Paravasthu Surya Narayana

22 03 2010

I come from a Brahmin family and we are very particular in observing every tradition of our caste. We are the priests in the temples and are the agents of

uncountable gods and goddesses. We are considered as the incarnations of these gods and so people who did not bow down before us would not go to heaven (Moksha). People are afraid of us and we are able to order them and people obey every kind of moral and immoral order we passed. We have a hold in every aspect of their personal lives, including matrimonial, betrothal, espousing, the first union of bride and bride groom etc., We utilise every occasion for our own benefits and lusts. The superstitious people would never utter a single word against us and we earned gold, lands and treasures.

I was very proud of addressing myself as the grandson of “PARAVASTHU

CHINNAYASURI” one of the most famous Telugu poets. He wrote the famous books “NEETICHANDRIKA” & “MITRABEDHAM” in which there are moral stories.

We used to go to river early in the morning and worship the sun (which I later came to know was created by God). At that time we used to utter the words which are derived from one of our ethics (Vedas): “PAPOHAM” (I am a sinner). “PAPATMA” (My spirit is sinful). “PAPAKARMAHA” (My deeds are sinful). “PAPASAMBHAVA” (I was born in sin). We used to utter these words without considering the meaning of the words for we thought about our selves that we are holyand sinless. I was surprised to think that I was a sinner.

As I went through our Vedas I found in one of them this statement:


(For the expiation (or remission) of every sin there should be blood shed and that blood should belong to a divine person who is holy and without any sin or curse). On reading these words I started searching all our religious books and Vedas but no god of ours was sinless. Brahma, whom we called the creator, had lusty desire against the woman whom he had created. For that the woman cursed him and he lost one of his three heads. All the ten incarnations of Vishnu Murthy (another god) are because of curses, for one or another reason. Some of his ten incarnations were: pig, fish, tortoise, lion in the shape of a man etc. I wondered if there was not such a holy god who’s blood was worthy to be shed. In one of our ethics, I read that a virgin would bring forth a son who is sinless and worthy to shed his holy blood for the forgiveness of sins. But I found nobody in our books who is sinless and with out a blemish. I was very disappointed about this. I also consulted our great so-called wise elders, who could not explain this to me. Later I came I read in our books that one would come to rule the whole world. But I had been seeking answers for my unsolved questions.

One day I was going past a Christian church to observe some of my ritual function. It was the Christmas season, so the preaching was relevant.

Suddenly I heard the words:


FORTH A SON ………,. I stopped abruptly. I could not step forward. I was surprised, afraid, bewildered and every thing. “Is the answer there in the books of Christians”. My heart throbbed to rush forward and meet the preachers, but my religion, traditions, caste, society etc , strictly prohibited me to go forward because we hate Christians. They belong to the lowest community and are untouchables. They should not enter our society, their presence defiles the atmosphere. Christians should not drink water from our wells, they are at our feet. They are our labourers, shoemakers (cobblers) who should eat our leavings. Christians are not allowed to live together with the people of higher community, and so they live in huts at the outskirts of villages. Jesus Christ is called by us as the god of lower race. If I went to the preacher, my own people would shun me from our society, so that I would not bring defilement to my own people. I could not venture to go near the preachers, but called for him. He came running to me with his folded hands. After I asked him a few questions I asked him to give me a Bible. I brought the Bible to my home and hid it in a secret place to avoid the sight of any of our people.

After midnight’s I got up and read the Bible and started reading it very carefully with the help of an oil lamp on a pretext that I would be sleeping in temple house only. So nobody could find out what I was doing. I began to find many answers to my questions.

The Bible said: “All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God”. So I understood that I was a sinner and I had no right to make people bow down before me. I protested to my elders and sternly restricted people in kneeling down before me. I began to understood about the real deity without any sin. In the Christian Gospel according to John c8 v46 Jesus Christ challenged this world “Can any of you prove me guilty of sin?”. It is written in 1 Timothy c1v5 that “Jesus Christ came in to the world to save sinners….”. and I found many other scriptures like that. I came to know about the real God and I found the answers to my questions in the Bible. Things which our Vedas and religious books could not answer. I confessed my sins at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. I received Jesus as my personal saviour and Lord. Sadly my own people became my enemies. But I am sure they will come to know the truth and pave their way to eternity.

