Want to try Jesus ?

Here is the, Deal of a Lifetime


Ask Me to prove I’m real, … that I will do all the things I say I can do,

And then stand back and watch Me come through for you!


I have the deal of a lifetime for you! I started off in Construction and now I’ve also moved into Recycling and Repair. My name is Jesus and I’m the best in the business. Here’s My free trial offer: I will fix whatever you most want mended! But before you answer too quickly, listen to this: I mean anything! Go a few steps beyond thinking of a broken television or your car problems.

Think big!—Your health, your life, your broken heart, any impossible situation you’re caught in—anything!

Of course, it’s hard for you to believe My claims if you don’t know for sure that I’m on the level, that I’m real and ready to back up everything I say. So I’m also making you another free trial offer: Test Me! You can put Me in a test tube and see if I work! And you are the test tube! Just ask Me to come into your life and change things for the better. If I can’t do it, then you can forget about Me and this offer. But if I come through for you, if I prove to you personally that I’m real, think of what you will have gained!

And what do I want from you in return? The only thing I want from you is your love. I want for you to choose Me to solve your problems before you choose any other solution, and I’ll get you to feel like that by actually fixing each problem you bring to Me. This is not a promise for the future, although I have lots of those as well. This is for right now, and for each and every time you put Me to the test. I mean it! Does it sound too good to be true? I said it’s the deal of a lifetime! You’ll never get a better offer than this—and you haven’t even heard all of it yet!

What did you do to deserve all this?—Nothing! When you’re in love with someone, they don’t have to do anything to get your favor; you want to do things for them. And that’s why I want to do this for you, because I love you! I also have a lot of other unbeatable deals for you, and you can find many of them in the Bible. But I’m no fool; I know you won’t even bother to read it if you don’t first know that I’m real and that those promises are not just a bunch of sweet words.

So do this one thing: Ask Me to prove I’m real, that I am who I say I am, that I will do all the things I say I can do, and then stand back and watch Me come through for you! I promise you I will do it for anyone who honestly asks Me. And I promise you this, you will be glad you did!

On to the next step: After you put Me to the test, if you are satisfied with the results, then I would ask one small favor of you: Pass this offer on to someone else, or to as many as you will. Word-of-mouth advertising from a satisfied customer is the best kind, and that’s what I like. Now that’s asking no more than anyone would when they’ve given you a good deal on something or provided good reliable service. And like good businesses, each time you refer someone to Me by giving them this offer, I’ll mark it up to your credit and I’ll repay you for it. How’s that for a deal? You can’t lose!

I’ve been around a long time and, believe it or not, this dynamite offer is the same one I’ve always offered. I’m just stepping up My advertising a little to keep up with the changing times. Time is short and times are changing. Do yourself a favor and try it. You’ll be glad you did. And so will whoever else you tell about this offer, if they’ll try it too.

Don’t forget, this offer is only the introduction. There’s a lot more—and I mean a lot more! And it’s all for you and your good! First try this, and then I’ll show you some more.

So, ask Me to come into your life and fix whatever is broken. I’ll move in with a complete program of repair, restoration, and even some new improvements if you want them. I have a whole new range of possibilities for you to choose from. Is that a good deal? It’s the best! Try it!

Do it now and let’s get started! Just tell Me right now, “Jesus, it’s a deal! I’ll take Your offer. Come in and let me see what You can do. If I’m satisfied with the results, I’ll refer others to You!”

With love, your heavenly repairman,

Source: http://www.tommyswindow.com

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32 responses

26 04 2009

I live in Malaysia with my family. Please pray for me, for my family, i want to stay close to God. But, i am lazy to pray(lazy to wake up to pray in morning). i am thirsty to have an intimate relationship with God. i want God to teach me his way n how to pray, how to worship. i want to listen to God’s voice. Please pray for me.

17 12 2009

please pray for us we are in a danger situation. we have to got up in his coming i came to youth camp yet i have not delivered from sin please pray for me and my family.

this is my humble request.

2 04 2010
sneha mishra

Dear SIr,
I am a hindu but am very intrested in christanity ,I

12 04 2010
david george

i took baptisma under kind guidence of paster koshi george.pl allow my baptisma certificate .i allerady apply for f1visa of america&plan to shift my self in usa by september 2010.pl allow my certifiate immeditly.

