I went to church regularly on Sundays and participated in all conventions. When I got married I went to a non spiritual church and I’m not satisfy with that because Spiritual churches are much stronger Holy Spirit,Healing,Testimonials ,visions and so much of blessings. But after long time I’m back to my spiritual church, I’m now happy with all the blessings from my loving God specially I’m spending moretime with reading bible scriptures when I’m reading I received 7 gifts from my loving god.
God forgave all my sins and when I’m a lone Holy Spirit encouraged me a lot, those days I’m always falling down, now I’m not because God one day spoke to me and said I will take care of you with my mighty hands. Sometimes I see heaven open and angels coming down from it, and some holy visions. I will say God’s grace is sufficient for us 2Cor:12;9. Now I’m Blessed because of my Lord God of Israel and Lord Jesus Christ, So my friends do you like to receive these miracles and great blessings from our loving God, what you need to do is love your God with all your heart with all your soul and might, go to church every Sundays and read all the bible scriptures every day specially Revelation chapter and give the first place to god in everything you do and think, and then he will take care of you.


5 01 2011
2010 in review « Conversions in India – Testimonies

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20 04 2011
geeta verma


4 05 2011

hi Geeta can i help you.

7 08 2011

praise the lord brother ..This is CORNELIUS..i am very happy about you. i was completed my in our bible college in 1986….Now i too preach the gosple andra.

3 04 2012
Spurgeon Jebakumar

Testimony of Me

I was born in 14/12/83 to the Christian Parents Such as Pastor Paul (ACA) and Sis Anbu Paul

I have a elder brother(P.Samuel Alfred Jeba Kumar) at many yrs before he goes to be with God and I had a Sister Called Mrs. P.Joy Ranjith Kumar
I have a wife Called Krishna Jothy @ Martha,I have son-in-law called Master Paul Moses and I had the daughter called Eunice Joy Grace

Iam the believer of ACA Mission,

While I was 3 yrs old I was suffering from severe polio attack with stammering tongue and brain fever God heals me

Again in mine 10 th yrs this polio attack again it Attacks me a Angel of God comes in various image and had the Power of God and Heal me now no Polio attack there to Mock me any more I can run fast for -2-km with out taking rest
walk -10-kms with out taking any rest,climb in 1000 ft Mountain in -3-hrs,climbing in some trees and etc…

at mine 13 th age I was suffer from severe Boil in my left side lower arm 20 days I suffer God cures me with his Palm of Gilead (His Wound)

And God did Countless and Countless of Miracles in mine Life my Witnessing is More Helpful For People of God and whole human traces

So accept Christ and give youre heart to Jesus,recieve Holy Spirit and Recieve eternal Life (God the Fathers Blessing) this is not the religous convertions but it is convertion in Life only …………..

Thanking you………….

29 04 2012
Ganesan Krishnasamy

Ganesan Krishnasamy
Praise JESUS,,,,

Comments Posted to Gandhiji Rehabilitation Centre,for Their Post as,, CONTAINING OUR TESTIMONY,,About our LIFE,,

விரும்பியதைப் பெறுவது வெற்றியல்ல
விரும்பாததையும் விரும்பவைப்பவதே நிஜமான வெற்றியாகும்…

Praise Only JESUS,,

The GREAT Victory for Us in our Life,, is,,
Our Previous Life,, of 48 Years with All Blessings,,But without PEACE,,Living ,Un Holy Life ,,, only by Praising,, Worshiping,& Spending Huge Money for Pilgrimage & Doctors,,for So Called GODs,,/ Family GOD,, etc,, as IDOL,/ So called Professional Mahans,/ ACHARYAS,,, , Our creators Creations,,/ our Creations,, Suddenly Made Us to Think,,Based on Holy BIBLE Verses,/ Few Servants of GOD,, Holy Preaching ,, from Holy BIBLE,, Made us to Understand the TRUTH to Follow the ONLY Clear Way by Accepting CHRIST,,By 2008,,, 4 Yrs Back, Known by all Universe,, ,which we totally Hates Earlier,Brahmin / Hindu,, Life,
Now Crying for the 48 yrs of life we wasted,,
Got Amazing Improvements for SIVA,,, eldest Son,, ( Ref, Info / witness ),His Sleep / Improvements,, without having Any Medicine,,Constructed our House ,,( Land Purchased 30 yrs Back,having still Vasthu Issue,),, Just like That by Not at all Believing Vasthu,,
Started Our New LIFE in CHRIST,, By Leaving ,,All Engineering ,,Govt Contract Works,,( A to Z,, BRIBE,Job,,) ,, Switch to Insurance / Savings,, All Mutual Funds,,/ Arranging LIC Housing Loans,to our Clients,,for our Earnings,, ( ATM Monthly Payments to us without giving Bribe,, ) started get Blessings mainly ,,, Family Peace only because of Praying For Others ,, Issues,,Planning to Construct,,, 24 Hrs.. Follow Jesus Prayer Cell ,, Mainly to Pray for All Universe Deceased,,/ Servants of GOD,, Now Conducting Prayers on ALL MONDAY”s 8 AM to 9 AM ,, in Small Hut,,at Ottiyambakkam,,village,, Dedicated Place,, Mainly from our Earnings, / Daily Holy BIBLE verses Reading & Following,,Making all our family for Getting Sound Sleep ,( Most of them Yet to Accept ,, Christ,,/ Truth,,), only because of We Accepted the Truth,Attending Sunday Services In TIME,,,for Praising & worshiping,, our Creator is Jesus Living / Loving God Who is in All,of us,,, Always,,He is Very Good In all our Situations for those who are all having Believe / Faith on Him,,
Our Thanks,, with Praises by Glorifying JESUS,, Always, Upto our
Life,,,with Prayers to All our Near & Dear,, Should Accept the Truth,, about JESUS,, will surely make all of us to reach HEAVEN,,