What about you dear reader ? Will you choose Jesus or mere religion ? Heaven or Hell ?. There is no compulsion, it is your own choice, light or darkness. If you feel as if you are at the end of your rope – try Jesus.

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Ashish Mishra

20 11 2009


20 11 2009

A Wonderful testimony from a Brahmin Girl from Hydrabad (India)

This is a letter received on 21st April, 2001 from a college student named Miss.Saraswathi from Hydrabad City in Andra Pradesh State of India. The only editing changes have been to do with some spelling changes and punctuation errors – MF

Dear Pastor David,

First of all I convey my best wishes and loving greetings in the sweet Name of Saviour Jesus Christ.

I met you on 15th march, 2001 in Kanyakumari-Madras Express Train. It is true that we did not get much time for conversation, but however, the christian counselling I received from you was quite capable to convert me from my sinful life, and furthur, the final prayer you made pierced my heart. From that day onwards I began to live a faithful life to my Lord Jesus Christ, by living a holy life reading the Holy Bible and Praying every day.

I hope my testimony will help in converting many young students from sinful life to a Holy Christian Life.

My name is Miss.Saraswathy. I am a college student studying in the 2nd year in B.E.Course. I belong to a Brahmin Hindu family. My parents praticsed me in Idol worship. My family is well to do and so I do not experinced poverty and suffering, as I am the only daughter of my parents, they loved me so much, everything I wanted from them was given to me.

During this period I happened to come in contact with a young man, he was older than me by two years,at that time I was studying in 12th standard in the school and he was in his second year in the college. I know my parents will not agree with this love because I am a Hindu Bramin, but he was a hindu of some other caste. Thus ,our love prospered day by day, I loved him whole heartedly with out my parents knowledge,as he was poor comparitively, I used to help him with all my pocket money which was given to me by my parents.

As soon as I passed 12th standard from my school, I joined in a college for my higher studies,I took B.E,Electronics and Communication as my main subject, because my boy friend is the same stream in his 3rd year, I am wantering to make more contacts with him using this opportunity, my college life seems more free from studies and parents, so I spend more time with him,so far I could not get any chance to understand his internal disposition.

One day I got a Chance to open his bag when we were in a park. I was terribly shocked when seeing the intoxicating drugs,cigarettes and 2 photos of rich young girls and several letters exchanged by those girls. This incident made me to cut off his love and relation.

He pretented to love me for two years,but it was a real cheat to get money from me. When I realised it,I cried bitterly and stopped giving him money after cutting my relation with him, and I met those 2 rich girls with whom he had contact and revealed to them about his cheat, so they too neglected him.

This made him so angry and he entered my class room with his friends when I was alone and tried to torture me. He could not do any thing, because the watcherman of the college appeared in the scene. All of them ran away seeing the watcherman.

Therefore I came to a conclusion that there will be no safety for me in this college and went home depressed and grieved. I did no reveal any of this incidents to my parents, but just told them that I did not like to continue my studies there. So they got admission for me in another college with in a week.

My life in the new college began to grow bad to worse. I could realise that my co-students were addict to drugs. I too began to use drugs in order to set right my mental strain caused by my love failure and worry. Not only with drugs I also addicted to the Cyber sex. I was in front of the computer for whole night,and thus my life was more worse than ever before.

As soon as this news reached to my parents through my friends,they were worried and distressed too much and they beleived that relief from this fatal pratice could be obtained by pilgrimages to hindu temples of Varanasi(Banaras),Rameswaram and Kanyakumari.

Accordingly they pre-planned a trip to those places,we went to Varanasi(Banaras) first,then to Rameswaram and finally to Kanyakumari. But the pity thing is the idol worship and holy baths in that places of pilgrimage could not do any good to me. Finally we returned from Kanyakumari to Hydradbad via Madras. We meet you in Kanyakumari-Madras Express Train which you borded in Nagercoil town.