20 01 2011

dear brothe/sister in christ, iam very sad just now because of my serious problem in my job, iam honestly stressed so i cant explain more about my job problem, will you please pray for me regarding the problems in my job,
thanks verymuch
with regards and prayers,

26 01 2011
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26 01 2011
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26 01 2011
Dara Singh « Conversions in India – Testimonies

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10 03 2011
22 03 2011
21 04 2011
Shanthi Ganesan « Conversions in India – Testimonies

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21 04 2011
Snake Prakash « Conversions in India – Testimonies

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21 04 2011
Aquilla Palani « Conversions in India – Testimonies

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21 04 2011
26 04 2011

heey, im 14 years old and im a strong christian. my best friend is hindu. she is truly amazing but because of the hindu culture (where the man is very much in charge) a lot of her life is biased and unfair. and theres the arranged marriage and everything. So please pray for that.
also, one of my dreams in life, would be to see her accept jesus in her life. i have tried my best to talk to her,, in a way when i have just given her general experiences or miracle i have witnessed through prayer, she has loved listening to me. but then one lunchtime at school she was telling me more about her culture. and she mentioned that her uncle had left to become a christian, he was kicked out the family. but she said that before he left, he told her not to follow his path. probably for the sake of the family. she told me about the punishments she would get if her family found out what she told me and what i tell her about. that was a friday. so that weekend, i was really down. i had no idea what to think. i wanted more than ever for sharmila(my friend) to become a christian. it was really getting at me. i told my mum that it was my dream for that to happen. it was that weekend that i specifically began to think of it as a “dream”. that night, i prayed big time, i broke down completely, tears everywhere. i prayed and prayed. then i asked god to give me some kind of encouragement or hint that i should set out and tell her more about jesus and what he has done. (cus i had never gone anywhere near that far with her before). i was just thinking, how could she become a chirsitan..its impossible, how could someone like me get her to accept god.and i opened up my bible, i got a list of decendants. so it clearly didnt work. that got me down even more. so then i started listening to this christian american radio station. im british so some american voices annoy me. i was hardly listening to it, its jsut it had good music. but i was just thinking about sharmila, the words in my headphones just sounded like dimmed muffles that i couldnt make out. then, suddenly, one line jumped out at me. it said, “god will set the limitations on the dream”. for the next week i was grinning like mad, and i just reallly wanted to tell her what happened! so, without thinking, i went and told her. i stopped at a point though. i couldnt tell her what the “dream” was for fear that telling her what my aim was would make her stray away from it even more. so i merely told me what god said to me and the fact that the dream involved her. she got annoyed with me that evening on facebook, she kept questioning me what i was going on about but i just couldnt tell her.
it just so happens, that at the beginning of the easter holidays, i was talking to her on facebook and i suddenly felt it was the right time to say it. and just before i typed asking her whether she wanted to know, she asked me. and i told her. she told me her imediate reaction was shock and a laugh like, she couldnt believe that was my dream. she asked me “why on earth would you want someone like me to be a christian?” i said “because you need to be saved” she was like, “what do you mean i need to be saved?” (this is all on the day before she leaves for india at 4 in the morning for weeks, the longest time she has ever been away from me. and she misses me alot when shes away, so like after school and stuff she would sometime ask me to give her something to think about to stop her missing me. i can never usually think of anything.) anyway, this led to 3 long phone calls and i explained everything in depth, and constant facebook messaging that day. though while i was saying it i loved it and it felt so amazing!! it didnt go well. she told me “i used to have some respect for christianity, but i think today i lost all that” “i would never consider christianity” though toward the evening, it grew to “it would be extremely unlikely.” but still, it broke my heart.

though it was while she was in india that i realised, for the longest time she is to be away from me, for the time where she will miss me most, i have happened to give her the most important decision of her life to consider. and it was all down to those “happenings” and the “feelings” that led to this. i said everything at the right time etc.

it is only now that im saying, it was these easter holidays. i havent seen her again yet. ive been praying for her so much over the holidays that somehow god will speak to her in india, or that she will at least consider it. i see her again next week.

please pray that somehow, god will speak to sharmila and that he gives her courage to stand up for what she decides to believe.

i think she might be partly afraid for what her family might think, which is why i need god to make it clear to her that jesus died for her, he paid the best price and we should do anything to get to him and to accpet him.
please please pray for her, she is an amazing friend with a wonderful personality. she deserves jesus, she just needs to know him.