5 07 2013

Praise Jesus ,
I am born in christian feeling but never understand the power of jesus his will for my life.As a toddler I use to pray as part of fly tradition but only knew Jesus listens so ask him to do this and that and forget him…I was a big complainer to Jesus …Since my school day..I use to feel I study her,ppl cheat then too they get good marks and this Jesus only looks at me and punishes me through my parents.
Familly Life :-
There was a time ,we had regular prayer at home,time turned to be worse where my dad & mom started fighting for separation and dad was full drenched in drinking and hit Mom ,me and my bro.He even once left the house and went away for one year …living are entire house hold in debts..My Mom use to kneel and pray Jesus early in the morning and always use to weep in alone…Then too i never understand whats the power of Prayer -Through her Prayer -My Dad came back ,she was very happy as our fly was complete -for me nothing was miracleous …This time again fights were increasing in my house -but one thing was good ..Jesus tied my dad’s heart not to leave home…there was a time ..I threw Holy Bible …In anger saying Jesus do not help he cant see tears ,he wants our fly to be destroyed.,…That was pathetic ..My Mom since her childhood luvd Jesus ..she was a sunday school Teacher -before her marriage couldnt bear it ..Still Scene were worse at home ..Once while mom was praying ..i told her its useless..She said with great pain her heart ..a day will come you will Kneel and Pray to JESUS..
After my Xth Xams things were still worse ..Problems for fees payment,light bills and many things day there was a period were parents were fighting badly and dad was drunk ..bcoz of all these my elder Bto went to leave with my uncle …and I was unable to take this ..One evening I said my parents I will end my life ..they dint gave heed to my words and i took the poison bottle and said Jesus I will die and come and quetsion you why you ruined my life…and drank it..My Mom was shocked as i was vomitting …i was admitted that night I questioned Jesus why you saved me…there was bright light over me….But now I understand He luved me he wants me to live his purpose he saved me from being one more judas.,..Thanks JESUS.
College Life :-
During my XII my Mom went to depression state it was disaster for me ..I tried everything to get her back..My hindu frens gve many things ..But One day My Mom’s Best Fren Today Your Mom had Faith in Jesus ..Pray to him..That Day on I opened My Mom’s old Bible ..but dint understand anything I asked my dad how to read he explained me this is chapter and this is the verse..he added saying your Mom taught me …it pinched me..He asked me to write letter to prayer warrior as my Mom use to do..I wrote I got the answer John 16:33..It touched me …I knelt and prayed as said my Mom and Till Date I knee and Pray to give my reverence to JESUS
My Accepting Stage of JESUS:

During my confirmation Day I asked Jesus ,if you really luv me and will never leave my and cheat me anything .,I need promise sign from you ..and then I will walk with you…To my Surprise When Pastor was Blessing us he gave me the word of God -Hebrews 13:5…I couldnt belive Jesus answerd me ..a wretch like me..I took Baptism very soon ,there was many problem for taking it,..though i belonged to christian …I was mocked when I prayed and Speak abt Jesus ..I am not Ashamed of my Father Jesus so till date i say abt him in my office and pray for them to be saved..

Till date there are still ups and down are there in my household , My Mom who brought me to Jesus is backsliding …he has asked to me rectify my dad from drinking…I have asked Jesus my Heavenly Father to restore him and bind my parents.Acts 16:31 has been released for me ,now its my household..AMEN..