Pastor David through your Convertation you have clearly explained the Way of Salvation through Jesus Christ. I could clearly understand, believe and experinced that my sinful life has transformed through Lord Jesus Christ. I believe His blood in calvary cleaned all my lusts and sins, I beleive in His Death and Resurrection on the third day and I am experiencing this every day in my life with a great peace and consolation in my mind. My parents along with me also beleives that Jesus Christ is the only way for salvation and He is the only living God.

Our Heart-felt thanks for the free Bible,Bible study Book and many Christian Counselling Pamplets for youth. It is very much useful in improving my faith as well as my parents faith in Jesus Christ. Now I am totally set free and my mind is over flowing with peace and happiness. I am praying and crying for my friends to beleive Jesus Christ.

My mind grows with a great passion to serve to Jesus in this only life. The last lesson in your Bible study book: ‘How to live for God’ is pulling me to preach the unchangeble powerful word among the people deserving salvation. Please keep in touch. I am praying for your Christian instution and all the missionaries working with you to spread this powerful word of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

Pastor David,we enclosed a Cheque for 10,000 Rupees a Gift for your Christian work,please accept it and you are always welcome to spend time with us when you come to Hydrabad.

Thank you,Thank you.

Your dear sister,


Contact India Bible mission for more info

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on:19th November 2009.

Narayanan John

1 05 2009

Narayanan John is 28 years old and works as a Network Engineer with a telco in Singapore. He was born in Chennai, IndiaÂ

into a family of Hindu Brahmin faith. John attends Hope Church Singapore and he is involved in local church discipleship

and mission finance to Myanmar. John has a ten year roadmap vision to serve third world missions from Singapore and to

prepare professionally for launching a business in the training and education area and to plant a seed church by 2019.
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The Bible Teaches That Man Is Destined To Die Once And After That Face Judgement

Hi, I am John Narayanan. I have been a follower of Jesus Christ for about six years now. I am here to testify about my belief

that Jesus is the one and only way to God. But before that, let me share a bit of my background. In the first seventeen years

of my life, I was brought up in a staunchly orthodox Hindu family in India. My family belongs to the Brahmin class, which is

the highest caste, according to what they say.

For four years, I studied the Vedas, which are the Hindu sacred writings, in the evenings after school. For two years, I

learned yoga. I was exposed to meditation, special breathing, and kundalini or chi teachings. Then I came to Singapore to

study. During one set of school holidays, I even served as a relief priest at a Hindu temple here.

Despite my early and steep involvement in Hinduism, my family transferred me from a famous Hindu school to a Christian

missionary school. From there I learned the song from Psalm 42, “As the deer panteth for water so my soul longeth after

Thee.” I believe that it was this seed that brought me to the Lord Jesus.

I began to study the Bible by faith and developed the true understanding that all religions are not the same and neither do

they lead us to the same destination. For example, the doctrine of reincarnation, which is central to most eastern mystic

religions, teaches that man goes through cycles of rebirth until we eventually gain enlightenment. The Bible teaches us that

man is destined to die once and after that to face judgement as per Hebrews 9:27.

Some religions teach that God is impersonal; the Bible teaches that God is a tender and loving Father. There are many other

fundamental differences. It became clear to me that major religions are fundamentally different, though superficially they

may look the same. Therefore, either all are false or only one of them is true.

I decided to put my faith in the Bible, by the help of God, firstly because the Lord Jesus made bold claims that He alone is

the way to God (there is no other way) and that He is in fact God Himself. It is only most rational to hear Him out first. I

learned that many prophecies found in the Jewish Scriptures (Old Testament) were fulfilled in Jesus. It is clear that He is

God Almighty; He is who He claims to be, the Saviour of the world.

I also experienced God in a supernatural way. Six months ago, during a short nap, God gave me a vision of my old friend with

whom I lost contact for over five years. Through the vision God told me about his stolen Apple computer and dire financial

need. I called him a week later and told him about the vision God gave me. He was dumbfounded as his computer was stolen with

company projects inside, his condo broken into, and his agent cheated him out of several thousand dollars. His family, a

staunch and fierce Hindu family had no clue of what was happening in their son’s life. This gave me a chance to share God’s

love and I am believing God for the salvation for my friend.