29 04 2011
chetram kujur

dear /pastor/ brother/sister in christ prise the lord ,pease -pray for my ministry ,my prayer request -kindly pray for our Agape mission it is very small grop of people ,but we are start here children ministry ,
1-Agape mission school ?
2-A.M.hostel for the poor children ?
3-Agape mission church ?
we are working with 10,villase our vision is to serve word of god ,thrugth that children and also we want to give that poor and needy children good education stel ,we are independent mission what is our profitable with that we are giving glory to god we are doing this ministry minimume 10,years it is so diffiecalt ,but becouse love and grace of god praying and stil serving ,becouse of that we need your all mission leaders prayer spport our mission working with 500,hundred children there pereantsnot able to paid fee they dont have food and cloths so ,I request you all leaders it my denomenation have disered to help us pray for our school building ,and hostel building, you can me help -chetram kujur ,code,no-00310,s.b.i.
acc.no-10906074991 email-amission0@gmail.com,Add-Agape mission school patipara vill-karra p.o. nawangar ,city -Ambikapur ,distt-surguja
chhattisgarh [india]

25 01 2012
Rajesh dhurve


1 07 2012

Rational Thinkers : Law-of-Karma is undeniable. One gets the fruits of whatever actions he does exactly in the way fire does not shed its properties even if a small-baby tries to put a finger into it.
Evangelists : Christ has been crucified not for his sins but for the sins of the ones that existed before him, that existed at his time and his posterity that means us.

Which of the group sounds like deceivers ? Moreover why the hell are people even stopping someone from Rapes, Murders & Crimes as Murderers, Rapists & Criminals sins’ are already forgiven and when GOD has forgiven them who the hell are we little-creatures to punish others ? Where have people thrown away their intellect to fall prey to such disgusting-preachers ? God has given intellect to question and judge what’s right and what’s not. Let them not make you slaves to their petty stories.

2 07 2012

Dear SIr,
I am a Muslim, I would like to know more about Jesus Christ to accept.
I am from South India now residing/working in a Muslim Country.
I had been bought up in a Roman Catholic convents in my childhood.in Madras/chennai.
I very remember christain prayers and the choir songs as a I was part of it.
I have been having wanting to know more about christ.
Please do write to em as and when time permits.

9 07 2012
Terence Keshri

i m hindu but ibelieve in christanity? and i love so much jesus christ.

11 07 2012

dear Sameer,
read the Bible and u will know the right view of Jesus Christ. Please do not depend on the quran.


21 09 2012
Dibya ranjan

I’m hindu but i intrested cristianity plz plz help me

21 09 2012
Dibya ranjan

I’m hindu but i intrested convert rilijion plz plz help me

25 03 2013
k.somaiah,researchscholar ,india.

Hellow brother THIS IS SOMAIAH from india, andhra pradesh.Thank you sir in the name of lord Jesus christ . Recently i have listened your wonderful testimony that shaken me.Really iam telling you sir that you have taken stand for jesus .i need this kind of experience in lord jesus. iam attending to worship but i don’t have peace and joy in my heart ..please pray and remember my name in your prayer…..thank you sir……my E.MAIL IS ……somaiah_envi@yahoo.com

14 04 2013


19 06 2013

I am a hindu and have accepted jesus . I had a car accident 10yrs back in which my son was paralysed . I am still trusting god and know jesus will perform the miracle.

9 09 2013
Arihant Jain K

Just now i had saw in a tv serial at zee tv for free delivery of book for improving my incomplete life as better life.
At the moment am living in PUNE, INDIA.
Contact details:
Name: Arihant Jain K,
E-mail id: arihantacs@yahoo.com,
Contact: +91 90965 37830

13 08 2014
Farooq Ahmed Mir

I am muslim but i like god jesus and christian

25 10 2016

Watched passion of christ very much touched.God sacrificed so much…love you jesus…

1 11 2016
Santhosh Kumar

I got into lot of financial problem, i am depressed/worried at this movement. I request you all to pray for me that the lord will deliver me in this problem as soon as possible to glorify his mighty name.

11 01 2017
Pastor Virendra Arora

I like to have all the references from Hindu scriptures in Sanskrit or Hindi. I live in Thailand and like to present the gospel from Hindu scriptures at the meeting of थाइलैंड हिन्दी परिषद. धन्यवाद.

25 10 2018
Xian Lee

Bullshit. Forget you religions. Atheism is rising in the Europe. Religion is the opium of weak people.

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