11 07 2013

Hi Kunder, Great testimony God Bless you!

28 07 2013
J.H.Lamuel Ravi Nayagam

Dear beloved in christ,
My name in J.H.Lamuel Ravi Nayagam.I was born in Nagercoil as the eldest son of Mr.John Henry and Mrs.Salamal.I was born in a christian family.I was born in a christian family . I had conducted prayer cell during my college days.I also conducted VBS in many churches.By God’s will was married to Mrs,D.E.Jeba Sheela grand daughter of Eva.A.Muthunayagam [founder.Ringal Taube Ashramam Ministries]Kanjiracode.But i lived as a wordly man . One Fine day God touched me I got baptized,holy spirit filled me .God forced me in his ministry. And I was assisted to my grand father in ministry.During 10-11-2006 our grand father Eva.A.Muthunayagam entered God’s glory.Thus the Associate pastor’s along with us Ringal Taube Ashramam Prayer House whole heartedly made me as the senior pastor of this Ministry.I was blessed with 2 lovely son’s.Please Pray for our Ministries.

4 09 2014
Jay Upadhya

my great grandpa”s villige in the village called lamjung in manj tribe my great grandfather was the leader of this tribe his name is Maya Nath ghimire in this tribe they worship Krishna and the word Krishna means Christ so this tribe worships the fake Christ who was the king of Dwarka when my great grandfather left his village from my great grandma my mother Ranu came then my mother got married to my father Sanjay Upadhya then after that I got born.
my childhood
After I got born in September 28 1990 they had a hindu priest to sprinkle water on my head and dedicated me to this fake Christ and to his service my family comes from the clan of hindu priests of Krishna then after that we moved to Dubai and in august 30 1999 my sister nilu got born then we moved back to Nepal before that when I was small I got hosptlaized because of chronic cold sickness so now back to the topic after we stayed in Kathmandu Nepal then we moved to Michigan.
In Michigan
I lived in westland then at that time one day I went walking with my famil in a park I fell into a hole and sprained my 2 ankels and the grass poked my hands there was a small holes on it then at home in bed I said my god my god why have you forsaken me then my mother”s friend invited me and my mother to the church potluck in the park hosted by calvary Baptist church the pastor prached about salvation then my mother had cancer and we were poor and lots of Christian charities supported us and helped us then we moved to Plymouth then in Plymouth I decided to become a Christian but first I did research online about Christian doctrines and from canton public library I cheacked out books about the catholic saints then I decided to get baptized in the catholic church in the lawyers office one indian catholic guy gave me a rosary and he mentioned our lady of good counsel catholic parish so with my father I went to the RCIA courses there then after one year finished then in Easter vigil I got baptized and I recived confirmation and he recived my fist coumunion then we moved to florida.
In Florida
when I watched the 700 club I watched a testimony who had a sad past she locked herself in her closet and came out only to take drugs and locked her self n the closet then she gave her life to Christ at that time I wanted that to so I prayed with Pat Robertson to recive the lord as my savior then after the show ended I called the 700 club and requested A new day packet and I listend to the audio cd of it.
Bondage in the Roman Rite of the catholic church
I watched a documentary on youtube it is called counterfigt christianty and I found out that the Roman Rite of the catholic church is full of cruptions and they are also a aspotate church because they merged togather with the freemasons and they used the illuminati word secluroum in their mass so I found out the alternative way to remain a catholic so I decided to embrace the Anglo catholic Rite it is a catholic church but they do not merge togather with satanic sect.
Mary magadaline
when I read the davinci code I found out there is something missing in my life that I also want the female divinity in my heart so I found out that mary magadaline carried the bloodline of king david to continiue in the line of king david so I accepted the divine flame of mary magadaline into my life so it means we should have devotion to jesus and mary magadaline because they can not be divided for jesus is the lamb and mary magadaline is his wife so it means she is the bride of the lamb and the new Jerusalem.