Many such encounters, miraculous healings, signs and wonders that accompany the Church of Christ has helped strengthen my

faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His claim that He alone is the way to God.

Source: Testimony Page of, Accessed from the link: Accessed on May 1st 2009.

Anand Mahadevan

24 10 2008

I was born a Brahmin and am the grandson of a priest whom I dearly loved. I am educated and my current professional standing indicates that I am reasonably intelligent. I am also affluent and my income would put me distinctly in the upper middle class bracket. I guess that would make me high-caste, rich and smart. In other words, I am not a tribal, or poor or dim-witted. And yet, I chose to become a follower of Jesus Christ.

The world would call me a convert to Christianity. I have no problems with that, though I see my faith more as a relationship with God through Jesus Christ than as a religion. And for the record, I can truthfully claim that no one financially induced or threatened or deceived me into converting to Christianity.

I am fiercely proud of my national identity as an Indian and I am completely at peace with my cultural identity as a Hindu. I retain the name my parents gave me. My wife, who also shares my faith, continues to go by her Hindu name. We have two children and we have given both distinctly Hindu names. In fact, many of my colleagues and acquaintances who may happen to read this column are likely to be surprised. They have no inkling about my faith, for I generally don’t go about announcing it. But if someone does ask me the reason behind the joy and hope that is everpresent in my life, I am always delighted to share it with them.

I write this piece to make one point—that my conversion was not a change of religion but a change of heart. To explain this, I need to go back to my childhood in Chennai, similar to that of so many other Tamil Brahmin boys like me. My grandfather, every bit the virtuous priest, had enormous influence over me. I absolutely adored him and as a toddler, always clung to him. He too loved me to a fault. There was no wish of mine that he would not rush to fulfil. But even in my early, formative years I was unable to relate to the religion he fervently practiced. Later, in my school days, I once spent my summer holidays with him in Trichy. Memories of dawn walks with him, for the ritualistic dip in the Cauvery river, cow in tow, are still fresh in my memory. I learnt many shlokas, some of which I still remember. But I never understood any of it and none of it helped me connect with God.

When I was 19, a Christian friend with whom I used to play cricket invited me to his house for prayer. If he had invited me to a pub, or party, I would have gone too. At his home, he and his sister prayed for me. It was a simple yet delightful conversation with God that lasted all of five minutes. I don’t remember it verbatim, but they articulated a prayer of blessing on my life, future, career and family. It was a simple affair—no miracles, no angels visiting. All they did was utter a deep human cry out to the creator God and His only son Jesus Christ. When they said Amen, I felt in my heart a desire to follow Jesus.

It was a faith encounter with God that I shall not even attempt to understand, rationalise or explain. I simply accept it. It is my faith. It is what I choose to believe. That evening I did not change my religion, for in reality I had none. Hinduism was my identity, not my religion. It still is.

The Christianity I acquired that evening is not a religion. On the contrary, it is an intensely intimate relationship with Jesus. Over the past fifteen years, I have come to know this Jesus even closer. I know Him as the pure and sinless Son of a Holy God. And I know Him as a dear friend to whom I pray and talk to every day—about my career, my dreams, successes, failures, finances and even my sexuality.

If I read a good book, watch a good movie (Rock On is terrific, mate), or eat a good meal at a new restaurant, I would naturally tell my friends about it.In Jesus, I have discovered a truly amazing friend, guide, leader, saviour and God. How can I not tell all my friends about Him? And if anyone does listen and he too comes to believe in Jesus, I am delighted. The world would call it a conversion; I call it a change of heart, like mine.

But I would never force anyone to listen to me, leave alone financially induce, coerce or con him into believing. That to me is pointless and against the very grain of my faith. But I do have a constitutional right to practice my faith and to preach it without deception, force or bribery. It pains to see such basic rights of mankind being cruelly violated every day in this great Hindu nation.

God bless India.

(Anand Mahadevan is the editor of Outlook Business.)


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