8 01 2015
Kapil Vaid

I Belong to the Hindu Punjabi family & since from the child hood I was in the fond of my need or identity or why I am on this earth, although since childhood I suffered a lot due to my family disputes, & also Wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my study and we use to sleep in big open area of our house and while laying I use to discuss about my origin and end that why I am here on earth and from where I come and is I am on earth for any purpose or to suffer in pain, then my grandparents tells me you are the gift from God, but then I thought if is it, so why my parents abuse me or beat me without any reasons is I am on earth for this, then I start praying or you can say praying to almighty that why have you sent me for this pain which is without an reason, then I got one of my friend who show me the way to Jesus Christ that he is the living God you pray to him will get whatever you want, then I prayed in Jesus name with broken heart and words also because I don’t know how to pray till now since I was in 3rd standard, then I saw one dream where Jesus appears after worth then we came out of my family clashes then we shifted somewhere ells out of that atmosphere (All things happens in very miraculous and smoothen way), then again life become smooth -after some time when I forgot Jesus but he do not forget me and not stopping loving me , my mother suffered from kidney problem for 8 years I spent all the time with my mother in hospital when I was teenager, then one day we found our bathroom needs repair as that was water leakage in pipeline and it’s really strange that we repair bathroom 5 times in an year but we are not understanding the reason behind then one brother Kishan “Plumber” belongs to Hindu family came and tell us to call the living God after looking the situation of my mother and advise to come to Church for prayer but we refuse and I abuse him & make him get out of house, however I left my mother then my life become hell I started drinking, smoking, abusing & fighting with everyone but after such years I got married then I lost my first child before birth and then my father got ill and doctors refuse that he will be no more within 72 hours he will die as he suffered from diabetic foot wound , then one of my aunty told me about Jesus I again refuse but when I saw the condition of my father then I said you can take him to Church and I left for office, in evening I found tremendous change in my father and his foot wound which was from 2.5 years healed miraculously within 1.5 week, then I started to go to Church and I found the power of our DAD lord Jesus who healed the foot disability of my father within in 12 days which was from 2.5 years, now we all give our life to my Master My Father my love Jesus., also he bless me with a baby boy and heeled my wife from thyroid and keep on using our family for the glory of GOD.

Do Pray that God use us in mighty way for God glory.

There are so many things to write about Jesus Love blessings but writing such an short but I am can’t explain the love of Jesus I am just an insect.

8 01 2015
Jay Upadhya

welcome home brother welcome to the family of billivers you should get baptized in the Anglican church

8 03 2016

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.
Jesus is the only life way and truth ans saviour who is the sourse of salvation as mentioned in other scriptures please read below.

God is the father of all the human
beings. Some human beings may not
know him as their own father. Since God
is the creator, he is the father of all.
Bible presents clearly that God is love (1
John 4:8). He loves with an everlasting
love (Jer 31:3). “For God so loved the
world, that he gave his only begotten
Son, that whosoever believeth in him
should not perish, but have everlasting
life” (John 3:16). The loving God does
not want any one to perish. So he
revealed himself in various ways
including as the incarnate God called
Jesus Christ (Heb 1:1, 2). Since God
does not want anyone to be lost, he
lightens every human being who is born
into this world (John 1:9). So the loving
God has graciously revealed himself
through the Hindu scriptures in order
that the teeming millions of Hindus may
not be lost in the total darkness of sin. It
is so amazing to see the Hindu
scriptures bear witness to Jesus Christ
by name and his vicarious death. I have
gleaned the following scriptural
references from Hindu scripture books
about Christ. These Hindu scriptural
passages show clearly that Christ was
born to a virgin, is holy and blameless,
he suffered and died, and redeemed the
sinners by shedding his holy blood.
All the Hindu scriptures which are
referred are written in Sanskrit language
and the Vedas quoted here are written
between 2000 and 1500 B.C. The
Upanishads are written between 10th
century and 2nd century B.C.
References to the Birth of Christ
The following quotations speak clearly
about Jesus Christ. The second
quotation even mentions the name of
After creating the sky, waters, and the
earth, the supreme spirit of the Lord
almighty thought “I created the worlds.
Now to provide for and to save these
worlds I have to create a savior.”
Thinking thus He gave birth to a man
from himself. (Ithareya Upanishad 1.1.3)
The Puranas explain the Vedic truths in
the form of stories. The Bhavishya
Purana1 is the ninth in this set of
eighteen sacred books. Its third part is
entitled Bharath khand, and the second
chapter in the third part is entitled
Pratisarg. This chapter has thirty-four
verses that clearly tell the story of Jesus
Christ and His incarnation. The following
verses show the main parts.
Verse 31:
Yeesh moorti parapta nitya shuddha
Yeesha masih itticha mam nama
The revelation of God who is eternal,
Holy, Compassionate and giver of
salvation; who dwells within our heart is
manifested. His name is yeesha Masih
[Jesus Christ].
Speaking of this Savior and God
incarnate, the sages call Him Purusha
shubham (blameless and Holy person),
Balwaan raja gaurang shweta vastrakam
(sovereign king in a holy person robed
in white) Yeesh putra (Son of God ),
Kumari garbha sambhavam (one who is
born of a virgin), and Satya Varatha
Paraayanam (one who is the sustainer of
the path of truth).
Rigveda, the first scripture, also presents
Christ without mentioning His name, but
referring to Him as the Word who is God.
This man is all that has been, all that is
and all that has to be. He controls the
eternal life and it is for the redemption of
mankind. He surpasses His immortal
sphere and descends to the mortal
sphere. He comes to give every one
reward as per their deeds.
Venerable words from the Vedic
scriptures affirm:
“The word is the indestructible
God.” (Brhadaranyaka Upanishad 4:1, 2).
The Supreme Leader who is the cause
and governor of all creation who to
protect and save sinful mankind, Himself
appeared upon the earth wrapped in a
body that is Holy and without sin.
(Rigveda 10.125)
References to the Suffering and Death of
Christ underwent immeasurable physical
and mental pain when he was crucified.
The Hindu scriptures highlight his
physical suffering. Some of these
statements seems to refer to Christ
because there was no Hindu god or
goddess who bore such suffering on
behalf of sinners.
The crown of thorns was placed on his
head: “The sacrificial victim is to be
crowned with a crown made of thorny
vines” (Rigveda 10.90.7, 15).
His clothes were divided among those
who offered him. “After death, His
clothes are to be divided among the
offerors” (Ithareya Brahmanam).
The person tied to a wooden cross: “His
hands and legs are to be bound to a
yoopa (a wooden pole) causing blood
shed” (Brhadaranyaka Upanishad,
While the victim was at his greatest
agony on the cross, he was given a
herbal drink which had an intoxicating
effect: “Before death, He should be given
a drink of somarasa” [an intoxicating
herbal juice] (Yajur Veda 31).
Though the victim was hung on the
wooden cross, none of his bones were
broken: “None of His bones be
broken” (Ithareya Brahmanam 2.6).
The Hindu scriptures point to the efficacy
of the blood of Jesus Christ which
cleanses from sin.
If you want to be delivered from the sin
which you commit through eyes, mouth,
ears and mind, bloodshed is necessary.
Without shedding the blood, there is no
remission for sin. That must be the
blood of the Holy one. God is our
creator. He is our King. When we were
perishing, He came to save us by
offering even his own body on our
behalf. (Maha Brahmanam 4.15)
God is the ruler of people. He will offer
His body as a sacrifice, for His people;
for the remission of their sins (Sama
veda, part 2, Thandiya Maha
These statements clearly describe the
suffering and the death of Christ. No one
else qualifies. These Hindu scriptural
references will be a great help to present
Jesus to the orthodox Hindus. As a
second step Jesus can be presented as
the true incarnated God, meeting their
full expectations by using Hindu
scriptures themselves. ma
These scattered but clear-cut references
to Christ led some Hindu seekers of the
truth to the Bible and Christ. Such
people have openly embraced
Christianity through baptism and
witnessing marvelously for Christ.
1Bhavishya purana is one of the
eighteen puranans. Bhavishya means
future. It contains a number of future
events, including theu information about
the virgin birth of Christ and his name. It
is the only scripture book which contains
the name of Jesus.

8 03 2016
Kapil Vaid

I am physicaly hindu but by soul and spirit is of my saviour Jesus-Jesus name is sufficient to destroy satan and get salvation.

To except Jesus is not changing any religion it’s an new birth of our life,thoughts,imagination earlier I was into darkness but when get to know Jesus my thoughts,mind,and soul all transformed. I remember when I was smoking in starting when I just know about Jesus. He came to me and hug me tightly and said I love you my son and be holy as I am holy and you cant expect two diffrent taste of water from one tap. So be holy as your mouth will be used for my glory. Since that time I quiet smoking and all my sinful habits. This is the power of my father Jesus and also in bible its writen change your heart as the kingdom of God is near. Also to find Gods kingdom we have to born again by the spirit. Many more to write but must say earlier I was trying to catch the raises but now got the Sun (Jesus)

8 10 2016

Praise the Lord, I was born in a wonderful Tamil Brahmin family. Wonderful grandparents, kind parents and a happy childhood. Studied a little and got acquainted with Ayn Rand, Carl Marx and Sigmund Freud. That phase confused me and misled me, increasing my selfishness. After many wrong turns and almost misses, I found the love of the Saviour at almost 33 years of age. After that my life has changed. Not overnight, but it has changed unmistakably and irrevocably. Jesus has changed me, my life, my eternity. I am a born again, baptized christian today, thanks be to God.

3 11 2018


3 11 2018

good to see you uncle in Bangalore again in the year 2018….pray for me & family to live for god until our last breath & reach my own house(kingdom of god) to my father………….

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